Belgrade Military Parade

Thanks to DGVympel for the video and several Serbian players for mentioning this event!

Hello everyone,

on 16.10.2014, a huge military parade called “Korak Pobednika” (something like “March of the Victorious”) took place in Belgrade, Serbia with Vladimir Putin being the guest of honor. It was the largest military parade in Belgrade since 1985. If you are interested (there are some interesting armor vehicles), you can watch it here:



The vehicles (including artillery) start at cca 30:00, the armor at around 43:00

161 thoughts on “Belgrade Military Parade

  1. This was our alternative gay parade :) :) :)

    One of my friends said about this shit, that the Putin will see things he only saw earlier in a museum :) :) :)

    All in all this was so pathetic, but since we must lick Putin’s ass, it was ok, we could ended up literally in line, waiting to put our tongues into his ass, but hay, we have proved that an armament from WWI can still go to parade and people will be happy because we are so stronk :) :) :)

  2. wish North Korea did something like this…just a bunch of poverty stricken, western hating soldiers marching with cardboard cut-outs of tenks :P

    • SFRY was 4th strongest military force in Europe you dumb fuck! Your precious “West” killed a lot of Serb civilians to see it in ruins. Now the country is ruled by the same traitors that acted in downfall of SFRY. That’s why country is poor and that’s why people hate West, well except those pro-western fags. Btw, these cardboard tanks shot down the only F117 that has ever been shot down and your precious NATO never had the balls to invade the country when they were bombing civilian targets in 1999.! So, please, eat a buckshot!

      • Serbia being poor has nothing to do with the West actually. You brought all this upon yourselves, what with warring with all the neighbouring countries. And also the country mentality. It’s not much different than in other Balkan countries though – all have a mentality that is just not going to result in a healthy economy. The rest is just propaganda so I’m going to leave it be..

        • North Serbia, was mostly populated by Hungarians and they had nothing to do with the war against Kosovo.
          Yet the NATO bombed they bridges, rail roads and a textile factory (40 ppl died, mostly women), because they made socks and underwear for the army…
          When the NATO bombs a nation, they always start with the industry, just watch Syria: the bombs already destroyed 3 gas pipelines, but they “forgot” to bomb a military parade with 1000+ terrorists in one place.

      • Actualy no, it was two F-117s and possibly a B2 (rumors are that it crashed in Romania after being hit, and was shipped to Russia). They were shot down with a variation of the 50 years old SA-2 SAM, by an ethnic Hungarian dude who figured out how to calibrate the old-as fack radars to detect “stronk invisibru stealth” jets.

  3. Meh, at least Serbia has tanks and BMPs to show off, Slovenia has nothing of such sort. We only have 8*8 armoured trucks, and recently they have been re-introducing the Yugoslavian T-84 (basically T-72) tanks into service to boost military morale.

    • Yup, but Slovenia has EU army behind its back, and we had a single ship sent by Russians when the entire planet bombed us. I believe Slovenia is much more powerful in military sense…

      p.s. When Slovenia and Serbia had a “war” Slovenian Teritorijalna Odbrana has fucked up JNA like rabbits.

      • Slovenians killed bunch of 18yo recruits in their barracks. I would shush about it if I where you. Shame on you! JNA was never dispatched to Slovenia.

      • Did u were there moron? I bet u deserted army and fled to be refugee on the west and after war u returned. Now u r real internet hero!!!

  4. i am so proud to see that young soldiers marching streets.greetings from montenegro my serbian brothers!

  5. Seriously?! Bulldozers at parade? Also why the hell did they bring soooooo many vehicles of the same type there?! In my books, a parade is about showing off BUT NOT WITH NUMBERS.

    The M-84 MBT was the only interesting thing there. Yugoslavian variant of the T-72 of course… modernized to be on par with modern vehicles. Oh and the Mig-29. I always liked that bird.

    • buldozers were fail.but the rest of parade was good.hell yeah serbia is still strong.long live serbia!!!

        • Šiptar from Switzerland likes srbosjek knife for slaughtering Serbs from Ustašas Jasenovac. U r ridicilous Šiptar, cuz that Serbs likes u more and hardly wait to see u.:)

    • What’s wrong with showing bulldozers at a parade, it’s the military equipment of field engineers… the only thing is that they were old bulldozers, not like Israel’s for example.

      And yes, only stupid leaders use numbers to impress, for example hitler who wanted the tanks to parade twice just to impress the West…

    • Bulldozers are a part of engineer section, it is valuable military equipment. But in this case they are more showed because of their recent intervention in major floods that hit Serbia recently. Army wanted to show to the rest of the country with what exactly they helped the people.

      • The parade shows off a lot equipment designed to deal with civilians, for killing (humvee style with gpmg on top) and then burying them (bulldozers). Essentially this is an army that is equipped to invade its small neighbours.

        • LOL :) Just, they also needed to show bulldozers right after soldier’s equipped with butchers cleavers and salad ;)

          I didn’t watch the whole parade, were there tractors at the end? :)

          (PS: This comment is obviously not intended to be politically correct, it’s just some black humor, no offense intended to any nationality.)

          • LOL u know tard, this is not forum and u dont have need to troll like u always did. Fuckin retarded piece of shit.

    • Tanks are not stickers for album to have one of each. Having the same equipment is the best thing in army. All tanks can be repaired by the same crew and can be driven by every crew. Not to mention costs of making parts.

    • You are just ignorant (ond unfortunately also Polish, like me…).
      There are many reasons why Serbia is pro-Russia – historical ones, as well as geopolitical. It is not shocking that Putin was on the parade. What should “shock” you is the bitch attitude of Hungarian government towards Russia… They are the so called friends of us. Not that the Ukraine is worthy whole that mess, our politicians are extremly short sighted, and are forgetting that most of the Ukrainian nationalism is based on the hatred towards Poles. Not to mention the celebrated Bandera, and other criminals there… There is really no profit for us in there, as the Ukrainians are many things, but grateful they are not. Opinions in Poland are divided. We are closing one of our largest export markets for what? For people that hate Poles, and their grandparents were killing us by the thousands? But yeah, let’s ignore how strong the Right Sector faction is in the Western Ukraine, and what future problem we will have with them…

      • LOL if you think Poland is kicking itself in the balls, look at Hungary. Russians are supposed to give a huge-ass loan to expand the country’s nuclear power plant soon, and also expanding the market in Russia is supposedly one of the basic elements of their long-term economical plans. In the maintime, Hungary smuggled God-knows how many T-72 tanks to Ukraine to help them, the Hungarian government will help funding the upgrading of Ukrainan army’s IT, and a bunch of wounded Ukrainian soldiers will be treated in Hungary. Ever heard of Transcarpathia? Hating Hungarians living there is just as much a part of Ukrainian nationalism as hating Poles.

    • It’s so sad that some Serbs still believe in this ‘orthodox brothers’ bullshit, we Romanians experienced the ‘friendly’ nature of Russia since 1877… the URSS were ready to invade them in the 50s, now they are friends. I miss the strong non-aligned movement… this friendship will last as long as you don’t have a border with Russia.

      • Who cares about your 1877? This is 21st century. Bordering countries usually have issues, that’s how things work. Romania didn’t exist in that region in 1 million BC. Romanians came, slaughtered whoever they found, and then founded their own country.

        In 21st century Russia is awesome. That’s the only thing that matters. They have Putin, and moral highground. What Russia did 200yrs ago I really don’t care. That’s like blaming me for what my grand-grandfather did.

        70 years ago European countries were in war with one another and today they cooperate. That’s how civilized world does it. These 200-year old grudges exist only in Balkan region and Africa.

        • So you claim that Russians have “moral highground”? You claim that Russians “cooperate”? You claim that Russians belong to “civlized world”? You gotta be fucking kidding me, m8.

              • This is not my nick. This is my name Сергей. I Am Russian. I’m proud of It.
                Can thrust you into trash?

                • Russian ppl are not bad, it is just goverment which is messing their brains, I know many russians, nice, opened, carrying ppl, just want to work, raise family, use iphone and so on. They just happen to have very few nationalists on high chair want to burn the world.

    • Serbia is a dog to russia! Serbs are the shit of russia. You came to europe from siberia and expect us to tolerate you! If ww3 comes srbosjeks will be useful!

        • Actually Serbs are artificial people and state. They were created in Turk invasions by mingling of Turks and autohtonic Iliric population thus creating mongrels which consider themselfs European ethnicity when they are infact product of breeding from conquerors.

          • Interesting, the Hungarian writings mention Serbs as allies against the Muslims long before the Turks arrived to our borders.
            +Thousands of Serbs and Hungarians died in Nándorfehérvár/Belgorod when the Ottoman Turks was defeated in 1456, 3 years after they crushed Byzantium and seemed unstoppable. One of the biggest heroes of that battle was Titus Dugovich who sacrificed himself when the Turks wanted to replace the Hungarian flag with the Turkish on the top of the castle.

      • Yep but u Albanians still dont know who taked dump and exit u from its ass. I bet u will be normal people when u recognize that ass. If WW3 comes u should learn to swimm cuz Serbia, Greece, Macedonia will take that yours shitty land.

    • Serbia never was europe! They are siberian! The shit of russia! Read the invasion of slavs in europe!

      • You serious?
        Finns aren’t from Europe either..
        Hell…if you look into history every human has his origin in Africa.
        Your argument is invalid…Racist!

    • honestly …. Putin is leader of a country of witch one city is as big as this country and he came to Serbia, stayed couple of hours and showed his respect, we showed some respect back with parade.
      Europe …. Europe bombed the shit out of this country because it would not accept foreign military bases on its soil. Other reasons are propaganda.

  6. I used to love theese in croatia, during the war while i was a kid in1995. But in 2014 it just looks sad… A victory day parade by an army that has been defeated by slovens, croats, bosniaks, albanians and the nato…. much win…

    • Your comment is just sad. I heard Croatia will have one of these as well, can you tell me what will you celebrate, ethical cleaning in 1995 or fascists coming in 1941?

        • @BlueWorld – You need to have balls for that one, fag! If there wasn’t for NATO, you’d be writing this from Germany because your precious Croatia would be well within Serbian borders like it should be! You didn’t even had a country until 1918. when Serbs gave it to you! You are just another sad piece of shit internet warrior hiding behind you computer, acting all strong an shit but in reality you’d probably blow your head off with your own gun! Fuck you!

    • @Gordan Josić – Key word being NATO! If there wasn’t for them and CIA spies, all those fags you mentioned would still be living with mice in their own nests! Read some history before being stupid, but real history, not the one you wrote 20 years ago to justify your slaughter of Serb civilians!

      • I notice propaganda is still strong in Serbia. Balkan nation most known for ethnic cleansing blaming others for ethnic cleansing. Yeah, 200 people dead in wartime is ethnic cleansing. It’s called war victory. Compared to any other war last 50years the least civilians died in Croatia by Croats.

    • Lets get something straight, Serbia wasn’t at war with Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina or Albania.

      YPA intervened in those places (except Albania, last time Serbian Army or any of its derivatives (Yugoslavian Army etc.) was in Albanian territory was in WWI when Albanian authorities allowed the Serbian Army to retreat trough Albania) back when Yugoslavia DIDN’T recognize them as separate countries, back then some countries from all over the world did recognize their independence some didn’t.

      At one point Yugoslavia of whom Serbia was still a part of decided to give them independence in order to stop the violence and not to be seen as a cruel occupier so YPA retreated and by the end on 1991. there was no YPA or YA forces on the territory of these countries.

      From that point forward if there was a war on those territories it was fought by PEOPLE LIVING ON THOSE TERRITORIES MANY OF WHOM WERE AND STILL ARE ETHNIC SERBS, BUT NOT THE SERBIAN ARMY FROM SERBIA.

      There was volunteers from Serbia, yes but there was volunteers fighting for Croats in Croatia or Bosnia & Herzegovina that were from Australia, Argentina and many other places, as well as ppl that weren’t Croats or Serbs or Bosniaks, or Albanians ppl that were there for money or out of convictions, ideologies etc.

      There was freaking Arabs in the thousands fighting for the Bosniaks even! Do you see Serbs that have lived or still live on the territory of Bosnia & Herzegovina accusing Saudi Arabia or any other Arabian country of invading Yugoslavia or Bosnia and Herzegovina or the Serb Republic because thousands of their citizens decided to come here armed to their teeth and kill people because they worship God in a different way?

      Of course not, such logic is only used by Bosniaks and Croats such as you.

      History did not start in the 1990′s and did not end in them either, it will do Croatians some good to remember that.

      Croatia won a war against its own citizens that rebelled against its government. They rebelled out of fear, fear from the “serb-cutter” from a new Jasenovac concentration camp, from Croatian Catholic priests once again coming to their homes with a Bible in one hand and a “serb-cutter” in the other issuing them the 3 choices:

      1) Become a Cathoilic Croat.

      2) Leave Croatian territory with just your bare skin.

      3) Die tied up on your belly in a competition among Ustasha maniacs on who can slit more human throats in a single day.

      For number 3 in particular you can see this:

      If you can not understand that kind of fear and what it can cause then I simply have no words for you.

      • More stronk Serbian propaganda. And then you expect sympathy when NATO bombs you. I think Gadaffi got more sympathy from people.

        Just look at the stuff you wrote, it’s all folk tales for boosting war morale – in times of war. Posting such nonsense in peace time is just ridiculous.

        • You don’t know me, therefor you can’t possibly claim to even imagine what I expect.

          I will say only that “sympathy from people” is most definitely not on that list.

          As for claiming that my post was propaganda, the only way I can explain such a claim is that you are nothing but a little hater, getting your panties in a twitch every time you see “Serb” on the internet in any context.

          Croatians are so easily spotted its almost ridicules nowadays :) Even when they hide behind even more ridicules nicknames.

      • They don’t call Russians their brothers for nothing(even though russia doesn’t give a fuck about them actually). Both have something in common. Strong bullshit propaganda.

        • “even though russia doesn’t give a fuck about them actually”

          No, you’re thinking about your (croatian) “relationship” with germans.


          Croatian ass-kissing is so silly it makes me cry from laughter every time.

          ahhaha “doesn’t give a fuck about them” yet enters World War One for them hahahahhahahah only a butthurt croat is capable of such “logic” you think France and England would of entered WWI when they did if not for Russia doing it before them? Like they entered WWII over Czechoslovakia? No, they’d let Austro-Hungarian Empire take Serbia and wouldn’t even flinch, when our army was waiting for them to take it with ships from Albanian coast, they still didn’t come until the Russian Tsar threatened to make separate peace with Germany if they don’t help the stranded Serbs at once.

          That’s just a couple of examples of “no fucks given” I wont even talk how during the recent floods the Russian rescue teams came FIRST to aid Serbia and in greatest numbers, plus the monetary assistance etc. all in all assistance incomparably greater than that of USA or EU which is yet so eager for our membership, or so all these libtards from our politics would have us believe.

          But hey EU is all around us so we have to enter, its a done deal and the reasoning behind letting Romania and Bulgaria enter EU so easily all those years ago. And yet does Russia pressure us against this? No. Why? Because they have a brain and see clearly that we have no choice, however if we were their puppets like so many here claim, their wishes would be our command no?

          Or you think that Serbia entering EU is what Putin wants? Yeah, I bet you people are that delusional. Wouldn’t surprise me a bit.

    • Well only thing which is sad here is the fact that on this parade were more tanks then Croatia as state owns. I really dont recall that is Serbian army defeated by Croats, u expelled 250.000 serbian people from UN protected demilitarized zones in 1995. There was no Serbian army dumbass, this army was in part of Croatia Eastern Slavonia, Baranja and Western Srem (which was no UN security zone) where brave Croats didnt even try to enter by force.
      In Bosnia and Herzegovina Serbs have their own Republic of Srpska so they achieved their goal there and Albanians did not enter serbian teritory for 78 days of NATO bombing so i really dont see how they defeated us. U can thank to your USA and German cuz current situation is like this, but i repeat just current.;)

  7. Putin doesn’t look very enthusiastic or impressed… Look at thim at 1:01:56 haha :D
    However having stood there for an hour I kind of know where he comes from hehe

    • Yeah like WW1, WW2, Balcan wars… history is not last 30 years. This parade was in honor of 70 years of liberation of Belgrade in WW2 and 100 years of beginning of WW1. It doesn’t have any ties with last 30 years of history.

    • @Grothgar – Lets see: We stopped advancment of Islam in Europe, we kept our culture even though Muslims were killing us for the 500 years, we banished Muslims from Europe soil in Balkan wars, we were victorious in WWI (60% of male population was killed by A-H monarchy and we gave country to Croats and Slovenians after that) and WWII (where Germans killed 100 civilians for 1 German soldier and Ustashi/Croats killed 700 000 civilians in Jasenovac), we survived the fall down of SFRY when every one was killing us, we survived NATO bombing in 1999. and WE WILL SURVIVE everything you throw at us and we will always remember you killing us and we will never forget you for that! Still, we, Serbs have never invaded anyone, only defended what’s ours and yet, we are to be blamed. We were here first and if God wills it, we will be last!

      • Ottoman wars: The Habsburg Monarchy (with the help of 1/3 Hungary) was the one who defeated the Ottoman Empire. Without the Habsburgs, Serbia would be still Muslim
        Balkan Wars: No! Serbia AND Bulgaria and Greece banished the Muslins.
        WWI: Serbia started the by (by supporting the Black Hand because his nationalism ideas) provoking the A-H. Anyway in 1915 the A-H captured Serbia and enstablished this:
        So Serbia defeated in WWI and Britain/France/Italy was victorius at WWI.
        WW2: Ok, Tito is cool guy :)

        At least now i know what are they teaching in the Serbian school. Lot of national-propaganda.

      • This is getting insane how Serbs forge history. “We stopped advancement of Islam in Europe”. What? You were conquered by Islam. Croatia was known as “bulwark of Christianity”. Since 2/3 of Croatia were overrun by Turks, and 1/3 wasn’t, it’s clear where Islam was stopped. “We banished muslims”.. mmm man, it was Habsburg army, and also Russia was engaged. “We were victorious in WWI”.. no you weren’t, your government fled the country, you lost, and other countries won WWI. Same with WWII – you didn’t win anything others did. 700,000 dead in Jasenovac is more Serbian propaganda lmao, how can people believe this. “We survived NATO bombing”.. no you didn’t, you lost. You surrendered and accepted demands of the West. “We Serbs have never invaded anyone”.. ok… let’s stop here.

          • @Dongfeng_division – And we are fogging history?? I bet millions of dead Serbs through time, that were killed on this very land, their doorstep would beg to differ! They didn’t die attacking Germany, nor Britain, nor France, nor Italy, nor Turkey, nor USA but were killed by the same on their own land! Who did we invade? Please tell me! The last time Serbs actually attacked someone was before Ottoman empire came to these lands! At least have some manners to acknowledge their deaths. You should be ashamed of your words about Jasenovac because 24 people of my own blood, my forefathers, were taken there and butchered like animals! Just imagine all others..

            It’s not our fault both Germans and Muslims haven’t been able to wipe us out from strategically important land for so many years only because we don’t bow to anyone! That attitude will be the end of us but at least we get to say one last FUCK YOU before we die!

        • Croatia didnt exist as souvereign state in medieval dumbass so stop talking bs. As i learned history Otommans reached Wienna and thats a lot further then Croatia dumbass. And i WW1 Serbian army achieved first allied victory against Austro-hungary and after that another one at river of Kolubara. Till 1916. serbian army holded all attacks and then retreated to Greece and formed Thesalonikki front with French and Greek allies. Serbian army liberated in 1918 alone its own country u ignorant bastard. In WW2 Serbs were mainly in Titos partizans. And i dont want even to comment your nazi shit about Jasenovac where Ustaše killed 700.000 Serbs, jews and Gipsies. And for the end, NATO did bomb us for 78 days and killed 500 soldiers and destroyed 13 tanks. Albainan terrorist didnt enter whole war on serbian soil altough they attacked whole time. And according Resloution UN Kosovo is still teritory of Serbia so we treated it as occupied territory and it will be liberated soon or later. Just u dont worry nazi.

      • Sorry to pis on your parade, but the statement that you never invaded anyone is a lie.
        You invaded Bulgaria in 1885 and lost.
        Also i dont understand where you get that self esteem “stopped the Islam in Europe”. Please explain to me why you feel you did that?
        As well you did not win anything in WW1 and WW2. You suffered terrible, just horrible beating but your super power allied won the wars so, you end up on the winning side, despite total and absolute defeat of the army.
        In the past 30 years you lost all possible wars that YOU started.
        You are our neighbors and i like you but history is history and you cant argue with the facts. Your army was defeated in every single war of the modern era (except the Balkan war).

        • Well we win Bulgaria in Second balkan war 1913., defeated Bulgaria in WW1 and in WW2 when Bulgarians were on side of Nazis. Sitt down looser. Nuff said.

          • Did you win or the super power allies won it for you?
            Ok i give you 1913, when all four nations ganged up on Bulgaria. There is no way anyone can win such a war. Despite that what did Serbia win in the war or 1913? Read more history maybe? You won 1 battle, then were defeated, then you won the war because of the success of your allies.
            WW1 that Serbia started, your army was completely destroyed, entire state occupied, army fled trough Albania leaving the country… then you won the war because of the success of your allies England and France and USA.
            WW2 Serbia was completely defeated, army destroyed, occupied. Then you won the war because of the success of your allies England and France and USA.
            I will not talk about the last 30 years.
            We are talking about the military and the parade of winners! What did the army win, aside of the world record for most war crimes comitted in 100 years?
            The anniversary that you celebrate is change of German occupation with Soviet occupation and you call that “liberation” ?
            Judging from the shitstorm you serbs write here i cant see your future in unified Europe! You are living in the world before 1939! Hate and (unsubstantiated) national pride! There is nothing back to love your country, but you understand that as equal to hating everyone else! Why cant you love Serbia and not hate everyone else?

      • You stopped an advancement of islam in EU by bending over to turks for 500 years :D All hail the ass bending advancement stopping methods :D

        Serbs have never invaded anyone, only defended what’s ours and yet, we are to be blamed.
        A Vukovar, grad uništen do temelja i spaljen od strane JNA je isto bio u teritoriji Srbije pa se to ne računa kao invazija nego obrana vlastite zemlje, mamu ti jebem onu srbsko mitomansku u žvalje četničke.

          • as turkish man. many eastern eu people still only ungrateful selfish arragont for us. why because you live more than 300 year under our rule. no body forced changed his religion. we let then live like turk. why we invade your country? because of endless crusader spam from eu. my ancestors fight with crusaders entire medieval. if anybody have small history knowlodge know english france italian dutch spain army human slaughtering @ everwhere . nazi and russians enter poland for small for compare our rule. how many millions died?

            man i really happy. we dont have any lands belong foreigner population.
            many eu belive turks want get back old borders. we dont want this. especially we never forget arabs betrayal. muslim brotherhood is my ass.

        • Glupi hrvatski retarde Vukovar se dobili mirnom reintegracijom jer niste imali muda da napadnete kao onu nezaštićenu sirotinju zapadno. Pička ti materina ustaška, da vam onaj retard Milošević nije prodao RSK i nije napustio onaj narod ne biste do Sudnjeg dana “oslobodili vjekovni hrvatski teritorij” koji vam je Tito dao posle WW2.

          • ^^srbska mitomanija na djelu….mirna reintegracija, a grad zapaljen i srušen do temelja od strane arkanovaca i tenkova JNA koje je šačica ljudi branila 3 mjeseca od hrabrih čedomira…

  8. Its very sad to see ftr putting a war criminal nations parade here on ftr.

    Serbias army was involved in all sorts of war crimes against humanity, and yet theyre allowed to have an army in 2014.

    All serbian heroes since 6th century, who invaded balkan, destroying ancient illyrian homes and churches, leaving nothing but aches, are now considered heroes. Even the recent heroes of serbia, named arkan, slobodan and thousand more have killed, tortured many kids, women and old people are considered heroes.

    I am very sad to see this parade here on ftr. It clearly shows that ftr reflects on very evil nations army, or has no clue what serbia army has caused in the last 30 years.

    Hope to never see this here ever again!

      • Well youre russian so its no surprise!

        As a european and swiss peacekeeper, i hate war criminals!

        Seems the end of me visitng this site!

          • Yeah…I too hate war criminals like Obama and the fashist gouvernement in Ukraine who probably shot down MH.

        • I am from Hellas, Serbs and Russians are my brothers. I hate old and modern nazis as well peacekeeper. Please have a look around your borders and you will discover many. You will also discover why Putin is DEFENDING his country interests.

      • I really have no problem with the current Serbian army as I really doubt any of these young soldiers were old enough to do any of the genocide. Its like blaming all current German teenagers for 1939.

        • On how many I know, this parade in honor of 70 years of liberation of Yugoslavia.
          But not parade of superiority.

        • Just watch how they act on this website and you’ll have to correct your opinion. The propaganda is still strong, and accepted.

      • A man that hates Russia and loves Serbia. rotfl Silentstalker, your credibility is completely lost. You’re too far gone.

    • First of all tell me which war did not produce war crimes.
      Second of all in sixth century there was no Serbs but South Slavs which included Croats, Serbs, Slovenians and parts of other Balkan nations.
      Thirdly 1 bad thing done diminishes 1000 good things.

      So eather you are stereotyping or trying to demonise Serbs. Why didn’t you mention what we did in WW1, period of time where no one in the world could find one ill word about us? Or time before invasion of the Ottoman Turks?

      And that concludes my explanation which is based on real facts and not some black sheeps and misinformation.

      • Don’t even bother understanding him. He’s a Croat and his grandfather was probably an SS officer in Jasenovac in charge of killing 700 000 civilians! It’s understandable he’s frustrated because his precious nation never achieved anything except of killing Serbian civilians, both in WWII and SFRY civil war! He’s just frustrated sad little boy who won’t achieve anything in his life…

        • And it took exactly 0.00000000000001 seconds for this to turn into ”Oostashe killed 7000000+ serbs/ Chetniks killed 7000000+ croats booo hooo hooo”. It’s understandable that people don’t want to face reality of being slaves to their respective tribal leaders (Josipović, Nikolić etc.) and the international liberalism.

    • What about Ante Pavelic, Slavko Kvaternik, Jure Francetic and other leaders of Nazi so-called Independent State of Croatia who were envoled in ethnic cleansing of Serbs, Jews, Gipsies and Croats who didn’t think the same way they did? How can you deny what happend in Jasenovac, Velika Gradiska and other concentracion camps led by Ustasha movement?
      My own great grand father, who btw was Hungarian and engine driver, was slughtered in front of his own train by Ustasha becasue he was stopping it for Tito’s partisans. After all you are the one who mention srbosjek all over again. So please explain what it was. Serbs never had hrvatosjek. What was official policy of ISC: 1. One third of Serbs should be turn in catholicism, 2. One third should be banned from Croatia, 3. One third should be killed.
      Before wars for Yugoslav succession Serbs were one third of population of Croatia, and today?
      Today Croatia is ethnicly the cleanest country in Europe, but Serbia is one of the most diversed (in ethnical, religious and cultural sence.
      The Wars for Yugoslav succession were evil that should never happen and all sides were envolved in war crimes.
      Another thing, you came to this teritory together with Avars and Serbs, whether you like it or not…, or you were here before Romans, Celts, Ilyrians… stone.
      BTW you can’t acuse me to be Serbian nationalist, because I have Serbian, Croatian and Hungarian origins and I’m proud on all of them. One of my cousins is married to Macedonian and other to Hungarian, my aunte is married to Bosniak, so I consider myself as Yugoslav, I am atheist. so I don’t care about religious divisions and other stupidities.
      All people are born equal and we all have the same origins. I value people by their deeds and not by their ethmic, racial or religious affiliation.
      And for the end, hhis parade was organized to celebrate 70 years of Belgrade’s liberation in WWII and mark 100 yeras of begining of WWI, so it doesn’t involve you in any way.

  9. Putin was like> Behold the mighty army of our minions… eh, the rest of EU are the minions of US so it’s OK!

  10. Parade are nice for 3rd nations. I looked parade 85′ as child and liked it, 6 years later same those guns shooted at my people. I don’t have problem with Serbs but I cannot look on those guns without feeling they could shoot at us again…

    On parade they forgot to add “glorius” endwar of last Serbian conquests…

    • @rage_zagy – Yeah, they forgot to add the picture of 250 000 banished Serbs from Krajina! Banished by combined forces of Croat butchers and NATO and yet, there were no war crimes there. I wonder…

      • they also forgot to put pictures of Serbian genocide over Bulgarian people that had the fukin unfortunate fate to end up on the wrong side of the border.
        You think you were really close with Russia? Serbia changes sides faster than a rotating fan. 1944 you are neck deep in Stalin`s ass. 1950, you hate Russia and wanna be friends with USA. 1989 you have everyone. 1999 USA bombs you , now you are great friends with Russia again. Eheheh. God protect from friends as loyal as Serbia.

      • Pa jedini zločin bi bio da su im naplaćivali putarinu dok su tok-tokali na traktorima :D Ja ne vidim na ovoj slici nikakav zločin počinjen. Mislim da je većina ovih ljudi i dan danas živa za razliku od civila i ranjenih koje su srbočetnici pobili na Ovčari u Vukovaru.

  11. We Serbs are a little Russians in the Balkans,Serbia still has an army THANK GOD sweet Orthodoxy still alive!!!
    All of you who lick ass Americans and Germans die of misery ,sick capitalists! :)
    Slava Putinu ,Slava Srbiji!!!

        • Putin onakav malešan čoek, a svejedno mu se cijela srbija uspjela uvuć u prkno :D ni pertle vam ne vire :D

          • Izvini, ali mi nismo spevali Spasiba Rosija, a vi jeste Danke Deutchland. Ko iz cijeg prkna viri, veliko je pitanje ;)

              • 200 prijatelju, ali Rusa i bez nas toliko. Sto se mene licno tice, svestan sam da smo mi prijatelji vezani zajednickim interesima. A ko je primitivan vidi se iz prilozenog. Uzdravlje!

  12. First of all, for a free country to have armed forces is a necessary evil. Especially for a country that has potential enemies in the vicinity. That is a fact. Propaganda from corrupt goverments or dictators of the past but also from foreign “powers” is still strong in the Balkans. This kind of political trick, to turn a nations attention to external fictional most of the time problems and unjustified territorial claims, has many examples in the area. The point of using this trick of course is to boost the ethnic nationalism of a rather loose society with very few bonds and coherence for the sake of easier control. I can think of 3-4 puppet-countries like that in the neighbourhood. And it’s always the people who lose from this, no matter where they are from. Forum readers who know about recent balkan history should be able to understand what I’m writting about. It is very convenient for some to make the balkans the “anus” of europe or a thorn in the ribs of EU imho.

    Now, for me to be on topic, that was a very nice parade and the gear presented looked pristine besides being old. Be sure that well trained armed forces will make do and achieve their goal even with older tech equipment.

  13. Even though i am only 16, i laughed my ass off reading these comments :)
    So many butthurt people from nations that hate Serbia just because they got involved with us and hate us for some reason. You speak of the Serbian Army as something non existent, non important, and you only see “defeats” in the past 30 years.
    Serbian millitary history is so rich and stretches so far that i don’t even have the right words to describe it. I do not expect ignorant people like some albanians and usa butt kissers to understand, but im just telling this for the sake of other more open minded people
    This parade makes me proud to be Serbian. Makes me proud to know that our fathers and grandfathers didn’t die for nothing, that their blood was not spilt for nothing.
    Long live Serbia ! :)
    p.s. Могуу само да нас мрзеее они што нас неее волеееееее ! ;D

    • Your father and grandfathers died for nothing and did many bad things before they died. You’re 16yr old as you said, when you grow old you’ll be just like them because you’re unable to resist propaganda and indoctrination.

      The sad truth is there’s nothing to be proud of any Balkan country. They are all failed states.

      • Such an educated and far from fictional comment that last one about failed states, sir… You must be a true monster (or troll in skandinavian mythology) of knowledge! Can you enlight us please sir about your proud country of origin? Just a hint about me, I’m not Serbian.

  14. As a former sailor I enjoyed seeing the patrol boats included in the parade. They usually don’t get much visibility. It was also nice to see the engineering vehicles since my father was a combat engineer with the army and I spent a lot of time around stuff like that when I was a child. The closest we get to anything like this in the states is Fleet Week which is pretty neat.

    • Their was a small interview with the soldiers abroad those bots. They feared that because of rain and heavy fog people will barely see them from the nearby fortress, but once they heard loud cheering it made them so happy :)

    • Not gonna lie – only read this post for the comments; stuff like this starts comment section civil wars… As long as this stuff stays online (and only online), game on!

      On a more serious note, Would never wish it past online fights though – the Balkan peoples deserve peace…

  15. Take a break gentlemen. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. In and out. And appreciate the glorious shitstorm this thread is.

    • And a plus one to you sir. “Glorious Shitstorm” indeed. Great to take half an hour out of real life and enter the weird and wonderful world of the blogosphere.

      Many thanks to SS for his toleration (and setting this great blog up in the first place).

  16. They made parade for Putin, the FUKIN PUTIN! At the time like this… the hell they were thinking?

  17. It’s funny and sad seeing this many geeks talk about stuff they don’t know shit about, weren’t part of and their knowledge about it consists purely from reading material over internet, which sadly includes high percentage of propaganda.

    Serbia is a proud country, their biggest mistake is that they weren’t willing to be anyone’s muppet, and they paid dearly for it with economical disruptions, and truly sadly, many human lives.

    This parade was made purely for political reasons, and a such was a success.

    Instead of babbling about something that happened 20-30 years ago, by hot headed people on all sides, maybe you all should turn to future and looking into ways to improve yourself firstly, and none of you won’t achieve that by being full of hate for someone who didn’t do anything except being born in certain country.

    But then again, national propaganda is easiest way to brainwash someone.

    And some people here should show more respect for a country that had one of strongest Knights Army before most of their countries were even in blueprints.

    Now piss on retarded kids, that’s all you are good for.

    Cheers to everybody of any nation that has rational thoughts and doesn’t accept any bullshit being sold to them.

    Oh and, Zoran Miljkovic, works at Irie doo, attended ITS, lives in Zemun, fat, long grey hair, beard, for whoever wants to pay a visit to this worst piece of scum in this whole thread.

  18. So many shitstorm posts. Just how many nationalistic, primitive, petty, inbred, indoctrinated, vulgar, obscene, “lost-in-time” flaming troll internet warriors there is in our sad little ex-YU countries whose leadership still yields to the low, populistic tendencies of ultra hard right wingers, is baffling.

    When the failed governments plant a seed of historically ever popular, nationalistic dicontent over and over, they quickly learn it’s the right way to keep the more important issues – failing economy, infrastructure, natality, health, education, emmigration etc. out of the general public mindset. Nah, who gives a shit about that, let’s celebrate a random win/loss from some point of or not-so-glorious collective past and then waste energy and spew protopatriotic poison arguing about it all day, every year. Let’s also poison the minds of our children with the same backwards crap and indoctrinate them into the next generation nationalists so we ensure our countries will never have a better future.

    Rest of the world, stay assured there are still normal, non-nationalistic players in Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and other miserable excuses for “democratic republics” (spawned from the Yugoslavian “brothers&unity” monstrosity of a state) who play, laugh at noobs and enjoy the game together and can’t stand these “high moral attitude” nationalistic swines who displayed some of the worst of the balkans retarded shitbraggery on this page.

    • Yeah I bet you live in West Europe or in the USA. You guys will never know how it feels to know that your people were and are the pawns in the clash of global powers. You will never understand how it feels to live in a downtrodden, ravaged country, with neighbours who would love to see you destroyed. I’m not even Balkanian, but I know how it feels. Only fools and the oblivious would not be full of hatred while suffering from this.

  19. It is so cool that one country full of artificial people made by crossing Turks with indigenuos Ilyr people is having military parade.
    Where were your longbows and slingshots?
    I noticed lack of tractors too, for celebrating greatest race of “serbian” people of ’95. Maybe they were broken?

    • Haven’t you seen our longbows and slingshots? If you watched parade, and I don’t see why it bothers you, you could. I don’t care what happens in Croatia, why are you so interested what happens in Serbia Why, do you, always, have to live others lives, or you still have complex of Serbs. You are member of EU and, as much as I could see till now they don’t like you to much either. Serbia, at least has it’s own slingshots and longbows and what do you have.. arificial history tisucljetne kulture. You’ve bowed to every hound that crossed your doorsteps.. Hungarians, Venetians. Habsburgs, Germans and Italy.. You haven’t had your state since 1102 and defeat of king Petar Svacic by the Hungarinas. You betrayed your own men Petar Zrinsky and Krsto Frankopan, who were the last who fought Habsburgs and were executed for what they did. Why did PhD Ante Trumbic and other of your tribunes signed treaty with Serbian Goverment on Corfu in 1917, because they needed Serbian military support to achive their independence from Habsburgs. That was our biggest mistake. Why don’t you mentiron what your so-called civilized nation did during the WWII? If you haven’t you can read it in my previous post. I will post here poem of a great Serbian poet and ambasador of The Kingdom of Yugoslavia, Jovan Ducic that describes you in the best light:

      Ti ne znade mreti kraj slomljenog mača,
      Na poljima rodnim, braneći ih časno
      Kitio si cvećem svakog osvajača,
      Pevajuć’ mu himne, bestidno i glasno.

      Slobodu si večno, zakržljala raso,
      Ček’o da donesu tuđi bajoneti,
      Po gorama svojim tuđa stada pas’o,
      Jer dostojno ne znaš za Slobodu mreti.

      Pokaži mi redom Viteze tvog roda,
      Što balčakom s ruku slomiše ti lance,
      Gde je Karađorđe tvojega naroda,
      Pokaži mi tvoje termopilske klance.

      S tuđinskom si kamom puzio po blatu,
      S krvološtvom zvera, pogane hijene,
      Da bi mučki udar s ledja dao Bratu,
      I ubio porod u utrobi žene.

      Još bezbrojna groblja zatravio nisi,
      A krvavu kamu u nedrima skrivaš,
      Sa vešala starih novi konop visi,
      U sumraku uma novog gazdu snivaš.

      Branio si zemlju od nejači naše,
      Iz kolevke pio krv nevine dece,
      Pod znamenje srama uz ime ustaše,
      Stavio si Hrista, Slobodu i Svece.

      U bezumlju gledaš ko će nove kame,
      Oštrije i ljuće opet da ti skuje,
      Čiju li ćeš pušku obesit’ o rame,
      Ko najbolje ume da ti komanduje.

      I’m sure that you understand every word very well, and please mind, for once, your own business, because this parade has nothing to do with you.

      • Oh, Iforgot to mention Ban Jelacic, you are so proud on him. you are proud on every and each of your betrayals