Straight Outta Supertest: Tier 8 FV4202

Source: VK Wotleaks community

Hello everyone,

currently, supertesters are getting their hands on the tier 8 FV4202, the new premium one. Furthermore, there are rumors that around the end of the year, some “really cool” mission will take place on RU server and that the mission might be related to the FV4202 switch, so maybe it would pay off to buy it as soon as possible. As far as I can tell, the supertesters are using the SD model as a placeholder for tier 8 for now.

The tier 8 FV4202 has following characteristics (these are VERY preliminary and might change):

Tier 8 MT
Price: 11750G (placeholder)
Hitpoints: 1400
Weight: 41,594 tons
Max speed: 35/20
Hull armor: 51/51/32
Turret armor: 170/90/90
Traverse: 42 deg/s
Turret traverse: 32 deg/s
View range: 390 m
Radio range: 750 m

Engine: RR Meteorite 202B
Power: 510 hp
Power-to-weight: 12,26 hp/t
Terrain resistance: 0.6/0.7/1.2
Fire starting chance: 20%

Gun: OQF 20-pdr Gun Type B Barrel
Damage: 230/230/280
Penetration: 226/258/42
Module damage: 118
Reload time: 7.6
Accuracy: 0.33
Aiming time: 2.4
Ammo: 50
Elevation: -10/+20 (back: -2)

111 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: Tier 8 FV4202

    • And isn’t that what premium tanks are supposed to be? worse than regular tanks of the same tier?

    • It won’t for sure. Well, premium tanks are supposed to be a bit worse than their counterparts, right?

    • Less armor, better gun. Keep in mind the Cent I only gets the A Type Barrel, not the B. So it would be more like a less armored but faster Caernarvon.

      • Except it has the stats of the type A barrel (on cent, not even on caern) so no, same gun as centurion, worse hull armour, slower, less p/w, less turret traverse, less hit-points, worse view range. It has better hull traverse but the lower p/w will probably cancel that out. Really its only advantage over cent 1 is it a smaller target.

        Though with limited MM it would probably work even in this state.

        • But its ground resistance is much better. Centurion I has 0.96/1.06/1.82 so i would say it won’t be slower than the Centurion, except in top speed.
          Additionally, the reload time is 0.4s lower (Centurion I has 7.5 rpm and 8s reload).
          I don’t think that hull armor is so important for this tank, because you should be hull down or invisible anyway. And whether it has 72 or 51mm – i wouldn’t care because both is shit for tier 8.
          I don’t think that it will be much worse than the Centurion I at all, so i am looking forward to play it.

          • True.

            Also, it’s not so easy for Centurion to stay invisible because it is big and has poor camo. FV with lower profile likely will have better camo and it will be easier to stay undetected.

          • Cent 1 has a 7.6 second reload with a 100% crew (because of commander bonus). This has the same.

    • if they lower the commander’ s hatch.
      I only hope it will have at least 600 HP engine and a better top speed. 35kph with paper armor sounds bad.

  1. Max speed: 35


    Engine: RR Meteorite 202B
    Power: 510 hp
    Power-to-weight: 12,26 hp/t
    Terrain resistance: 0.6/0.7/1.2

    So an effective hp/t of 20.4/17.5/10.2 compared to the currently implemented 30.1/26.4/13.2

    Double yikes

  2. rly? 510hp engine? if they make its armor much less bouncy, why also make is super slow? I hope they will give it Rolls Royce Meteor Mk4 (doesnt matter if Mk4B or Mk4C, anything will help)…
    btw, it reminds me a lot of TOG, both has mostly bad armor, they are slow and has great gun… well, one of them is one tog longer, but that is just a minor difference….

    • Because it has the gun of a T8 heavy tanks, thats why it has to be slow and less armored than equivalent T8 meds.

      • O M G! tier 8 heavy gun? boy, if you havent noticed, british heavies (until tier 8) have medium tank guns, the fact that Caern has the same gun doesnt make it heavy tank gun….

  3. It looks pretty much like I expected it to… except for that I thought the top speed and aim time would stay the same (I thought they would just give the 20 pounder the same accuracy, reload and aim time of the current 105 mm)

  4. So, they’re turning the worst tierX med in the game into the worst tier8 med in the game?
    Sounds about right.

    The action X better be fucking awesome. A blowjob dispensing machine of joy.

    • Don’t be silly. Both the Action X and Chieftain will receive the not made in Russia treatment.

      • I believe you are referring to the “British, so complete trash” clause of that treatment.
        Yes, I fear that as well.
        But a man can dream.

        • “But a man can dream.” …. Yeah…. dreaming about “A blowjob dispensing machine of joy.” :)

    • Action X is actually worse in every way statswise than the FV is now .. So dont hold your hopes up too high

  5. What’s with all these upcoming premiums? They all have garbage dpm and not much else going for them besides.

  6. That top speed, hp/t and terrain resistance… I think my SP can maker circles around it… WG really needs to sit down and rethink what medium tank is all about.
    It could be used if received for free (or some easy mission) but definitely not fort the gold! I thought spending some gold on premium account for faster grinding but after seeing this I’m not sure if it’s wise… I’m gonna go standard account and if I get it, I get it, if not, I don’t think I’m gonna lose much…

  7. Noone will buy this shit , all they had to do is to give it the turret of the FV (the nowadays’ t10′s) and a centurion hull with awful mobiltiy to compensate

    • Then you would need to get in your time machine and talk to the engineers who threw the thing together.

      The whole reason for removing it from tier 10 is that WG made too many bad guesses instead of waiting for actual measurements/documents.

  8. Dunno about you guys, but it seems to be fine for me. A slightly worse centurion, and the front armor can still autobounce guns, like the current 4202, even 122s won’t overmatch it.

  9. 35… piece of shit WG, piece of shit!

    don’t see any “type B parameters” on the gun.

      • How’s about the people that just played to the tier 10 because they enjoyed the line and don’t want to see a tank they enjoy get turned into a steaming pile?

          • Are you sure you know what you’re talking about?
            Please, explain to me in great detail about how the Cromwell, Centurion I, and Centurion 7/1 are bad tanks overall. Even the Comet and 4202 have their moments, and I personally enjoy both, despite their shortcomings.

  10. Meh…seems alright, premium tank..a bit slow, but alright..not bothering with it anyway.

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  12. Already looks like the worst tier 8 tank. Even the Panther 88 seems a lot better than this crap. If it goes live this, won’t even be worth doing the mission, unless it is extremely easy just to sell it for credits.

    • I don’t think you understand, only people that own a FV4202 in their garage will receive the mission, just like what happened to T34 years ago. Free T8 Premium = 45EUR saved in my wallet. 40k credits per loss, 60-80k credits per win IF SUCKING, 100-140k credits if playing good per battle. Bring it on, I’m tired of my T34 after 1200 battles on it.

  13. Of course these stats are going to be changed during balancing process, but…

    If this thing stays generally the same, I see no good reason to buy this over the upcoming Japanese premium. Hell, even Super Pershing will beat this in other categories but accuracy and penetration. Here I’m expecting it will also be sold in gift shop… I only see one reason to use this tank: British medium crew training. Action X is better be pure awesomeness then. I bet people training their Cromwell crew will just prefer playing Cromwell.

  14. Buff frontal ufp to 70mm (so it at least has an ability to bounce), top speed to 40+, reload to around 6s, some bouncyness on turret like Centurion Mk 1, and it might be a good tank. Gun’s dispersion compared to FCM 50t is utter shit too.

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    • It’s balanced because it’s “free” [somehow]. And cause its “balanced” it won’t be as popular as future t-54 premium. Everybody wants to own in their shiny Type-59G

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    • You know that it (7.6s, 7.89rpm) is actually shorter than the reload time of standard Centurion? (8s, 7.5 rpm)
      With rammer, commander bonus, bia and improved ventilation it will have about 9.6 rpm and 6.25s reload. Seems to be okay for me.

      • Thats quite a good ROF considering it can punch a hole in pretty much everything with laser accuracy. One thing i loved about the Cents are the amazing guns. Super accurate both standing and moving, quick reload, very nice pen power.

        Seems okay to me too.

  17. give it back its top speed of 40 and that’s all that need to done to it ( unless its got special MM then keep it at 35 ) , it will play just like a fcm 50t , and I have no problem with its stats. the turret it still going to be troll, and has the ability to bounce shots , and im looking forward to it.

    • lol wat – How will it play like an FCM when the FCM can actually, you know, go fast? Hell you’re better off playing an FCM. Just as soft but better DPM and can actually flex. The turret is incredibly weak, only a small part has 170 mm armor, and it has A.) massive cupola and B.) massive turret ring.

  18. WG should have used the gun stats from the caernarvon’s 20 pdr B barrel, instead of making it have pretty much the same stats as the A barrel on cent, with only 0,1 better RPM, same dispersion and bit worse aimtime.
    WG are the kings of making OP tanks, but they are even better at making bad/decent tanks in to garbage

  19. 35km/h with tin can armor WHAT kind of med tank is that!
    And what kind of premium,the shells for the 20pdr gun cost 630 credits and deal only 230 dmg,damn it i will be making more money in my T14 or Type 62 then with this shit!
    I hope they will buff it’s speed or at least lower the shell costs before it’s release.

  20. Looks like trash, but hey it’s preliminary. I’ll wait more to see what they do about it… I like my 4202 ; _ ; oh well…

  21. I guess it makes for a very good T8 medium, due to the high turret armor + incredible penetration for a T8 medium, and I guess the mobility is quite good as well, not Panther II-like. It may even be a bit OP, but we’ll see about that if the tank is implemented.

    To be honest, the 20 pounder is just incredible, even on TD’s, such as the AT-15, in which I even got called “OP” by a random (lower than 600 WN8 of course) Tiger II player – the DPM is just outstanding even if it doesn’t shoot every 4,2 or 4,3 (without BiA) seconds :D
    Thing is – these british TDs are just so ugly…

  22. This mission is probably for RU only, no free Tier 8 Premium for you, capitalist pigs!

    11750 gold… wow WG’s getting either insane or desperate. I’d rather grind my medium crew on the Matilda BP, thank you very much, unless the mission is as easy as “Have the FV4202 in garage” in which case I’d shell out full price for a Tier 10 for the 2nd time (1st time was my 1st tier 10, the T57, all later 10s were bought 30% off while on-track). Other than that or something else I’d do anyhow… LOLNOPE.

    Would rather buy an IS-6 to stat-pad with or something :P

  23. So it manages to have a worse engine than the Centurions stock engine, and the Brits upgraded it to the B barrel to make it worse in everyway to the A barrel?

    Ohh WG you so troll.

  24. I’m disappointed that it has such a low Power to weight ratio though. That was one of the huge things about it, was how mobile it was. It might have only been 40 max, but it got to that speed and stayed there. Now… It’s just a gun. ;.;

  25. I got the FV4202, I like it as a tier X, turret was the only bad thing at tier X, my first tier X, shame it has crap stats for the tier VIII premium :(

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  27. this thing looks terrible not that I expected much more from wg on this but they really expect people to spend money to get this if they don’t already have it and get it through the mission? It seems people saying it’s fine are forgetting a major issue with the fv4202 and why it can’t go hull down now yes that armor looks ok on paper but the thing has no mantlet that and the hatch on top ruin any chance of using ridges well.

  28. This is bullshit. I love how my Fv4202 handles now and they will change it to… This. The tank was all about mobility and now they give it 12.something hp/t. Bullshit!