On Russian server, for October, 18101 players were allegedly punished based on the report system, 3748 participants in rigged battles were punished as well and 2882 botters were banned. That’s a nice “harvest” for October.

- apparently, Lowe armor is fine (won’t be buffed)
- by the end of third campaign, M60, VK7201 and Object 907 will not be ready in HD
- the HD model for IS-3 will be IS-3 Model 1945, not the modernized version (IS-3M)
- developers are working on new engine sounds
- after the ramming changes of 9.4, the cases where tanks just bump to one another and one of them rapidly loses 1 hitpoint should be considerably less common
- the exact ramming damage mechanism will not be disclosed
- armor deformation (holes from ramming) will not come anytime soon
- the option to pick your setup for team battle based on the map you get is planned, no ETA currently
- it cannot be generally said that in the new 9.4 ramming system ramming damage will increase – what will increase is the difference between damage done by ramming heavily armored and lightly armored spots
- the influence of tank weight on ramming in 9.4 will not change, the same goes for spaced armor
- when it comes to team damage punishment in collisions, the tank that goes faster is guilty

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  1. Wish they could do something about light tanks and some mediums’ tracks just getting damaged when drifting or going over small undulations…

      • No tracks have a great deal of flex INRL.

        Not only do they have springs but the steel itself can flex upto 2-3 inches per foot of track/link.

        Otherwise with no flex tracks would break daily. THis is why tightening/loseinng of track to perfect pressure is so important.

          • They wouldn’t slide of mostly due to the centerguides they have. But I’d expect if a tank were to go sideways, at some point the track would break or flex so much it would warp and be unusable.

  2. - the HD model for IS-3 will be IS-3 Model 1945, not the modernized version (IS-3M)

    What’s it matter? They’re still buffing it. It’s already the easiest and most flexible tier 8 heavy. Will be even more so with the HD model.

    • gun is terrible IMHO.

      For me, accuracy and aimtime is much more important than alpha and huge pen.

      • By your logic, how bad is T32′s gun then? :)
        Worse (or same now, not sure) accuracy with worse pen and damage.
        Only factor that is better is aim time and reload*.

          • I’d actually rather they made the 90mm, which is it’s historical gun, more viable.

            Buff the 90mm T15E2 to be more like the 20pdr in terms of penetration and DPM and that’d be awesome. It’d benefit the Pershing, the Super Pershing and the T32 immensely. T25/2 would also get a much-needed buff.

          • you’re leaving out that it’s turret is big balancing parameter. when I approach a hull down t32 in any tier tank except for maybe my TD’s with gold rounds with 350+ pen guns. 5 options arise in my mind: 1.) time to go flank him. 2.) shoot his small weakspot if I’m close enough. 3.) load a gold round to see if I’m lucky 4.) sit their and bounces his rounds if I’m in a heavy enough tank until he gives up or is flanked by my teammates. 5.) retreat

            • IS-3′s turret is also pretty much invincible from the front. So while it has a good turret, it’s not the only tank at it’s tier and class with a good turret. I will never shoot at an IS-3′s turret because I know it’s futile to do so. And yet IS-3 is more mobile with a better gun and hull protection that’s at least as good, if not better, and is getting better.

              T32′s one strength is gimmicky in today’s game. You can’t even really stay hull-down anymore (Assuming you can even get a good hull-down spot in today’s corridor maps) because then you get clicked by skycancer..

              • I don’t know if you knew this, but the turret of the IS-3 has a massive weakspot:

                The the entire area above the gun of the IS-3 is a massive weakspot that can be penetrated by anything shooting shells with a diameter bigger than 40mm if they manage to hit it. The T32 has a far harder to penetrate turret frontally than the IS-3 if you have a gun that is actually accurate enough to hit that area above the gun. I penetrate it with Cromwell, Comet and T-34/85 regularly. ( though the A-43 has trouble it does sometimes pen that area )

                IS-3 has no gun depression and is practically blind in terms of viewrange as well. The pike nose sucks when not facing toward you if you shoot at the area most flat toward you. It also has a massive aimingtime which makes it easy to return fire before they can fire back accurately.

      • Gun is terrible? You’ve got near-class-leading penetration, class-leading damage with good DPS, a good gold round, and after the accuracy buffs a while back the accuracy paper stat just doesn’t even matter anymore.

        IS-3 has no glaring flaws and a whole lot of strengths. And it’s about to get buffed. Yay?

        And yeah. T32′s gun is pathetic compared to the BL-9. The IS-3 even significantly out-DPMs the T32…

        • ck out circonflexes on utube, he has a couple games and shoots mostly AP and calls T32 OP as hell, but he has two stars on a chiri and is close to a third.

        • IS-3 is bad at open-maps, I’d call that a flaw.
          IS-3 has the worst viewrange by far.
          ( It’s camovalue marginally better than the other tier 8 heavies but useless because of this. )
          IS-3 has a very weak weakspot above the gun penetrable by tier 6′s
          IS-3 has practically no gun-depression compared to the other tier 8′s

          Add to that that IS-3 hull when not pointing directly at the enemy can be penetrated by 175~mm penetration guns easily. ( Granted, it’s still the best front of all tier 8′s )
          No excuses, though. It’s the best heavy in it’s tier, but the same can be said about the E75 at tier 9. ( The ST-I being harder to use and the WZ 111 being … Chinese )

          • 1) BL-9 is a extremely powerful gun for a HT at Tier 8. Not only does it have pen equal to the rest of its piers, but it outclasses them in alpha by far (except T34, doh!).
            2) IS-3 is not limited to hulldown (where it can shine as well, though you have to pray a bit to RNGesus for good snapshots, since sitting still for full aim time will get that weakspot penned by everybody), IMHO it’s the best sidescraper (not to mention reverse sidescraper!!!) out of all the Tier 8 HTs (suck it, Tiger 2/Lowe!)
            3) Even with the crap gun depression it’s still way easier to put the IS-3 to use than the T32. Hell, even in terms of accuracy the BL-9 feels way better than the 105 on the T29/T32. inb4 Tiger 2 turret roof autopen, lol

  3. So basically Kv-5 ramming lighter vehicles(or being rammed by lighter vehicles) will make a bigger difference?

    I remember doing 7-800 to T-54 and Type 59s…
    Now possibly 1000~ damage?

  4. So I am going in straight line at 30kph and tank doing 25kph sideswipes me its my fault?

    • Yep, you see him coming and you should be adjusting your course. If it was real life you would try your best to get out of the way, (I know, flame me it is a game!) but the fact remains, turn your tank if you think it is going to impact! PERIOD!

      Oh, if you are going to say, “What if I don’t see him?” then you deserver to be hit! look around and stop tunnel visioning!

      • I see how to earn credits now :D

        go in strait line in front of teammate in ELC and suddenly slam the brakes :D
        your speed is lower and he rammed you. Profit.

        • I see this constantly with hellcats already. If I’m in my kv-4 and there are hellcats on my team, it’s guaranteed I’ll lose money on the match from paying out for ally repairs. It’s bullshit.

  5. Люблю читать твои ответы, даже свои вопросы вижу иногда) классно выходит)

  6. My T10 German tanks like this ramming change. Already had an ally cromwell on full health wipe out on my VK ausf.A without scratching me. Seems a german buff.

  7. Maybe I can start playing my IS-3 again. Before the armor changes (read nerf) of 8.8 (?) it was a beast, probably a little OP actually. Since the changes it is a rolling ammo rack that is lucky if the front hull doesn’t get penned by 122mm Soviet/Chinese guns with 175mm of penetration. Perhaps there is a middle ground in there somewhere.

  8. - when it comes to team damage punishment in collisions, the tank that goes faster is guilty

    This is not implemented yet, is it ? Because this could mean that heavy slow tanks such as T95 and Mause won’t pay fines for stupid LTs ramming them.

    • So why T95 or Maus have to pay the fine if someone else rammed them?. Also it says the faster tank is guilty so the stupid LT is to blame

      • If WG would just tweak the spawn grid so that light/fast are always closest to the map center. That would avoid 80% of the accidents.

  9. How are they figuring out that games are rigged? Do they monitor chat? Emails? Is it when the same clan members are on both sides, but the loss is catastrophic?

  10. since im 7th on the NA Server in Kamikaze’s this ramming chg is a big deal to me.

    Why cant WG just come out and tell us specifically what is being changed.

    i was the one that first reported the huge ramming nerf on the 9.3 TS on here, the forums and directly to WG with tickets and replays. WG eventually admitted there was a nerf and it was unintentional (a bug) so lets hope they dont screw this up. i may play some aufpanther games on 9.4 to test it.

    • WG says theres gonna be a dif if u ram heavy or light armor. Why not give us an example 9.3 and 9.4 so we know what the dif is?

  11. - when it comes to team damage punishment in collisions, the tank that goes faster is guilty

    This is still one of the best changes that were ever introduced. I can’t count how many times some light tanks just crushed into my rear while I was driving in a straight line.

    • That’s retarded. I can’t count how many times a heavy in front of me would hit the brakes for no reason whatsoever. Great job WG on encouraging forced rear-ending scams! Who they should punish instead, is the tank that changed their direction/speed most recently,

      • i dont remember that ever happening to me in thousands of games, but i dont hit teammates very often. wait, i was killed once by an accidental team ram but i dont remember recieving or paying a fine. he appoligized so i may not have looked closely at the reports.

  12. the HD model for IS-3 will be IS-3 Model 1945, not the modernized version (IS-3M)

    What does this mean? It will look differrent from the one in game? Will WG fuck up the look if the IS-3 like they did with the IS-7?

      • “apparently, when IS-3 is transformed into HD, it will have worse lower frontal plate angle”

        • hopefully, worse lower means better upper which will be a big buff. the ufp is shit after the recent nerf and u cant angle it. i sold it and play the is6.

  13. What is with People asking for buffing Lowe again? It is on par with KT now. How about WG remove KV-5′s R2D2?

  14. “- the exact ramming damage mechanism will not be disclosed”
    Good job pieces of shit, keep even more mechanichs hidden and keep spreading ignorance. Wouldn’t be a fucking surprise if they suddenly remove all stats and just leave credit prices and XP costs.