Object 777

Hello everyone,

in Russian archives, several new vehicles were discovered some time ago. This is one of them – the mighty Object 777 heavy tank. Unfortunately, to my knowledge, nothing was published of this monster other than it’s a heavy tank prototype from after the war and that it was to be armed with the 122mm M62 gun (ingame IS-8 top gun).


Wargaming has a complete set of data about this vehicle (unfortunately, they haven’t published anything yet) and unless it’s too OP, it’s possible we will see this tank in the game – almost certianly not as a regular vehicle, but possibly as a tier 10 reward or something. It would be a shame to leave it out, as it’s certainly one of the prettiest Soviet tanks I have ever seen.

The armor looks massive and well-sloped though, so who knows, maybe it’s too powerful for WoT. In that case – AW, here’s your tier 1 :)

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  1. From the looks of it is has quite unusual lack of space between the roadwheels – for a russian tank :)

    Either very heavy or low ground pressure? :)

    • You remind me of typical Thai gamers on ASIA server. They usually be the first to die in battle and then type 555 on chat screen (mean “gg” or “lol” or whatever i don’t care).

      • Yes i play on ASIA Server except im not from Thai, u an check my stats, same name with my ftr profile

    • Object huehuehue !
      Every time you fire, you spam “gibe gold” in chat.
      And if you die…your killer gets 10x reports for unsportsmanlike behavior!

      • can you even get in trouble for unsportsmanlike like behavior? it would be a weird thing to be banned for. does anyone think we need some different things to report people for? like team damage (yes, i know about the auto system, but its crap), blocking e.c.t

  2. That little turret on top (20 mm AA gun like MBT-70 or whatever it is?) looks like a nasty weak spot. Could be balanced even if upper glacis and turret front are impenetrable.

      • IS-7 is impossible to balance with historical parameters because it has insane armor and no weak spots worth mentioning. This thing has a massive weak spot on top which will make balancing it much easier, even if the rest of the armor should prove too strong.

    • If you get hit in to your tumor turret too often that means you’re fighting at a shorter range than you should.

      Or you try exchange fire with snipers and TD’s, which is equally bad

      • Please teach me how to play my heavy tanks…
        And how exactly is that relevant to the fact that having a mini-turret on top is a massive weakness for any tank?

  3. I hate how german 1940s tanks have to go against lets say this monster or other post war sov, brit, am tanks. If thats the way wg wants to go make the maus t9 and give us some damn improved leopard or something. No matter how much you balance this stuff a 1944 design can never beat 1960s design…

    • Better go back in time and change history of ww2 so we can have more modern german tanks for this game…

    • Why?
      It is a game. The main reasons why some of these 50s and 60s tanks are better then WW2 tank or designs are NOT reflected in the game. Things like reliability, cost, ease of manufacturing, crew comfort… they dont factor in.

      An E-50 seems to be competitive to these late designs. So does the E-100 (one of the best heavy tanks in WoT by far). I see no problem.

    • stupid statement. WG can make any tank OP or suck.

      If WG gives the T1 cunningham 2000 alpha per shot and 500 pen and it will clean up at tier 10.

      • yea, i mean, look at the tier 8s. king tiger vs pershing or t44. fine. KT vs centurion or STA-1, eh, half and half. KT vs IS3 or better yet, 50-100? really wouldnt work out historically

  4. “but possibly as a tier 10 reward or something. It would be a shame to leave it out”

    I’d rather they left it out entirely than put it in the game as something only an elite, privileged few could have.

    Reward Tanks are a terrible idea. Every single one of them has created contention in the community. All they end up doing is giving certain players a complex and lets them lord a nice tank over everyone else. “I’m better than you because I have this and you don’t”..

    No more fucking reward tanks.

    • Except, you know, those reward tanks are going to be accessible from missions, soon. So it’ll no longer be extremely hard to get, it will be possible for people to get it for free with some dedication.

      With this new system, reward tanks look fantastic.

    • I agree to some extent. Tier10 reward tanks shouldn’t just be a reward only obtainable by the elite. How about rewarding players who have researched every tier10 tank of a certain nation with a tier10 reward tank of that same nation. This would give all players incentive and a sense of devotion and respect to a certain nation, while also giving everyone the chance to own one of these bad boys.

      Just a thought.

  5. Holy shit, 7 road wheels per side!

    Obj 777 fitting in that case then? :P

    I to must admit, cool looking for a Rusky.

  6. SS is not to smart sometimes.

    There is no such thing as an OP tank in real life. U decide between gun, armor and mobility. There is no “OP” tank in real life because you have to balance between these three such as the Tiger I that had an OP gun, OP armor but horrible mobility and it was extremely expensive to manufacture and hard to transport to the front lines which is why the Sherman was a better tank.

    Sherman was OP. Tiger I was a manufacturing phenom, but not practical.

    • Actually the Tiger I had REALLY good mobility for a tank as heavy as it was for the time (it was as fast as a Sherman originally, then they put a speed governor on the engine because it kept burning out the transmission – that being said it did have problems with sinking into mud, but so do most other tanks, even modern MBTs if you’re not careful where you drive them). The problem was that it was a very unforgiving tank to operate. You needed a good crew (particularly a skilled driver and commander) and good maintenance teams to keep a Tiger I running for more than a few days at a time, but without any one of those, it became a maintenance nightmare. Furthermore, it was just too expensive (iirc one Tiger I cost as much as three Panzer IVs or five StuG IIIs).

      The Sherman, on the other hand, wasn’t necessarily insanely good at anything (though it was certainly more reliable than most other tanks of the war so long as the crew actually followed orders and left ammunition in the ammo racks until they needed to be loaded into the gun), but it was good enough in all of the important aspects and it was cheap enough to have in large numbers.

  7. Am I the only one who see the Lowe silhouette on the background of the picture?

    Nice looking tank though!