New Sound Engine – No Sound Mods


Hello everyone,

Wargaming decided to switch the game sound engine to Audiokinetic Wwise, first in World of Warplanes (current 1.6 test), then in World of Tanks. The reason for this change is to allegedly introduce more stable and effective sound engine. That however means one thing: from that point onwards, all sound mods (engines, gun shots, music etc.) will stop functioning.

It is unclear whether the mods will be possible to rework under the new system, it allegeldy has nothing in common with the original FMOD. Freeware version of the engine is apparently quite limited and the full one starts at 150 USD, so it’s possible the mod makers (even if they can do it) will find it too much of a hassle.

38 thoughts on “New Sound Engine – No Sound Mods

    • Not always. Depends on how much shit you have to wade through to mod the game. For some games, there is plenty of drive and enthusiasm to produce mods, but the tools/ability to do so just isn’t there.

    • It’s done with FMOD as well, so i guess yes.
      All of the sounds are done with FMOD, so all kind of sound mods will stop working.

  1. Oh god please no…
    I’m addicted to gfather’s sounds and other audio mods. Back to lawn mower engine sounds and boring gun sound? hurray…..

    • We’ll manage.

      Also switching back is not that hard, did it because I was kinda fed up with Hollywood style explosions and to enjoy my stable WoT (because GF’s mod broke it the most, every time some tank changed) and it took maybe a week to get used to it.

  2. God damning WG wtf? First you are fucking around with the models, making it impossible to edit new ones now, but you are going to do audio too? I can’t stand not having my 6th sense audio mod, why the hell are you guys doing this?

    • FMOD studio is very powerful, flexible, easy to integrate and easy to learn.

      Wwise in contrast is very complex to use and to integrate, the authoring tool is also not very intuitive, but extremely powerful.

      Integrating FMOD into a project takes about 2 to 3 days (upgrading even less (Wargaming used until now FMOD Event, the predecessor of FMOD Studio)), switching from FMOD to Wwise is probably a nightmare for the programmers (i looked over the docs of Wwise, extremely complex and hard to use).

      • Maybe in case of making new project it’s nightmare, but maybe it’s relatively easy when modding existing files. I hope so.

        • My point of view is the programmer one, changing existing code is always harder and more time consuming than writing new code.

          And switching vom FMOD Ex / Event / Designer to FMOD Studio is relatively easy but to Wwise, they need to add and rewrite a lot of stuff.

  3. Solutions are: STOP Pay for wargaming, GOLD ECT. and they will learn to behave properly, but it should be all that makes it contemporary wonder, which is impossible, because there is always a “fool”

  4. Why though? I’m pretty sure the game has never crashed due to the sound engine of all things, and there’s that old adage about things that may or may not be broken and the resultant necessity of fixing said things. Priorities, WG, priorities.

    Or maybe they’re sick of being second-best in the sound department. Don’t like our weedy gun and engine sounds? Too bad, because mods won’t work any more! Mwahahah!

  5. Hmm most engine, gun sound mods are straight youtube rips with crappy quality, except one of them which is quite good. But WG is already working on much higher quality sounds so i guess this is nothing to worry about.

    Thing i’ll miss the most is the crew sound mods.

  6. Wait, no more animu loli crew voice mods?



    I can’t listen to the guys talking, especially in german, it’s really painful….there must be a way…

  8. i believe in the power of ponies Im sure the pony sound mods i use will be updated.

  9. If it means better performance(no more those lags when someone is spotted and shit) and overall better sounds i’m fine with it.

  10. Wow, what a douchebag move from Wargaming. Modding is one of the biggest parts of many gaming communities and WG decides, ‘fuck you modders, we don’t want you anymore.’