Meanwhile in Britain…

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Hello everyone,

you all know at this point that Wargaming is cooperating with the creators of the movie Fury by promoting the movie via their videogame. But oddly enough:

fury - war not a game

A qoute from article:

…speaking on the red carpet, Pitt, 50, said that he had allowed his eldest son, Maddox, who is 13, to see the film and that he discussed it with him afterwards.
“We talked intensely about it.
“The younger generation play a lot of video games and I want them to understand that there are casualties. You don’t press reboot.
“There are real consequences and real stakes. We talked a lot about it.””

Well, that’s strange. War is not a game and yet you promote the movie through one? In any case, I am very curious how the movie will turn out (unfortunately, it only reaches CZ in November, so unless I manage to “procure” a copy somewhere before that, that’s when I’ll go to see it). I’ve seen some very positive reviews from the Americans (mostly from journalists), but also some very negative ones, so we’ll just have to see.

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      • He isn’t saying “don’t play video games” he’s saying that unlike games and movies there are consequences in war that are only very mildly depicted in video games. Hell even in ARMA 3 I can quicksave and load when I fuck up.

        He isn’t condemning video games, just saying that he had a talk with his son about war and depictions of war.

        All of this is moot though, I mean seriously, this is the Daily Mail. Surprised anyway gives a rat’s arse about anything it writes.

    • What? This post makes no sense. They are not promoting the WAR via a GAME, they are promoting a movie via a game. It’s like saying WAR is not the same thing as the movie. No shit, Sherlock.

      Nitpicking at Wargaming reached new low. GG, SS.

    • Yea common SS, of course your going to go to the Tank gamers. I’d be upset if he didn’t let us in on it!

      Hopefully some day, We’ll get the Kurt Knispel Tiger I premium. That would be AMAZINGGGGGGG! ( in very high pitched alternative life style voice ). lol.

  1. Idk what are those actors thinking – like, you need a movie to show you that people die on wars? Like, waaat? Do they think people are so dense that without such movie they won’t get it? @_o

    • I’m curious if there are poeple that dumb to think war is like video game or movie… On the other hand there is a lot of journalist who thinks every person that plays video games thinks like that, so…

    • Its like Call of Duty, right? Flashy explosions, baddies dieing all arround me and stuff?
      Right, daddy? Ima gonna be soldier when I grow up!

      • No they ain’t. To be a soldier you have to be somewhat fit. And you don’t get fit sitting around playing PS3 all day.

        I should know. I spent my teens playing SNES and when the Marines came a-callin’ I had to bust my tubby ass for months just to get in barely enough shape to go to bootcamp.

  2. “Well, that’s strange. War is not a game and yet you promote the movie through one?”
    C’mon. Hes an actor and has only so much influence on how the film is marketed. Apart from that – how many ppl are doing what they don’t like, but earns them enough / the most money? Your personal preferences are not always equal to the most profit. Thats the way economy works.

    • He is not an actor. He is a Brad Pitt, a brand, a giant in the industry. If he joins a project, he is making that for money of course, but also joins only if the script, project direction, and the general message of the movie suits him. Normal actor do not have such influence, but stars like Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks, Will Smith etc. have. They have a name that attracts people to the cinemas. That is worth money for the studios, so they bend towards the stars demands.

  3. pfft as long as u have mad quickscope skills and and a good K/D ratio then u are 1337 for teh army brah

    • yeh lol srsly m8 with mah skills i could end conflict in ukraine in like 6 hours brah just fukkin aim for tha headz man so yah one shot kill noobs lol fast weaponswitch instead of reloading and u pwnz 90% fags

    • I will always remember a school friend when Afghanistan got invaded, he was saying he bet the Taliban wouldn’t even know how to shoot their AKs properly, just holding down the trigger not burst firing and shit.

  4. TBH Brad Pitt doesnt know fuck all about war…. Lol he just plays like he does.

    Movie was the most realistic combat scenes I have scene as I have scene lots of action I can confrim.

    But they fall into the whole Whereaboo trap of “US tanks sucked and Tigers were god, and it took 5 Shermans to kill a Tiger” Movie opens with it saying German tanks were far better etc.

    In RL not only where Tigers uber rare, but 30% broke down and an E8 would whoop a Tigers ass. 76mm was as powerful Pen wise and reloaded 2 times as fast, was more accurate had better vision and firecontrol and the tank was much faster.

    Also onl 3% of US tankers ever saw a Tiger including ones that wernt running. 95% were Panzer 4`s and Stug`s, both the Sherman were better than.

    • it was psychological warfare when ever there was tank on battlefield they reported that it is tiger… creating this uber legend.

    • “Also onl 3% of US tankers ever saw a Tiger including ones that wernt running. 95% were Panzer 4`s and Stug`s, both the Sherman were better than.”

      Depends, really. Ambush (which was fav tactics towards the end of the WW2)? Stugs were better, really.

      Each has its pros and cons and while Shermans were quite good for their job, I think you are overblowing it a bit for the other side :)

      • yep he is Sherman’s weren’t awesomely good during most part of the war. they were on par with pnz4s in 1v1 situations ofc.

    • did you ever asked to your self why russians want 152mm – 122mm for tds ands… only for attacking soft targets?…. when they nearly infinite numbers of katrushya, peska bombers, il2 attackers and large-medium calibre howitzer support?

      you are fucking moron who try tu us propanga. sherman is a fucking death trap cant even compare pz4. and do you know why tiger rare. because they destoreyed by russians. russians give great sacrifices for stoping german war machines. and fucking mr war daday come and he screw tigers…. fuck hollywood fuck brad pitt. alll about bullshit propoganda.

  5. Isn’t this one of the cardinal rules of blockbuster films, if it makes money go ahead with it?

    Shitting in the face of history, double standards and all that lot is a small price to pay for a few extra pennies.

  6. Those girls will have one hell of an instagram pic to share!

    I wonder if Pitts son plays tenks D:

  7. I just a typical “duh” statement from a celebrity…you know, like “war is bad” and “no farms no food”. Meaningless feel-good stuff.

  8. Actor makes war film for entertainment. Says real war isn’t like a video game. That’s a sensible comment considering ISIL market their jihad using CoD style advertising.

    People read something else in their minds and think WG would get upset, as if the world revolves around WoT. Doubt they care as they don’t develop a realism tank simulator.

    Sherman v tiger butthurt also ensues for no apparent reason.

  9. So Brad Pitt joined WoT, bought a Fury Sherman, zerged his way to a quick death, and now is complaining that video games aren’t like war…because in the game there wasn’t any plot armor to save his crayfish ass.

  10. I saw the movie. I enjoyed it, it was entertaining and kept me interested. All it all, I thought it was worth the time and money.

    I don’t see any irony here. Mr.Pitt wants to have a conversation with his son about real life vs. games. So what? I don’t know that it is news worthy, but it certainly doesn’t make him a hypocrite for signing on to a movie that is being used to promote a video game and vice versa. Video games, like movies, are entertainment, and Pitt is in the entertainment business. You don’t have to be a combat veteran to understand that video games are nothing like the realities of war.

    As for the whole Sherman v. Tiger thing, yes that little blurb is at the beginning of the movie. Yes, it is simplified and may not be spot on with its facts. However, it is a movie and doesn’t claim to be a “true story” or “based on actual events”, well other than World War II happened. At any rate, assuming a Tiger made it to the battlefield, it would generally have the advantage over a Sherman in a one on one fight. However, one on one fights between a single tank on each side were not a regular occurrence.

  11. This raises some interesting issues. I have always been liked military history and love playing world of tanks.

    Yet I am, for all pratical purposes, a pacifist. I can’t say I am philosophically opposed to all wars: It is hard for me to say that the Confederacy or Hitler did not need to be fought. Nevertheless, I have been strongly against every war in my lifetime, starting with the Vietnam War. (I am American.) I can’t imagine any foreseeable war that I would favor. I am also on the far left of the political spectrum.

    So why does a pacifist like me play WOT? I can certainly say that I like the strategy and the competition, no matter the theme. Nevertheles, the military theme does add a zest for me. I probably wouldn’t like the game as much if it was, for example, a fantasy theme.

    Any thoughts on my deep-seated psychological issues? Any other pacifists want to come out of the closet?

  12. Please please don’t be one of those countries that dub films because the people are all hicks and English is too hard for some unknown reason.

    • Um, what? You know, as far as I know, most (if not all) European countries dub foreign movies (except certain ones they just sub, like Die Untergang), because:

      1) Every nation has its own language
      2) You can’t expect a whole nation to speak X language the movie was made in
      3) Common sense

      Nice ignorant comment, tho.

  13. SS, you get it in november?, lucky you!

    stupid retarded distribution company deemed fit to open this movie in JANUARY here…
    at that points BDs will be out and i will enjoy a quality 1080P BDRIP of the movie

  14. If you are offended that a video game is promoting a war movie, then you have an outdated view of video games. Video games don’t just have to be for enjoyment. They can be engaging in other ways. “Spec Ops: The Line” was NOT an enjoyable game. It made me sick to play it. I recommend it to tons of people, because it was engaging in other ways. Games can inspire you to learn about history, force you to think about the consequences of your actions, etc.

  15. “War is not a game and yet you promote the movie through one?”

    Really? They make movies to ENTERTAIN or to SHOW a historical act, at what happen.

    They make movies, so people DIDN’T forget their heroes.

    You are an idiot Mr.SilentStalker.

    You are from Poland, but you have a brain size of a Moldovian.

    Go ahead… Ban me for not agreeing with your point of view.

  16. I Saw it yesterday, and I can honestly say that I have never seen a movie that is as intense as this. When it ends you truly feel as though you were in the tank for several days, and have experienced first hand all the horrible things that happen in the movie. Is it possible to get PTSD from a film?

    Frankly I’m kind of shocked that they promoted such an incredibly violent, gore-filled R rated movie through a Teen rated video game that is played by a fair amount of young children, many of which are going to beg their parents into taking them to see it!

  17. I am not sure what your problem here is SS. What he is saying is that war is not like a video game, there is no restart button. I find your negative view about this really plexing, unless your saying you think (or got the impression) that war is like video games?

  18. War and history must be reminded at any cost and in any form. Only that way you can be asured to learn from mistakes of the past and not to repeat them in the future. That’s why he is promoting the movie. And for money and hookers ofc.

  19. ss is getting more and more ridiculous. At no point did Pitt make any anti-video game statements. He’s just stating the fact that war games are just unrealistic depictions of war, which is true! Especially if you’re being defensive about an aracadish game like WoT, come on!

  20. It’s basically a propaganda movie similar to Blackhawk Down.

    The people of the US need to be rallied to support war again. Their war weariness is getting too high, so Hollywood needed to shit out another HURRAY FOR WAR LETS KILL PEOPLE movie.