ISU-130 For Limited Audience Only


Hello everyone,

bothered by the appearance of weird-ass ISU-130? Think it’s crap? Well, no need to worry. According to Evilly (RU producer), this vehicle will not be available to public, it will be given as a gift to moderators and WG volunteers. Probably just Russian ones that is, but you never know.

Not sure if a gift… or a punishment.

50 thoughts on “ISU-130 For Limited Audience Only

  1. So they actually work to create a HD-model, statistics and all that for such a limited audience, that probably wouldnt even play it since its nothing more but rare, but arent able to finally release HD-models for tanks such as the IS3 thats probably one of the most played tanks? hm………

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  3. If only they would start releasing the Pz V/IV Alpha again. The Russians still get them. The EU? Not so much.

    Your suffering makes us happy, you capitalist bastards!
    - WG RU, 2014

    • NA doesn’t get them either, which is BS.

      I’d happily plunk down $30-$50 for a PzV/IV, a Mutant 6, or A-32

  4. WG logic at it’s finest – in game RU branch has no Tier8 TD available for purchasing. So let’s make one and give it to 10 people in the world, so casual players would still get a big fat nothing :)

      • The tier 8 Premiums get a bigger boost in credits than the lower tiers, if I recall correctly. So yeah, tier 8 premiums are a bigger deal than 7 and below.

        • Maybe, maybe, but for now 122-44 can get as much money as any 8 tier premium.
          It`s quite good farmer. Also, do not forget that 122-44 is biased for 7 tier battles. Are there any of 8 tier premium tank about which we can say the same?

  5. Well, if they want use it as reward for employeers i dont see it bad.

    Maybe now my main complain is about reward when you complete a full tree… i dont know if WG is going to implement some day this… for example they can use the object 260 as reward to have all soviet vehicles researched… they can do the samein German and later in USA tree (when they add 2nd med line and maybe some top tier heavies more) that are the more complete trees in game.

    The problem with reward tanks is that you need be very carefull introducing them when you can lose clients with bad decisions.

    • This is a good thought. I’ve got technical engineer medal for USSR and Germany but one tiny medal really isn’t encouraging to research all nation’s tanks.

        • Wait research all arty…

          If they want people expend money in game this is a good way… not all have “collectors hearth” and well this is a way to do it, you made happy hard players, give something to do for other guys and win money… and you only need add one or two tanks.

    • Yeah, never understood why WG never offered a unique Tank if you finished researching an entire tree. I think it would be a sound business move, they would make so much $ from the free XP conversion alone for someone going for those tanks.

  6. The preliminary data.
    the breakout 215
    damage 490
    recharge 13,3
    overview 370
    precision shooting 0,38
    time information 2,8
    level 8-10 fights
    the engine 520
    the speed of rotation 24
    speed in front of 34
    the price of the projectile 1118
    armor forehead 90
    armor Board 90
    the weight of the tank 47000

    • If those are the final stats it doesn’t seem so bad. Of course it won’t be a Borsig but the 130mm should be quite a bit “stealthier” when shooting than the regular BL-10. And it’s still better than playing with BL-9, I feel bad for people I see using that one on the regular ISU. :P It has more alpha, comparable reload/pen/accuracy and the aim time looks bearable. We’ll have to see soft stats.

  7. The amount of reward / prize / super tester only / wg employee only type of tanks is really getting retarded by now. Seriously, WG should stop making a crapload of content that’s only available to a few percentage ( or some might be less than 1% actually… ) of players. This whole “Look we made this thing, you like it? Yes? Too bad, cause you ain’t gettin it, f you generic player!” is just an annoying trollish way to handle things.

      • As from WG’s staff’s aspect? Well, working with the community isn’t the reward itself… but i believe there is something called salary for those who really are employees. And the rest…. is it that hard to simply hand out some free gold to them as a reward?

        • I’m surprised if they don’t already receive free gold every now and then :]

          When I worked as a volunteer moderator for an another gaming company I received plenty of game currency as some sort of salary.

          • Yeah, i’m completely okay with that if they get some free gold, that’s fine and normal. But adding content that’s made just for them? That is kinda stupid.

        • It is, under EU law, illegal to hand out gold to people who do volunteer work or normal work. So yes, that is kinda hard to do.

  8. I’m disappointed actually. Sure the gun handling on this thing is terrible (at least as it stands now), but who wouldn’t want an ISU that prints credits and crew XP? As it stands now there is only one tier 8 premium tank destroyer, the JT88. There is an upcoming US premium tier 8 TD (and apparently a tier 7 for that matter), but no others. I suspect that the three most played nations are Germany, USSR, and USA. At present the USSR and Germany have the same number of premium TDs; SU-85i, SU-100Y, and SU-122-44 for USSR; Dicker Max, E25, and JT88 for Germany. There is supposedly a Stug IV planned for Germany, why not release a tier 8 TD for the Soviets?

  9. It’s actually insanely powerful, but the developers of WoT are messing it up…”for balance purposes”. I used the same vehicle on BF1942 and the thing simply kicks like a mule. I’ve seen it rocking a couple feet back when shot, not to mention the huge cloud of dust.

    • lmao :D. hehehe i can write “stalin stronk. russian armor design best @ universe. russian armor stronk like staliiiin willpower. chuck norris weak staliiin strooonk…” over power rusiia power…

      okey give my free prem.