No Golden Joystick for Wargaming in 2014

Hello everyone,

last night, the Golden Joystick ceremony took place – perhaps the most prestigious current game award (or so Wargaming claimed, when they won in 2013 with World of Tanks). Wargaming had three contestants present:

- Best Online Game category – World of Tanks for Xbox
- Best Online Game category – World of Warplanes
- Best Mobile Game category – World of Tanks Blitz

Here are the official results.

So, how many categories did Wargaming win? Well, none. In Best Online Game category, neither WG game was even in top 3 (I guess that’s not really surprising).

But don’t worry, Wargaming, you still win the Golden Donkey award and I am sure that’s like totally more valuable to you guys ;)

57 thoughts on “No Golden Joystick for Wargaming in 2014

  1. “Gaming Personality of the Year in association with Kotaku UK

    I really hate that bag of toss!!!!

    p.s I voted for WarThunder, (where I could), this year.

  2. I wasn’t expecting WG’s games to win, but the voters seem retarded for giving PewDiePie the “gaming personality of the year” award. That idiot DOES NOT represent the gaming community, at least not those over 9.

    How can that bollock tosser get the award with people like TotalBiscuit or Jesse Cox around?

    • Implying that Golden Joystick or similiar events mean anything…
      They’re like any other “award” show be it in entertainment or science, 100% promotion 0% meaning.

  3. if wargaming had put world of tanks instead of world of warplanes it may have won an award but because they went with WoWP and that game aspect sucks compared to War thunder no wonder why everyone is going to WT for flight sim instead of WoWP that suck

    hopefully they dont screw up WoWSh when it comes out

  4. By what measure should get a Golden Joystick? They kicked off a nascent MMO sub-genre of tank games. They got credit for such innovation by getting Golden Joysticks — in the past.

    Since then game has stood still, with little substantive change. Improvements in graphics exacerbate the already-poor optimization of graphics for middle-high end users. (only the highest-end users with dual GPU’s apaprently can get steady FPS on max graphics, which is ludicrous for…) The game looks otherwise, virtually the same it did 2 years ago, with minute improvements to textures, and hi-def models being the only things of note.

    Cosmetic niceties like UI improvements, national voices, and constant gameplay mechanic tweaking which always hurt as much as they help do not fodder for an award make. How could this thing get an award before the dawn of 2015 looking like it still does?

    They exploded in 2, 3 years, but they’ve been marking time since. Now we hear garage battles, handbrakes, new physics and a few other wrinkles will come just in time to not make a difference against better-polished competition. Hoo-fucking-ray.

    • I second that.
      They did nothing to really deserve an innovation award for this year and I think it’s already enough they won several in a row which should be enough tribute for the initial innovation success of the past and the start of a successfull game.

      I can’t say much about WOWP but it’s just a spin off of WOT as well as WOWS and as numbers seem to show WOWP is no match for WT.

      I think they should stick to WOT and maybe WOWS and make them even better. WOT badly is in need f a better engine…they bought Bigworld. It should be doable to do something that is competitive with current titles and not too difficult to migrate if developed on certain basics of the old engine from the same source.

      Maybe that’s one of the factors to adress so they deserve it again…

  5. That result is a load of BS.

    Ubi$oft? Hideo Kojima? WDF. The Hideo Kojima who charges 40$ for a demo (MG Ground Zero), and whose fans would buy a demo and suck his balls cause he’s Hideo Kojima. And Ubi$oft?! The developer who dumbed down the Watch Dogs gfx for PC, and recently said that 30fps is not different from 60fps.

    • lolololol come on let’s face it

      MGS is getting much more than a f*cking game, it’s like a movie now,
      And probably Kojima will go bankrupt if The Phantom Pain gets borked…

  6. Why is gaming personality even a thing? Was I gone somewhere and missed the convention where gaming personalities started being important?

    At any rate, meaningless awards as they always are, just to harden or soften people’s fandom boners. With that thought in mind:

    Dark Souls 4 lyfe

  7. “But don’t worry, Wargaming, you still win the Golden Donkey award and I am sure that’s like totally more valuable to you guys ;)”

    At which point did you start hating this game, did I miss something ?

    Not agreeing with some of their decision is something, dennying them totally is something else … :-/

    • WoWp is just a bad game.

      WoT is something, but WG did almost nothing to improve that game over the last year and reached almost none of the promised goals.

    • Every critics against Wargaming means “hating the game” – well, maybe some kiddies should go back to school and learn about the difference between a game and company full of crappy people.

    • You want a golden penis for war gays?
      Very sweet of you fighting for the rights of homosexual soldiers.

  8. Meh, I don’t actually feel Wargaming deserves to win anything this year. Maybe next year…

  9. I don’t care much that WG didn’t win, but I’m still thankful they got me access to the ceremony, it was quite cool. And that WoWS trailer they showed during the ceremony was pretty epic.

    • I am from Asia,people in asia don’t ask too much like those whiners,we only want wargaming give us a stable game,2.we want the developer to put some new features and new hd tanks in new patches.

  10. Lol maybe next year WG will learn to bend over more that way they`ll definatley win, I’m glad they didn’t win they don’t deserve it game hasn’t changed at all just all cosmetic changes nothing that actually jumps out and makes you want to play.

  11. No point in reading all the damn whining posts……. Why CRY ….. just go play something else……

    In 25 years of gaming I tell you this game is not perfect but at least they listen a bit and try to make it better from their point of view…… and at the end of the day they try to make some money……. played some games like Atlantica online for instance which was pay to win all the way…… and that is sad all the way as well.

    At least in WoT you can kill tomatoes, even if they swing their VISA card all day long … wont do them much good. But there are games that are just BAD BAD BAD all the way and a tomato VISA swinger will get you just cause he can swing it hard……

  12. Fact of the matter is every single patch since I started playing this game has downgraded gameplay quality. Seems to me others recognize this and are willing to call WG out on it.

    Want to fix the game? Fix RNG and MM so decent players dont constantly get raped.

  13. Once you win the Vaporware Champion Emeritus award, no other award matters.

    SturmTiger – Vaporware Champion Emeritus 2010-2014