Individual Missions Are Coming


Hello everyone,

in the post linked above, Evilly confirmed that the individual missions are coming. Individual missions are missions, that have parameters different for every player and are thus possibly “tailored” to the tanks, that are in your garage. Yesterday, a number of Russian players (inactive) recieved an e-mail, in which they were invited to play World of Tanks individual missions. At first, it was considered some kind of scam, but Evilly (WoT producer) confirmed that it’s legit.

It’s the first (testing) round of the individual missions, aimed at inactive (incl. banned) players to make them return to the game. These mails are only a testing round, the individual missions will come after that.

This is how it looks in the client (for 75 victories between 10th and 20th of October, you can get a T-127 and a free garage slot):

13 thoughts on “Individual Missions Are Coming

  1. “aimed at inactive (incl. banned) players to make them return to the game”

    Mad trolling skillz right there

  2. innactive players? I don’t think that WG mail servers are up to the challenge as vast majority of the accounts, are zombie accounts…