67 thoughts on “Wargaming Still In Black Numbers

      • LoL does NOT have a good free to play model. It has some pay to win, so it automatically loses to DotA 2 in that aspect
        I mean DotA 2 is completely free to play, literally no way to influence game with money, and not like it isn’t already better than LoL in every aspect (hint: it is)

          • every new hero broken so it gets “fixed” few months later? Meanwhile people spending RP to get it

            • In Season 3 new champs were broken when they got released.
              In the current season they are quite balanced. Moreover many were a bit up and got buffed later on.

              And i’m not sure how someone can like StarCraft2 eSports.
              If it would be a strategy game like SupCom2 i would understand it..

              • As much as I love Chris Taylor’s games, SupCom2 was complete garbage.
                There is a reason GPG closed their SC:FA multiplayer platform, send all its resources to community which has rebuilt it, and later WG has bought them after it bankrupted.
                The reason is Square Enix messing up with SupCom2 and making it horrible game not worthy calling it continuation to the series.

        • Well one can argue as much as anyone thinks reasonable, but I’ve witnessed how the free to play model just works. Sure you will feel down for all the smurfs lurking in the low levels but mostly there are those who know absolutely nothing of game mechanics. You lack runes and masteries and first few most important skills ( mainly flash thou ) but by playing a little you’ll get the levels up and running and all you need to do is play play play and play some more and you’ll be on par with others… difference is not that huge, but it is there, but I’ve never heard of complaint about having to grind again same stuff on two different servers for free… And that is from diamond level player.

          Complaining is for those who want everything now and they never want to adapt to actually having to do something thus they pay to gain… and still suck at it and are beaten by those who actually played to get to the same level… So it is little short of small pay to win, which is negliable amount if you really play the game. Compare it to WoT … both will be at the T10 eventually… taking your time as f2p just takes more time.

          Never been fan of neither DotA2 nor LoL … But there is fans for each and they should not run errands to bash each other. Keep playing you like most and leave perfectly happy players to play the ‘worse’ game.


        • Wtf you talking about? lol does not have pay to win, if you pay rp for champions you are a loser, you can buy anything but skins with ip, go lie in another place.
          And by the numbers evidently they have a good free to play model.

          Wargaming is spending money on wo-warpalnes and wo-warships, that’s all, games needs money to develop, woa is bad, thus no earning money.

  1. I wonder where all of these money go. No, seriously, what percentage is invested in the game development, and what in all that bullshit marketing departments. The games is hardly improving, has the same problems that had years ago, and still – they are earning loads of cash, so where do these money go, beause surely they are not invested in the game development. WG should man up and start hiring people that are using the nowadays international language – English, not focusing on the Russian developers, as it seems they do not have who to hire there, or become a more attracive employer, because I am sure that WT and AW are taking over their best employees…

    • Gaijin – ruskies, dont know about their politics.
      Obsidian – muricans, funded by ruskies. I want to see if AW > WoT :D

    • Whores. Expensive cars/tanks. Whores. Alcohol. Banks. Alcohol and whores. Funny heil SerB propaganda videos. Alcohol. Expensive yachts. Military Museum drug cartel funding. Money laundering in Kubinka. Alcohol. Women.

      The usual really.

      PS. Why do noobs always forget War Thunder is Russian and AW is ordered by Russians?

    • Wana: ”The games is hardly improving, has the same problems that had years ago, and still – they are earning loads of cash”
      you cant improve something that cannot be improved. soviet long-term-strategy guide.

      • i been playing since Dec 2013 but game getting worse. WG is very arrogant now with $$$$ and dont listen to players. WG is ruining the game with tanks like Waffle, but no competition. WT sucks but maybe Armored Warfare will be good. Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous could hurt WOT’s rev when they go live. When they come out i will play WOTs less and if they r really good i may quit WOTs. WG was smart with clans.

        • actually.. WG never listened to players in the first place… lately we have been getting questions about what do you like/don’t like, what map needs removing etc…

          It may come to nothing, but thats’ more than they ever used to do… even in Supertest they severely restricted what you were “allowed” to report.

  2. Just seen the Type 59 poll… fooking lol…

    14% would consider..
    9% would buy…

    Are you that fucking stupid?
    That fucking rich?
    …or just lying..??

    • It says WOULD BUY, and IF I WOULD HAVE Quadrillion of money i maybe WOULD buy it. Do you know what i mean ? It means “IS THERE ANY POSSIBILITY THAT YOU WILL BUY IT”

    • I have a decent income, but living with my parents lets me have a stupendous spending budget. I don’t drink or smoke or have any other expensive hobbies except gaming. So yes, I would consider such a bundle depending on the contents (likely a gazillion Gold and premium time).

  3. It says the revenue is calculated from 37 million users.
    That’s $215 each. There must be some people spending a lot of money on gaming per year to make that average.

    • Not that hard when you have infinite pockets small fees like conversions or credit buys are daily routine… That amount to thousands per month easily. Playing all time premium also makes steady revenue. Having few siblings? Well they get their share of it.

      I would like to thou see how much does the premium actually contribute to the final score… :)

  4. WoW at this point is the Toyota of MMO’s..i.e it still runs and refuses to fucking die.

    Other than that, business as usual in MMOland

  5. I think its funny that World of Tanks makes the 5th most money of mmos and its a “free to play” well not really funny but more of impressive

    • Well, WoT is “free to play” in the sense that you actually don’t need to spend a single cent in the game to enjoy all the features it has. You don’t need gold to buy premium ammo. All you have to do is spend a lot of time playing the game, which by itself have value to you but not for WG.

      On the other hand, spending a given amount will make things easier for you in your road to the high tiers. Stuff like premium account, which increases your tank’s income and xp. Premium vehicles that while do not own the battlefield are actually really good at farming credits and xp. The ability to convert all the excess xp from your premium/elite tanks into free xp. But all this stuff is not needed for you to reach Tier 10, but it makes it easier to do so.

  6. I think all these rebalances will backfire sooner or later. What will probably happen as we have heard is accuracy nerf and additional pen nerf on all tanks “to make armor more valuable”. As well as 6th sense for all players. This is dumbing down the game to be honest. When good players no longer can rely on their skill and advantages as much, whats the point playing and spending money in the game?

    And the situation doesnt get better as WG adding more and more doom cannon broken TDs in the game.

    • I think that the 6th sense rework has been prompted by WoT for the XBox360.

      The accuracy rebalance, is needed. While you should be able to hit a target a long ranges what you shouldn’t be able to do is hit an AIMED weakpoint in the tank at long ranges.

      • If you aim you should hit I think. This will be a indirect nerf for guns with not so much pen, since TDs and many high tier tenks can just point and click anyways.

    • Lightbulb for all shouldn’t change the gameplay much.

      Good players already have it, so no change, bad players won’t notice since they tend to have tunnel vision.

      Accuracy nerf will suck and will bring more p2w. Increasing armor value while gold ammo is available for everyone is a bullshit – players will want to be able to point and click, so they will load more gold.

  7. IMAO this Free 2 Play scam Game is horrible i logged more hours and fun in DayZ and i payed only 29.9$ and on WoT i payed like 100euros for what, some relief from the horrible grind inorder to enjoy the game, so stupid of me (and million others), someday WG will be judged by Lord GabeN for their sins and send to gamers Hell.

  8. Sorry but this is bullshit.

    These numbers are nothing but an educated guess about how much money WG PROBABLY makes from their customers. It is based on an ASSUMED customer base and an ASSUMED market share and an ASSUMED revenue per capita.
    Speaking of revenue- revenue is turnover. It means it is all the money taht goes into Wargaming. From this money is to be subtracted ALL THE COST, from running the servers, the development, the marketing, the customer service headquarters the rent for them and so on and so on. You cannot have a bloody clue how much that is. It is not likely they lose money without doubt, but before you are sneering about “black numbers” make sure you have a clue about the basics of accounting. “Revenue” IS NOT “Net Profit”. And Net Profit is not Cashflow and Cashflow is what’s needed to develop all three games they make. And the matter of fact is – noone has a clue how much money they actually have for that.

    • Wargaming is a public company, therefore they have to publish financial reports. This data is easily found and not assumptions.

  9. Well you dont mess with the LoL fanbase. Their community is a bunch of the most hardcore fanboys ever seen. Ive seen streamers who talked shit about LoL being constantly chat spammed and in the worst case taken down for days from ddos attacks, rofl… I was trying Dota good 5 or 6 years ago and I didnt like it. Mobas are nothing for me.

    It also quite interesting that DFO is so strong in the table. Ive never heard of that game before and only thanx to this revenue table i noticed it the last year.