Connection Issues on EU Servers

Hello everyone,

currently, Wargaming (not just World of Tanks) is experiencing severe trouble with servers. It is unclear what caused it, but some WG employee posts suggest it was some sort of failure on Wargaming’s side (hardware and such), but as of now (21:35), they do not know what happened. The servers affected are: EU1, RU3, WoWp EU (such loss!) and WoT Blitz RU.

According to German community manager, the situation will hopefully be resolved until 22:00.

Edit (21:49): the core of the problem was found. EU1 should be functional soon.
Edit (22:02): the networking problems have been resolved apparently and currently, WG is working on restoring the gameplay
Edit (22:06): currently no ETA on restoration, they are working on it
Edit (00:06): EU1 should be running by now

26 thoughts on “Connection Issues on EU Servers

  1. Well, SS, that German CC is saying, that until 22, he’s at the office and will post any update, not that until then it will be fixed ;)

  2. Interesting, as far as I’ve seen, EU1 was down for like 30 minutes and then back on…

  3. WoWp EU IS DOWN

    Wtf I was just about the start up and account and give it a go. Thanks WG you ruined my life blah blah blah….

  4. EU1 server is down again and some of my clan friends were playing when it happend. Now they cannot log in in the EU2 server

  5. I was playing on EU2 and ½ hour ago or so, it started suffering massively. Oddly enough, not for all players. But I had ping 999 (bouncing up and down but between 500 and sticking on 999 for several seconds) for the duration of the match.

    In the garage, the ping said 27ms EU1 and 25ms EU2.
    What gives?

    • Login servers are separate (as in hardware) from the game servers. When pinging from outside the battle you never reach the actual server the game is on, just the login ones. Your situation clearly shows that the game servers were suffering major overloads.

  6. But at least now we know, what is the player treshold for EU2 server – I tried to log in there, was thrown into the waiting queue for couple of seconds and when I got in, player count was about 128000 on EU2. So basically that could be the limit of one server.

  7. Well, it happened just as I played my first game of the evening driving my TOG out. I got kicked back to the garage then to login screen before I took a single shot… I then logged into EU2 hoping to take it for a spin, but it was marked as “in battle” and stayed that way for the whole evening. -_-
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