WG Video On Running Gear

Hello everyone,

here’s another Wargaming video, explaining how the tanks work, this time about the vehicle running gear. It’s… accurate enough I suppose, but to compress the running gear principles and evolution is pretty much impossible. Considering that, it’s kinda okay.


13 thoughts on “WG Video On Running Gear

  1. “Considering that, it’s kinda okay.”

    You’re often harsh with WG. This kind of stuff doesn’t make them earn money directly and they could just no bother, I find it great.

  2. That engine at the end looks like nothing i have ever seen before. Its like a boxer engine but the cylinders oppose each other.

    • if you mean the MBT at the very start I have no idea, but the tank at 1:06 is the French St. Chamond tank, one of their WW1 designs, it wasn’t very good because it was too long and low and the tracks were too short so it got ditched easy

  3. Now that’s a very informative video. I didn’t know all those things.

    I’d like to see this sort of material more often from WG. Also, a longer version with more examples, animations, schematics would be cool (does anyone know of such videos from TV shows or documentaries?)