Straight Outta Supertest: PvE and Huge Map


Hello everyone,

Wargaming is currently testing a huge (2x2km) version of the Ensk map. There are three bases on it. It is used for a special “defense of the palace” PvE mode – players are in the middle (in the city) and the other side (bots) are arriving in waves from various sides, trying to capture the three bases. The main goal is to kill all the bots. The bases are not equal, one of them allows players to respawn.

Here’s a minimap of the mode:


Apart from the waves, there is also a “convoy” of bots, heading from point A to B (upper left corner). If it is not destroyed and arrives successfully, a wave of boss tanks spawns. The mode is played on tier 8 tanks with practically unlimited ammo. The arrows on the minimap represent the waves of bots and their directions. There is also apparently a special “wave” of artillery, moving in from points 6 to the ares not far from it.

The map itself can be previewed here:



Here is a table of the waves and their composition. The battle lasts cca 30 minutes.

The first column represents the number of wave. After third wave, the convoy mentioned above starts and if it makes it to its target, a “boss” wave spawns.
The second column is the type of vehicles.
The third column is the amount of that vehicle in the wave
The fourth column is the type of wave (regular wave, artillery arrives, convoy)
The fifth column is the starting point on the minimap
The sixth column is the time the wave starts (minutes into battle)


Mode summary:

- the task of players is to hold 3 strategic locations and survive. If they hold base A, they respawn there after they die. If they lose base A, they no longer respawn.

- wave of bots, type “regular wave” – the wave of bots moves to the nearest player-occupied base using the shortest path and maximum speed. If bots spot a player, but can’t fire at him, they will continue to move to their target. If they can open fire, they stop and start firing without waiting for full aim circle. If the player disappears from line of fire, the bot will start moving to the target. Upon reaching it, the bot will start to capture it and if successful, it starts moving to the next base.

- wave of bots, type “convoy” – moves from A to B with full speed, if a player is detected and in line of fire, the convoy slows down to 50 percent and starts firing. If it reaches its target, it stops being active (disappears).

- wave of bots, type “artillery” – it moves to the nearest artillery position, from where it can shoot at player-occupied base. Upon reaching the position, it starts shooting into the base area. If it spots a player, who is not in direct line of fire, it will attack the area around his position. If player is in line of fire, artillery will attack him, prioritizing the nearest target using indirect fire. If a player is closer than 100 meters, artillery will switch to direct fire. If the LOS is blocked, the bot waits for 10 seconds and then returns to its standard shelling pattern

116 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: PvE and Huge Map

    • sounds like zombie mode in black ops just without the more the lvl stronger the enemy stuff :3 wondering what t8 tank would be the best for this, i probably choose the jp2 or stick with the fcm :D

    • 30 minutes of a battle, with a random WoT player? With their attention span of a goldfish? With at max 5 minutes randoms?
      This may work, but I do not think it will be much popular. I also wonder what the optimization will be on a such large map.

        • Well since there are basically land battleship tanks they could use those like the Ratte, KV-VI(Superheavy tank with 7 turrets), FCM F1 Super Heavy, among some others. I can imagine if they used them each tank would be relative to the average tier of tanks in that PvE match.

          I mean they already modeled the Ratte tank somewhat years ago as part of an april fools joke.

  1. “a huge (2x2km) version of the Ensk map.”
    “huge”, that’s cute! – any WT GF player.

    • Get under the Maus tanks with a Obj 430 and they shouldn’t be much of a problem. The 50Ms I can’t think of an extremely good counter.

    • I hope not, because if it does, it means that PvP is going to be a lot worse.

      Think about it. Slaying bots with tier 8s and getting XP means that people do not need to play PvP for XP. So without the game experience, this could potentially worsen the quality of games from Tier 8->Tier 10.

      Personally, I think credits would be better than XP.

    • I think they will make it the same way as they did with WoWP.
      There you have missions to destroy 10 ground targets or 10 planes and the reward is 10000 credits and 200 free XP.
      That way you are not able to simply leech through the PvE mode to advance in the tech tree, you have to do something.

  2. It seems to be good, that map 2×2 km should be in normal game and more than two base to capture. For example at map are 3 base to win all base must be cap by the ally over 30-60s to make base flaged, after that we can go to next cap base. We can win in two ways cap all base, all in the same time or one by one (if ally cap base and enemy dont decap, it will be flaged as ally or kill all enemy tanks.

    And then must be team play and chose who def or attack specific base.

  3. Looks not only idiotic idea but also a poor refurb – like the lot of them lately. Dual-base defense was also not well thought off, to put it mildly – bases and spawns placed at random, without a deeper thought.
    That zombie mode is a waste of time. They won’t ever catch Gajin in PvE and they should stop attempting that long ago and put stress on improving real PvP content.

  4. but who would actually /want/ Ensk tho. I would much rather be defending something like…the Siegfried Line, or holding off the advances at Swamp than to be defending a tiny little broken town

  5. “defense of the palace”
    I laughed so hard. “Охрана дворца” is just a joke, referring to very old email from like 10yo kid. It should be translated as “palace guards” actually. Anyway, just google “корованы” and read the first link and you’ll understand what it is.

  6. Only tier 8 tanks my ass. I will use my panzer 1 c, run on chocolate+105 octane fuel + 4 skill crew to slaughter the arty waves and do gajillions of spotting damage to the bots that “won’t wait until the target reticle shrinks” and will try to hit that midget tank while it goes 80km/h. And if shit hits the fan and the bots cap, I can reset that too with track shots, even more efficently than tier 8 tanks could.

  7. This looks like a lot of fun.And that Red Alert 3 music for that video was simply perfect and represents a good theme since a bunch of bots storm in and try and take over 3 bases :)

  8. A map that size would need a change in strategy, your radio will no longer cover the entire map.

  9. Entire team rushes to kill convoy due to fear of boss tanks, one guy sits on other side shouting noobs at his team.
    Great, just like all other modes ;-)

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    • …..coming from the inventor of the Tiger P, Ferdinand, Maus and other shitty 100 ton tanks, that’s saying something xD

    • In a game where you need to defend a base the map can be as big as it wants to.
      The part with the 3 bases is the goold old 800m * 800m Ensk, no problem with the slowest tanks.

      If you drive your T95 to the eastern red line in a Karelia defense game it’s simply your fault if you lose by getting capped.

      Also in a PvE mode you know where the enemy comes from and is going to. So defending is much easier than in a normal random game.

  11. IMHO will works better without resurrection ability due stronger atmosphere in hold the line mode on maps like Siegfried line (Axis vs Allies can be kinda popular after Fury release) or maybe some new map on motive of breaking Stalin line by Germans. There is also possibility to include alternative history with some late variation on operation Seelöwe where UK will defend against German invasion on their homeland.

    Instead of unlimited ammo is need to provide special resupply points where ammo and consumables will be replenish (for credits?) in matter of seconds, this prevents total static campfest by introducing need for elastic defense and cooperation.
    That’s all from me, good luck…

  12. I have a few questions:
    - Can be played only with tier 8 vehicles, or can be lower tier used too?
    - Any vehicle type restrictions? (can’t use arty, must have at least one LT, etc)
    - How big the player team will be? 7? 15?
    - How many times can a player respawn? (i don’t think its unlimited)
    - Really unlimited ammo? Why not resupply points? (inside one if the bases)
    - Can players use gold ammo?
    - Enemy bot tanks will have the same stats as their “player version” or will be some stats changed? (more or less HP, armor thickness, speed, ROF, pen, damage, etc)

  13. LOL…. 2k “huge” …

    “Huge” would be using WoWp sized maps… you know… like we want – so tanks can have their actual view ranges.

    C’mon WG… you’re ALL about Historocity lately…. get on it.

      • Nope, you view range is limited by Earth itself.
        Normally if Earth was perfectly round the horizon will be 5 kilometers away, you won’t be able to see somethin flat on the ground further away, only higher things can be seen or you need to climb up a ladder.

        That’s why battleships needed recon planes, the guns were shooting further than a spotter on the highest point of the ship could see (spotting range was about 25 kilometers).

    • They can’t make huge maps because then they’ll have to change the view ranges and firing ranges of almost every tank, including arties.

      Imagine a tier 4-6 arty on a 2000×2000 map, based on the actual map layout a lot of arties become absolutely useless (Grille, Bert) and the same is for TDs with low view range (SU-85, SU-100) so nobody will research these trees anymore.
      Less money for WG.

  14. This sounds like fun – until we realize that we are in tomato teams again and that the bot crew is kicking our asses.

  15. The only thing I’m interested here is whether would we be able to get EXP for tanks we choose to play with? Grinding tanks in PvE could be more fun than in PvP because bots are kind of better than majority of real players…

    • As mentioned before, in WoWP there are missions to kill 10 ground targets or 10 planes which both grant 10K credits and 200 free XP.
      I expect something similar in WoT.

      • @Cartman – I don’t play WoWP so I wouldn’t know. Thanks for info. Credits don’t interest me much since I can get them relatively easy but grinding in PvP is usually pain in the ass due to incompetent players. You say “free” exp? That’s kind of even better since you can for example play with premium tanks and be able to grind both credits and exp at the same time and use the exp for all the tanks you need, unless they restrict regular credit income and you are stuck with those 10k. It’s not much exp but it’s worth mentioning.

  16. This looks badass but I have few concerns

    1) If it will have Random MM – we can expect 0 tactics in most of battles. Ppl wont understand that players need to split for differenent bases or that in certain minutes some players will need to change positions to strenghten other bases. But we will see

    2) It’s played with tier 8. First waves of tiers 6 absolutely wont be able to do anything. Bounce, bounce bounce – unless you will be playing a paper tank there is nothing afraid of. Before they will reach the city the bots will be wiped. On the other hand then comes tiers 9 and 10. While tiers 9 will be semi hard, I’m afraid that tiers 10 will not be so easy. 2 mauses and 2 E50M will be a pain unless the team will be in their full strenght. If the base A will be lost then it will be kinda hard to defeat those 4 tanks without full team – unless the bots AI will be dumb, then it will be easy :P

    3) Numbers of players. Personally I think that it will be 15. While it seems too much for the first waves, at the 12 battle time we have 12 bots spawning. So basically 7 tanks will have a problem with those 12 bots (again, IF the AI will be good)

    4) Unlimited ammo is not a good idea. Well, its not good to have it unlimited as per se, but as many said above – there should be a point or points on map where you can resupply with ammo, just like in Planetside 2

    5) Enks surroudings look plain, dull and boring. There is pretty much 0 cover. As the map is still on supertest I hope they will change it somehow and fill it with some stuff instead of leaving it a plain field

    • you wont be leaving the city and i hope this is like team battles so i can play it with friends

      • Well, it will be best if it will have two modes – either pre-set players so you can play with friends or just make a team with other ppl and the random mode for fast play – you still end up with randoms but you dont have to talk with others to organize a team for this mode

        Anyway – you will be leaving the city. Probably for destroying SP caravan. Or for scouting – all in all the field around just looks bad. But as I said its still in supertest so maybe they will add some more buildings, rocks or small hills

  17. It looks very shitty… They still do new shitty game mods and nobody plays it more then 3 times… so wise.

  18. Do we have to pay for respawns if we die, and ammo?
    Also waves of Maus, dont know how a t8 will deal with these
    But hey it looks fun

  19. Interesting but maybe over bases they can use respawn in the palace and the other 3 points could be regular “flag” areas that need at least 2 enemy tanks over them to start cap.

    I refer that a game mode with more than one flag/base need a limit to made the cap harder and give defenders time to try decap… if i where WG i reduce the cap area in bases and force AI put at least 2 tanks in the area to cap, this force attacker has 2 tanks in cap.

  20. If this is even just half as much fun as the arena coop mode of e.g. Dawn of War 2, then i’m going to love it.

  21. unfortunately, the instant action gamers playing this game would never agree with such huge maps. This will be scrapped just like historic battles

  22. um SS the video got taken down by a…”SiriusStarNetwork”. never heard of it =/

    EDIT: googled around, no such thing as a “Sirius Star Network”. the channel exists, looks more like a ghost acc. you think this is the work of WG/SOPA/CONSPIRACYTHEORISTS?

  23. I wonder if they are using help from Chris Taylor for any of this, since it seems this is a merger of RTS elements into the game.

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  25. Bots that dont aim or angle their armor… Hell I’m glad I bought a JgTig 8.8 after all :D (You can also participate with premiums, right?)