Straight Outta Supertest: Object 260, T28C, T95E2 Finalized Stats

Hello everyone,

finalized stats (when it comes to supertest anyway) of the reward vehicles made it to the supertest. These vehicles will apparently be the rewards for individual missions, that are coming in 9.5 and will be obtainable by anyone, not just clan players. The changes were as follows:

T28 Concept

- side armor rounded up from 101 to 102mm
- hitpoints nerfed from 900 to 880
- aimtime nerfed from 2,1s to 2,3s
- ROF nerfed from 6,74 to 6,45

Tier 7 premium TD
Hitpoints: 880
Engine: 960 hp
Weight: 70 tons
Power-to-weight: 13,71 hp/t
Maximum speed: 29 km/h
Hull traverse: 18 deg/s
Armor: 203/102/50
Gun: 105mm T5
Damage: 320/320/420
Penetration: 181/224/53
ROF: 6,45
Accuracy: 0,4
Aimtime: 2,3s
Viewrange: 370
Radiorange: 570


here, I don’t have the exact changes, because the original numbers I had were for 100 percent crew and these are nominal (garage) stats.

Tier 8 MT

Hitpoints: 1500
Max weight: 39.75 tons
View range: 390 m
Radio range: 745 m

Max speed: 56/21
Hull armor: 95/71/25

Engine: Continental AOI 1195-5
Power: 560 hp
Fire starting chance: 15%
Power-to-weight: 15.28 hp/t

Chassis: T114
Rotation speed: 36 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 0.9/1.1/1.9
Movement dispersion: 0.22

Turret: M87 A
Rotation speed: 32 deg/s
Turret armor: 178/102/51

Gun: 90 mm Gun M41E1
Damage: 240/240/320
Penetration: 173/250/45
Module damage: 122
Reload time: 7.5
Accuracy: 0.36
Aiming time 2.3
Ammo: 64
Elevation: -9/+19 (on the back: -6/+19)
Gun traverse dispersion: 0.12

Object 260

- radiorange nerfed from 720 to 570m

- gun alpha buffed from 390/390/465 to 440/440/530
- gun penetration buffed from 225/265/68 to 260/340/68 (this change was announced earlier)
- ROF buffed from 4,88 to 5,217
- DPM increased from 1903 to 2295
- accuracy buffed from 0,37 to 0,36
- aimtime buffed from 2,8s to 2,5s
- elevation is now -5/+15

Tier 10 HT
Hitpoints: 2100
Engine: 1200 hp
Weight: 61,3 tons
Power-to-weight: 19,57 hp/t
Maximum speed: 60 km/h
Hull traverse: 28 deg/s

Hull armor: 150/150/70
Turret armor: 350/240/100

Gun: 122mm BL-13-1
Damage: 440/440/530
Penetration: 260/340/68
DPM: 2295
ROF: 5,217
Accuracy: 0,36
Aimtime: 2,5s
Turret traverse: 26 deg/s

Viewrange: 400
Radiorange: 570

57 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: Object 260, T28C, T95E2 Finalized Stats

  1. Not bad.

    T95E2 – its the equivalent of Type59 before the nerf/rebalance. Considering the better gun depression I will definatelly try to get it.

    Object 260 – now the tank its the perfect crossover between IS7 and IS4. It got the armor and mobility of IS7 with the gun of IS4. At this momment its definatelly worth it.

    • I disagree, The reason why I love the Type is because it’s gun has 181 pen. When compare to its main counterpart – The T-44 175 pen. You see, When the 2 tanks crashed The Type can reliable pen the T-44 in the otherhand T-44 must aim more careful, and it takes time, and still bounce a LOT. That’s why while I driving a Type 59 and see a lone T-44, the first thing pop-up in my head is “fresh meat”

      And this T95E2 only has 173 pen… Oh god…

      • Like I said, the gun is similar to Type59`s gun before the rebalance. Type 59 wasnt born with 181 pen.

        Also, this amerian capitalist tank got better gun depression, acceleration, aiming time, acuracy, more ammunition (you often go out of shells on Type59), 1500hp, even the view range is better. All these stats combined make a good medium.

        Being american its usefull for crew training.

        • Shhhhh. Don’t burst his Type 59 dream bubble. He just wants a reason to spam “!Type59″ in Twitch chat during the next stream.

          Any competent T-44 player will kill a Type 59 player. Fast tank, better DPM. The difference between 181 pen and 175 pen is minimal.

          • The difference between 181 and 175mm pen is minimal.

            The difference between 200mm/100mm(turret/hull front) and 120/90 is huge.

            175mm pen will fail to pen most of time if it hits an angled UFP of Type 59.

            Meanwhile 181(or even 175mm) pen will go through T-44 ufp unless it angles enough such that side armour is vulnerable(even worse because it’s either ammorack or fueltank).

      • Asi f there is such a HUGE difference between 173 and 175… xD
        You know that there is no guarantee that you have at least this nominal pen for each shot, right? ;)

        • Oh yes yes, I like to boast that I have a type 59 YOLO YOLO. And dpm? How much different? And even if it’s very much(IF) what’s good of dpm if you cant pen :-|

          • 100 DPM, and in the hands of equal good players a T-44 would wreck a Type nearly every time. It’s better in every way bar armour, and most importantly in gun handling. 2.3 aim time alone makes it a superior medium.

            As for the T95, doesn’t look quite like a pre-nerf Type, low alpha and won’t have the acceleration of ye olde Type. Plus it’s got paper for armour. Still, if it’s a mission tank I won’t be complaining.

            • Stop This Shit. You loose hands down with a t-44 without Goldammo against an equally skilled type player. Period.

            • T-44 has better mobility and gun than Type 59 for sure.

              But even with APCR, a semi-hulldown Type 59 is a very low-percentage shot while T-44 is pretty easily penned everywhere(aside from where mantlet overlaps with turret armour) even with AP.

              The old T-54 turret gives Type 59 a huge advantage when used correctly(with skill).

            • @Foxton: Type59 pre-nerf/balance had 230 dmg. Also this T95 even now have better hp/t than Type59. I own a Type59 and I can tell you for sure its not mobile at all.

              Armor doesent matter now-a-days anyway, for sure not for a med. Look at FCM, heavy tank with no armor and its still a good tank. But if you actually care about armor you should relax, 95mm on hull at that slope its great. The turret its the one from M48, witch its ok considering what tanks this premium will fight.

      • @Dejan Lukić- I know its a reward tank for completing mission. Game developers said several times this batch of tanks will be used for individual missions.

        • So is this basically a huge cluster-fuck about which tanks is better? 2 premiums vs a normal vehicle?

          • Armor does not matter these days? The difference between the Type59 and FCM is mindblowing, so many shots bounce off the Type in critical moments whereas the FCM withers away, not to mention its a huge target for the clickers.

        • armour always matters, who gave you the fucking idea that armour doesn’t matter? clearly everyones playing leopard 1′s and brawling because armour clearly doesn’t matter right?

    • Right now the gun its better than the one from IS4, witch was already better than the one from IS7.

      • IS-4 gun is about equal to IS-7.

        Yes it has a little more dpm, but its bloom is pretty bad and premium round is HEAT instead of APCR.

        • @Thor_Hammerschlag, you must be blind. This Object260 gun is equal, if not better than the IS-4 gun on most characteristics.

          Object 260 vs IS-4

          Damage: 440/440/530 vs 440/440/530
          Penetration: 260/340/68 vs 258/340/68
          DPM: 2295 vs 2125
          ROF: 5,217 vs 5
          Accuracy: 0,36 vs 0.38
          Aimtime: 2,5s vs 2.9s

          • Prem, Special tanks, should be worse than tree tech tanks. And what WG. is 4 is worse, Mause is worse, is 7 dont look that good. Cool. is 4 and Mause are two most unpopular tier X ht and Wg dont give a fuck, give us more tanks, DONT ballance game, cuz u could fuck up somthing. What a bullshit.

            • I do not see a problem with reward tanks being equal or even better than regular ones. You can’t buy reward tanks as you would with premiums. You have to either participate in tough competition or, in the future, do some mission, and knowing how wg likes to design their missions you probably will have to give up on social life for a month or two to stand any chance of getting the tank. To have any incentive to even try to do it the reward tank has to be good. Why would people try to go through the competition or missions if it was shitty? For the “rare” collection? Meh.

            • Once again this is a stupid idea.

              People pay real money for these tanks and they should be the equal of a regular tank. Dear God don’t even start with the Pay to Win bullshit. It is not, if anything it would be Pay to be EVEN. WarGammings own mistakes with the Type 59 is what lead to this dumb idea that if premiums are as good as regular tanks all people will do is play them. This is garbage proved in WAR Thunder, premium tanks and planes are equal to regular vehicles and matches are not consumed by Premium tanks.

              Yes I realize that matches in china are dominated by type 59′s and that proves everyone’s point. Bullshit! You only see that because all the other premium 8 suck to play compared to the Type 59. I am not just talking about ability to damage or get credits or experience, I am talking about fun to play and the type 59 is the funnest and best tier 8 premium to play. Fix the others and you will see this change.

              For the people that want to bitch about real money in the game STFU real money is what allows the game to exist. So hate it all you want but in the end it don’t mean shit because no money means no game.

              • actually the type 59 is better than a lot of the tier 8 mediums too, it’s not much better but it is still better.

                I also believe type 59 gets special mm correct? if so then yeah the tank isn’t just dominated because all the other prems suck, it’s dominant because it’s one of the better in it’s tier and gives extra credits.

                sure it’s not overpowered but it’s definitely one of the better tier 8 mediums.

                my point is you are correct that premiums should be equal to a normal tank but they shouldn’t be better than most of the tanks in it’s tier.

  2. an is7 with med’s mobility, with a gun that is better than is4′s gun.
    DO WANT !
    but, I may feel bad playing such an OP tank.

  3. Whatever the mission to get the O260 will be, I am going for it. The stats just look f**ing awesome!
    And where are T55 stats? That tank looked promising as a reward too.
    But that faster and less armored Super pershing.. meh.

    • lol, everybody and their grandfathers crying about getting a Type59, but when WG is supposedly offering a better premium med for free it aint attractive anymore.

      • @Treborn – Once again, T95E2 is clan reward! Not free, no mission for it, you just have to bore your ass off in some fancy unicorn clan and be the biggest douche of them all… Mostly the same thin that happened with M60…

        • I didn’t know being decent at playing a game means you have to be the biggest douche?

          • @ComradeHX – You probably misunderstood me because the first time tanks were given as reward, they gave it only to the best of the clans and the best of the players in those clans. You can imagine those were statistic crazy players who would commit suicide if, god forbid, they would lose the battle. That’s why you had players who played 5000 battles with KV-1S only and only in 3 tank toons… I call that being a douche because if they were to lose somehow even after that, they would scream their lungs of calling other people retards (they are right, basically, but still)…

        • These vehicles will apparently be the rewards for individual missions, that are coming in 9.5 and will be obtainable by anyone, not just clan players.

          Well apparently the T95E2 is available to random players as well, you must be confused with the T95E6, the T10 reward tank.

          • @CynicalDutchie – I must admit I’m confused now and you are probably right. I read that one of the T95s is going to be T8 med prem for 7,5k gold and few days later I read that one of the T95s is going to be awarded to clans only… I must’ve confused the numbers. Sorry… But still, E2 is mission reward now, not acquirable for gold? Meh, I guess even if it were mission, it would again be for major no-lifers, like that one for T62… I hope I’m wrong…

        • @Dejan Lukić: and once again I tell you these tanks will be rewarded for individual missions. Read bellow a developer statement:

          “The first version of individual missions will bring 4 unique reward tanks of tiers 7-10 (SS: now you know what the Object 260, T55A, T28 Concept are for), depending on how much complicated mission you complete is.”

          There is another T95, the E6 tier 10 version that might be rewarded for CW or Stronghold.

          Regarding the M60 and VK7201, I own them and I dont understand why you call us douches.. What stats have to do with winning in CW? Stats are not important, everyone could compete. Of course, once again it was luck that purple players got them easily. Right.

      • You are absolutly right, but main thing T59 is great for, is to make credits. It is best tank for making credits in WoT and this T95 – whatever will highly likely not have credits income modifier, so as premium, T59 is still better choice, even if inferior in stats.

  4. Told you the 260 gun was better than the IS-7′s….but NOOO you just had to act like IS-7 apologists

  5. I just wish WG would not waste time on these “one offs” and do tanks for a tree, like EU tree or a Swedish tree which could have 4-5-6 branches if I recall…

  6. What exactly does T95E2 achieve that FCM 50t can’t do better? Or should we expect crappy tanks because they are “free”?

    Yeah yeah, FCM is a medium, go figure.

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    • Seemingly baguette, rice and Samurai tanks dont created enough Profit for WG.

      Otherwise i argee.

      • besides the fact the French are played more than the British.

        Maybe because, ya know, they only have 2 damn premiums

  8. What makes the Type 59 a “good” tank, is it’s “bounce” ability.
    This new T95E2 has zero “bounce” ability. That turret will be easy to pen and it’s high profile etc. easy to pen.

  9. Right so this ‘object 260′ a concept tank which in real life didn’t exist and was only a prototype design for the IS-7; has a better gun than IS-7, has better dpm than IS-7, has the same if not better armor than IS-7, has a better engine than IS-7 with better hp/t than IS-7 (hp/t on par with mediums btw), and the only difference is that IS-7 has 1 degree more of gun depression and 50 hp more.

    You see this Wargaming is the reason I stopped playing World of Russian bias. If you want to make things to appeal to the Russian market leave that shit on the Russian server and give the rest of us balanced tanks so we can enjoy ourselves without the annoying stuff.
    A 60 ton ‘prototype’ heavy with the IS-4 gun, OP armor and the same hp/t as a medium tank, really Wargaming REALLY? All the non Russian players will soon get tired (like I did) of your bias unbalanced game and you will lose players/customers.

    • Historically many prototype tanks were better than the mass produced tanks. In prototype stage developers could add better/more expensive equiement that didnt made it to mass production.

      First example that came to my mind: IS7 and IS8. While IS7 was a prototype, the tank that followed and entered mass production was IS8, wich was less powerfulll than its predecesor.

      • Ye that’s because prototypes are normally unrealistic and can’t be achieved. Just because on paper this tank was better than IS-7 it obviously couldn’t be done. I have a prototype for a death ray on a piece of paper that I drew when I was a kid. Doesn’t mean that I can make a death ray.

        It’s just like Wargaming to find a Russian tank which on paper was insanely overpowered and simply put it into the game. They are a pathetic company, who are mostly making tanks to appeal to their Russian player base.