Brazilian Army Maneuvers

Thanks to AN225 for linking me this video.

Hello everyone,

Brazil recently undertook a large military excercise. That by itself wouldn’t be that interesting (all the armies do that), but in it, we can see some… vintage equipment. The Bofors is amazing :)


28 thoughts on “Brazilian Army Maneuvers

      • stop crying about the sound Woras, the 105 gun in this clip is way more silent then the 152mm in the game.

        so much nagging people on this planet, it’s amazing..

  1. What AMX is that? the ejection system is nice. How many months passed since WG announced that too?

    Ah there it is 14.3.2014

    - apparently, animated tank effects, such as automatic shell ejectors, are planned for “medium” future (as in, not far from now, but not soon)

    • It’s not an AMX, it’s a SK-105 Kürassier. inspired by the AMX 13, it is distinguishable from it by the fact the turret is mounted in the centre and not on the rear of the hull.

    • No it was not, only the carriage fittings moved, look at the barrel…rock steady.

      I used to fire the L70 \Bofors…FANTASTIC weapon,

      DO YOU wish to be on the end of 230rounds of 40mm HV or FragHE rounds per min ?

  2. Brazilian Marine Corps. They are struggling with a low budget (Navy prefer to expend with parties, formal ceremonies and an old useless ex-french Carrier from the 60′s that is only usefull if you want something to make smoke, than keep their equipment updated), but they are highly trained and motivated.