World of Warships Q&A

Hello everyone,

the developers of World of Warships have posted yet another video, where they are answering player questions about the game. Enjoy!



You know, that’s really cool and all that, but shouldn’t they start showing some footage from the game instead?

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    • Can you smell a soft scent of upcoming disaster ? Yeah I can’t shrug off the feeling this game might be a boring disaster like WoWp

      • I’m in the alpha. And it’s actually not that bad. Especially for an alpha. But there is a long way to go. It can be very hard to aim, because of long shell travel time, and the fact that it’s hard to see the extract direction of the opponent.

        And mm is awful, sometimes tier 3 meets tier 7 (small player base :-) )

        • I’m just gonna assume that you’re clever enough not to use your IGN when breaking the NDA. *whistle*

    • This is called Alpha for a reason, they don’t have something exactly to show you, because at this stage they are experimenting with different kinds of game modes and ingame content and they don’t want you to get false hopes if they show you something and after that they change it.

    • the game should have been in beta for at least a year now, it’s woefuly delayed and they keep hyping(and ruining) it.
      they mention “beta this winter” which should be december TOPS yet there’s no official gameplay footage, how much can you change(ruin in WG case) a game in 3 months that’s been in development for 2 years…

    • They should show the game in a close to release state so people don’t write it off because they don’t like the look of the alpha. Waiting is better than giving a false impression.

  1. Two of the questions was very related (aiming and leading shots), yet they decide to split them up instead of answering both at the same time and make room for a different one.
    Nothing new!

    Very off-topic, but the haircuts…is Belorussia stuck in 1989 (…) still? :P
    Oh well, at least they don’t marinate themselves in hair gel and such.

  2. Probably because they dont have anything interesting to show anyway. It would give the users a bad impression. Probably of a potentially shitty boring game.

  3. I’m worried about the WWS. I can swallow the fact, the the Roal Navy was ommited for now, as the Wargaming products are big in the former Soviet countries. Fine, they wil be here eventually. What worries me is the fact, that the Soviet WWII era navy was total shit. When I see that in their business decisions they are cosidering “ryssian patriotism”, or whatever the term was they have used, then I just can not see that working. Soviets had good tanks. Well suited for their war effort and doctrine. In terms of the ships though… I am not even starting about the lack of a whole aicraft carrier class (even their cold war era effort here was a joke, as that thing was mostly a missle cruiser, and aircraft carrier second…), but the lack of an abillity to fill a whole tree… I am just afraid that we will see some “stronk” paper projects in the Missouri or Yamato tier… The list is actually longer.
    Anyway, does anyone know how they will name the Russian/Soviet tree? Will they ignore the Tsarist Russia (the part in the history, when their navy was actually quite developing, and saw action)? Will they call it Soviet? Will we see a soviet star on the WWI, and ealier ships? :-)

    • Considering how they have done Wehrmacht and Bundeswehr tanks in WoT, the Imperial Russian Navy and the Red Fleet will likely be done in a similar way.
      Also, literally every single nation in the game will need paper ships somewhere. The level will vary, of course, due to the different number of total designs.

      And whilst the Russian navy in WWII was small, it was by no means “shit”.

    • Gonna be honest, I could go for a line of comparatively fast destroyers like the Soviets had. And what I’ve seen of their carrier designs are actually pretty interesting middle ground designs in case you want some protection without a tiny air wing.

      And also, you should read the previous article better. They were working on the RN and Soviet Navy at the same time, but the progress went faster on the Soviet Navy.

    • nonsense! the Russian Navy in WWII was the best in the world and Stalin was the cutest dictator.

      WG don’t yet understand that they are a 1 game company, they can’t really develop another successful game.

      • well actually, maybe there could be some action for the Soviets with submarines included, but as it is now… Nope.

    • That was my impression as well. At first I was like “oh, QA department led by a 18 year old, that’s going to go so well”. I assume naturally the lady is actually older. Hell at least I hope so.

  4. After WoFlyingFail they want te be extra cautious what they release, i think they want to spoil as little as possible before beta-s. Size of maps will be biggest issue , if they stay on small maps than WoWs will fail :/ You will live 1 min until 1 spot by planes , than get massacred by 15 enemy ships shooting at you , cose of small map everyone can range on everyone -.-

  5. Wanna laugh out hard? Switch on subtitles and enjoy;-)

    “yet we created your grandmothers funeral” ????!!! loool, best part:)

  6. Sounds like they stole a sound bite from The Dark Knight theme at the very end. Wouldn’t surprise me knowing WG.

  7. World of warships isn’t progressing how they expected, there are major flaws and things needing fixed.

    The gameplay has also been severely constricted by the map reduction and it is proving near impossible to balance game time and space to move while not under fire.

    That’s why you’re not seeing gameplay.

    • what a surprise, that happens when you try to compress things down.

      I wish they would stop trying to fit the “wot formula” on everything, it doesn’t work anywhere outside tanks.

  8. >shouldn’t they start showing some footage from the game instead?

    I think, they will after the start of CBT.