Turn Your E8 into Sherman Fury

Source: http://world-of-ru.livejournal.com/3548928.html

And here, we have a picture of Sherman Fury…

Ooops, it’s a regular E8 with Fury skin. If you want to drive your very own “Fury” (without actually buying it), here’s how you can do it:

- download the remodel here
- unpack the contents and copy them to res_mods/0.9.3/
- ?????
- profit!

Obviously it’s just a mod, so you will be the only person seeing the Fury skin, but still… it’s cool. Unless you are fed up with Furry everywhere like me.

35 thoughts on “Turn Your E8 into Sherman Fury

  1. Hey Silent, do you know who created the model swap? (I’ll need that information just to give someone the credit for making this ;) )

      • When will you people learn… WRITE YOUR DAMN SERVER, when making a statement. If I am not mistaken, the Fury is present on the Asian server, probably is (or will be soon, as it is about to premiere in the USA) on the NA, but in the EU it will be avaliable later.

          • He was just talking about the Fury movie being everywhere nowadays, all the advertisement in WoT, magazines, websites, tv, etc… The Fury E8 itself will be available in the giftshop around the premiere of Fury, whenever that will be.

  2. The Chaffee sport finaly got removed but my crew wasnt retrained to regular Chaffee, did the same hapened to you guys?

  3. Will this work also with the derpner (I know, I know, it is not proper to use ze depr on the easy eight, but it is just soo fun to hit these pesky unarmoured tds for 400 damage…). So, what will be visible with an allternative cannon? Standard, or with fury written on it, or will even the 105 be visible as 76?
    I will check later myself when at home, but maybe someone knows.

      • If it was made properly, yes.
        If it wasn’t made with that in mind, prepare yourself for model corruption and hilarious things, such as no visible gun at all =D

      • Indeed 105 mm is displayed as 76 mm. The model is nice, however the cammo (especially the winter one, the non-wholly-white version) looks a bit weird. I like how it does look, but it seems that the tracks are sprayed, as well as the logs/helmets etc :-). Looks cool.
        And a nub question – this swap changes all easy eight to the Fury one, right? Mine, friendly, and enemy? I do know that only I can see the change, I just wonder if the enemy will be displayed normally (and it is sometimes good to know if he has the derp, or 76 mm).
        Anyway, thanks SS, you could provide us to the source link (mirtankov?), so we could follow it if something got fucked up in further patches.
        That gas mask is funny.

    • Depends on if the mod is done right or not? I haven’t had need to try this one.
      I have modded it my self and only the top config has the fury turret and gun. All the rest use the old Easy8 model components.

      This works well, and I have seen no odd clipping issues between the HD model and the old components.

      As for the camo, yes that seems bugged. But you might have noticed the fury as a ‘texture pattern’ by it self.
      It seems to be build differently then the other HD models. The textures seems split up in 3 different alpha channels, compared to the others.

  4. Chaffee still in garage for me this morning on the EU server.
    Still looking to purchase the Fury…

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  6. still wondering if the marks of excellence are in the same position as the “Fury” text ?!

  7. I hate the fact that there’s now a “which maps would you remove from wot” voting.
    I quite like a couple of those maps. severogosk especially.

    Also…. Muh dragon ridge!

    • and like this voting has any meaning other than curiosity… They may do some official poll on the Russian server eventually (as they care only about them), but this one here is just for our benefit by SS, and unsuprisingly the Komarin “wins”.