Straight Outta Supertest: Garage Battles

Source: VK Wotleaks community

Hello everyone,

apparently, according to the source listed above, the testing of new “Garage Battles” mode has begun on supertest. It’s a 15 vs 15 battle (of an unspecified tier, but I am assuming it’s tier 10 mode) where you have three lives.

Basically, you can respawn twice. After your death, you can choose where you respawn from several options. Hulls of the destroyed tanks do not remain on the map, they disappear.

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    • Have a bad game, repairs costs are going to be crippling… are repair costs going to be reduced in garage battles.

          • That’s for people who pay for premium accounts for a year to 5 or more. I’m sitting on 880,000 silver and only two Tier Xs, and I’m a 2930wn8 recent player.

          • Who? Credits in this game are some of the hardest there are.

            In WT you already get multiple lives and there Prem planes make 50% more creds not including Prem account.

            WOTs credit grinds are amazingly hard. Basically 13 mil per line.

            Even with 25k per match which is a very high average considering you cant ever play anything but grinders 525 matches per 10 line.

        • This is actually a great idea imo, well the Tier Ten part.

          I don’t see 15/15 ques filling up on the NA server. Hopefully someone considered the repair costs when the implemented this, plus the German line has to fire gold, so there’s that.

          I would rather see 6/6 or 8/8, half repair costs an half gold ammo costs.

          The goal should be to get the players online, once their logged in, they will probably stay for a bit? Right? But running my E100 3x is not going to happen.

          Sorry, its just not affordable under WG’s current German Weapons systems set up. Just to be clear on this, I don’t always fire gold in all my tier tens, EXCEPT my Germans. Gold is a must with that line. For me anyways.

          A tier Ten game mode is a great idea though. I rarely play them in Pubs. Just cant afford it, its no fun getting a poor MM match up and paying 50k credits for something that’s beyond my control, so to speak.

          I hope this evolves into something playable for the average gamer tho. +1

          • Why has the German line to shot gold ? Are you such a bobo that you have to shot gold with your E-100 ? That’s… I would say poor… but other people would say “with 235 pene you can’t do anything” are you such a guy ?
            In my opinion the E-100 is a pure skill tank. If you need gold to deal dmg, DON’T FUCKING PLAY IT and stop spamming gold with this great tank.Learn to play it, than come back playing it (same for the VK)

            • lol, a bobo. im a noob because I shoot gold out of a 235 pen Howitzer, but I go to clan wars and shoot standard ammo. Right…………….

              You bring your Germans and fire Standard Ammo, see how that goes, lmao.

                • crash_core: I love ppl like you that continue to live in denial about the current mechanics of the game. You would much rather insist others play the game how YOU wish it was, rather than how it actually is. Premium ammo is a fact of the game now. For you to suggest that others shouldn’t use it, or that they are less skilled is really quite pathetic. It’s as if saying the point of the game isn’t to win using any advantage you can get, but really to test yourself by making it more challenging. Got a Maus? Using armor is for pussies. Got a scout? Cammo is for pussies… You are an imbecile.

            • Major part of the E-100 skill is knowledge when to load what ammo type.
              There are situations where using AP will most likely fail and HEAT is the ammo of choice, like for example against another, well driven E-100. There are situations where AP is way better, like against BatChat. And then there is sometimes a need for HE, like a hulldown IS-7 that can’t be flanked.

              E-100 carries enough ammo to have plenty of each type. Refusing to take an advantage of E-100 full potential by denying oneself HEAT ammo is retarded.

      • Now that I’ve thought about it, 4/4 would be a better set up. Probably on a Summer Windstorm Map.

        And another option to consider is a NO Replacement mode. Just straight up 4/4, one life.

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  2. And silly me thought, that by “garage battles” they mean a tank test drive… You know, something that is present in WT (have not played a while, but probably still is) – if your plane is researched, you are able to test it before buying on a test map. I do miss this thing in WoT, as well as a decent turtorial and so many other things, that for some reason WG is skipping…

    • This feature would be awesome for testing premium tanks.I’d also like to be able to look at tanks that aren’t researched already.

      • Nope…
        You can test drive every premium vehicle (not gift, only in-game buyable premiums), planes you have researched but not bought, and planes you can research.
        A WoT equivalent would be that if you have the Panther researched, you can test drive the Panther 2, but you couldn’t test drive the E50.

        And that’s not counting the tier limitation in WT, in which you need a certain amount of vehicles researched in a given tier to be able to research a vehicle of the next tier. So if you have you first tier3 vehicle and the next on the branch is a tier4, you can’t test drive the tier4 until you have researched 5 other tier3 vehicles.

        That said, it’s not a criticism of WT on my part,just a clarification.
        I think that those things are a fantastic feature WoT should have implemented long ago. Both the solo test drive and the “research multiple vehicles of a same tier before advancing to the next”
        It’s only detrimental to reroll accounts, really, so no big loss.

  3. Actually , in WT , you can choose which plane you take into battle upon respawn .. which makes more sense if you ask me, cause you pay the triple repair cost, but you earn the triple ( or as many planes you take into battle ) cash for the game … would be nice with the current MM spread … ( so if you have 2-3 tanks that would fit the battles MM spread, you could chose …

    fe. You start in a Tier 8 heavy , get shot, then you realize, your team doesn’t have enough long range support , you hop into a TD or Arty that matches the game ( let’s say you were top tier with a tier 8 , then from tier 6 till tier 8 you could chose) , so you take your SU-152 into battle , then you get shot again, you hop into a med, cause a flank is getting overrun and they need fast support , …. however, I’d limit this to 3 tanks per match, otherwise, players with a gazillion tanks would own the field …

    • Like me? I have all T10 tanks in garage and stopped playing like 5 months ago…. nothing else to do… Why limit to 3 tanks?:D

        • Why not, you can keep playing as long as you have tanks in your garage, no buying or selling until the battle is over but you have the option to surrender.

          Good players might need some way to resupply their tank in battle though.

    • I assume that’s the case, it just isn’t mentioned. Otherwise “garage battles” wouldn’t make any sense as a name. But it’s early supertest, it’ll likely get polished a bit.

      • Indeed it wouldn’t be of any good if one could roll out with 30 tanks while the other 14 players could line like 30 up …

        I’m looking forward to what WG can make out of this …

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  5. With the noobs proving how fast they die and the MM proving how unbalanced it is capable of making the teams I really doubt it will be a good thing…
    Does any of you actually think it will be good?

    • Indeed I have my doubts. After all when lots of games end in ROFLSTOMP, I can imagin getting into the failteam for 3 times the failfun….

      The mode might work, if it allows to PICK the tank, that you want to respawn in. This way, you could counter balance the MM fckup and choose something actually suitable for the map and team compsition…. BUT that would be against MM target of making unbalanced teams, so not sure if WG will implement it….

      Also, platoons going to be a real pita, if allowed for this mode. Danger of even more one sided stomping.

  6. ..and no.. this isn’t an obvious ploy to get everyone to splurge all their squillions of credits and then have to buy premium account or premium tanks to earn silver…

    ..just like piss easy Premium tank missions are not about nubs converting “free xp” for gold…

    …no…’s not…


  7. please dont make the tank hulls unspawn after death… even if it blocks lanes it would just make it that much more interesting

  8. Or they add a GOOD MM to balance teams or sorry but i pass burning credits for nothing in a predecide battly by MM.

    Many of the game modes WOT needs are related to a better MM balancing teams because after burn 100.000 credits in a clear defeat by MM i doubt people (even guys like we with millions) decide use credits as confetti.

  9. So let´s see….
    - more camping because if you move up a bunch of respawned tanks could show up out of the blue;
    - you’re in a tomatoe team and instead of 1 tank blasted to shreds you lose 3 and you get the repair costs of all 3. I predict the last tanks in a match like this will just suicide rush.

  10. Drive Maus, get Malinovka…no coming back now bitch….3 times to burn those fat 3k HP against clickers on the open map ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  11. Let them consider, evaluate and interpret the data. Then scrutinize, study and test the results.

    Only then, can we be fully assured and confident that WOT will do what is most profitable for them.

    • Of course. The question is if they are for short term profit or not; after all comming up with something that makes players happy could profit more in the long term.

  12. “Hulls of the destroyed tanks do not remain on the map, they disappear”

    Too bad, in a tier 6 garage battles, you could create nice roadblocks in city maps using TOGs… ;)

    • It’s a direct rip off from War Thunder. Look we all know WOT is only doing it now, because they sat back on their butts, and let WT get the jump on them.

      They can’t hide the fact. their only doing it now cause War Thunder is using it.

      Now, War thunder allows you to hop into planes in the middle of a tank battle to go knock them out, and then return to the tank. Atleast War Thunder gets up and does something. Actions do speak louder than words.

      • You’re not allowed to praise Gaijin in any way on here. The usual WG defenders will reply soon.
        Its unfortunate they can’t see there are two games that get the same players, but they are different. All the defenders see is “they’re saying WoT is crap” not reality.

    • The AI and respawns would be different modes so you don’t have to worry about that going away

  13. Rolling through the comments, no one mentioned a very important thing that relates to tehse kind of games where u respawn:


    What stops the enemy from taking the spots of spawning and just killing instantly everyone who is reborn ?! NOTHING!

    The idea is fine, but ditch the tier limitation, and have this spawn camping problem sorted, then it should be fine.

  14. so you mean “war thunder mode”, cool.
    maybe Wg will leanr and ditch the “spotting mechanics” put realistic map sizes, realistic unforgiving DM and gunnery and make the game better.

    but nope, impossible….

  15. Hopefully, when you respawn, you’ll have to use a different tank each time. I can see this going really good or really bad. Maybe, besides having to owning three tier 10 tanks, they have a minimum WR/PR or some other means of keeping the game play beyond tomatoes.

  16. I would assume that garage battles wouldn’t allow you to use a tank that had already been destroyed in battle, i.e. your Maus gets killed, you cannot respawn in a Maus again, you have to pick another tank. I almost never play more than one game in a row with the same tank, I don’t want to respawn in it multiple times in one battle. On the other hand, if I go into a battle in my IS-7 and find myself on Sand River, I might choose to respawn in a Leopard I or Object 268.

  17. Not for me, i’m out from this mode.

    Much better would be continuois battle, although it would require much bigger standalone map, and probably a “battle moderator” supervising whole event. Of we want any changes from current mode, of course…

  18. I see nothing good in this.
    Just encouraging people to behave even more like idiots – now with respawns, for extra annoyance and even less incentive to play good!

  19. I can see it now…my team is getting slaughtered and I have12 enemy tanks camping around my spawn site ready to fire as soon as I show up, X2.

    • LOL :D …… Yep.. Have to admit that could be a possibility with WOT. Maybe they find a way to balance it, like War Thunder does with the invisibility factor until you can get out. But it has happened to me a few times even with War Thunder already, I have to admit.

      Played WT battle this weekend where as soon as I spawned there were 4 waiting on me, and Pow, pow,.. I only got 2 shots off….

      The system needs to spawn you somewhere away from your original spawn location to avoid that toward the end of the game, that is where it becomes more likely.

      However, from what WOT is proposing, it sounds as if they are going to give you the option to spawn out of the danger zone, maybe?

    • WG could make a large spawn point and you could drop anywhere in it, plus with the WT idea of temporary invisibility so you have time to orient yourself.

  20. I see a problem with hulls disappearing, you can no longer hide behind dead tanks or they might disappear while you are using it as cover

  21. If this idea is a tier 10 mode.

    The next logical/profitable step for WoT would have to be premium tier 10 tanks. A sizable slice of the population is the casual gamer who does not have the time to unlock tier 10 BUT has a check book and would want to participate.