Straight Outta Supertest: AMX-13 57

Hello everyone,

here’s a new French premium, tier 7 light tank AMX-13 57. It is not known, whether this is a regular premium tank, or a reward of some sort.



Tier 7 French LT
Max health: 880
Max weight: 16.45 tons
Max speed: 61/23
Hull armor: 50/20/15
Turret armor: 40/20/20
Radio range: 750 m
View range: 385 m
Turret traverse: 42 deg/s

Engine: SOFAM 8 Gxb
Power: 250 hp
Fire starting chance: 20%
Power-to-weight: 17.33 hp/t
Chassis traverse: 40 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 0.9/1/1.6
Movement dispersion: 0.24

Gun: 57 mm L/100
Damage: 90/90
Penetration: 143/195 (AP/APCR)
Module damage: 76
Clip size: 8
Clip reload time: 18, in-clip: 1.5
Accuracy: 0.37
Aiming time: 2.3
Ammo: 56
Elevation: -6/+12 front, -6/+10 side, -6/+8 back
Gun traverse dispersion: 0.12




82 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: AMX-13 57

  1. WTF is this shit again :’D , WG made an other never existed tank. I imagine how they work in the office.
    SerB: – Hey guys we need a new premium tank, we need more money for our shit game.
    Workers: – Hmm let’s see we have amx 13 75, just change the order of the 2 number in the name and take the tower to the back of the tank.
    SerB: -Whoa brilliant guys!

    • I’m guessing it will go along with the t-34-85m and other tier 6-7 tanks as individual mission rewards. Either way, this one looks interesting. It’ll be like a turreted e-25, and the 8-round clip will be devastating. It’s a shame french lights are so underpowered and having a crew trainer for them is next to useless.

      • This. Who cares about the burst damage of the 13 90 when any new LT have way better DPM and all around stats?

        And I’m not mentioning the 12t and the 13 75, cause those are simply hopeless.

      • >It’s a shame french lights are so underpowered
        Except for 13 90 holding the strongest most meta light tank status in-game for the last year or so

        • If you notice things changed dramatically this patch with the introduction of the new other LTs. What applies before doesn’t apply now, and the 13 90 has the worst win rate of all the tier 8 LTs currently. On the other hand i don’t think the 13 90 is really underpowered, it is the 13 75 and to a lesser extent the 12t that are getting the worst of it. 13 75 vs Bulldog is simply hilariously OP for the Bulldog.

          • I doubt the stats for the new light tanks have really levelled out yet. I would guess they’re being played by dedicated light tank drivers and good players for the most part. Personally I think the 13 90 is the still the best of the bunch but not by much. Totally agree regards tier 6 and 7 though.

          • Agreed. the 13 90 might be “more balanced”, but you still have to grind through the ragequit-inducing 12t and 13 75 to get there. The new american light line is solid all the way through, and the russian lights are solid up to the t-54lt, which is really only there as a bridge to the medium line.

            • Oh just wait for the new lights to get nerfed :p one or two patches and it’ll be over! Also, 13 90 clip potential outguns every other light in a 1 v 1 encounter, including the RU.

              While the 12 t and 13 75, I found them enjoyable, pretty trolly tanks if you ask me.. Might just be enjoying the active/passive scouting and giving a round of butseks to every tank I can get behind..

              • Compare them to the new American LTs. They are worse in every meaningful way. 12t is sort of different, although still worse for the most part, but the 13 75 is simply incredibly bad.

            • My current believe is that the T-54 lt only exists to make the T-44 look bad in teambattles
              ( every once in a blue moon that a T-44 used )

              Honestly, with premium spam the T-54 LT is actually not a complete waste of space, it’s another gold-trap just like the T-44 and T-54.

              • Well, it would seem like the Russian line is all about the LTTB, and that the t-54lt is just a “because we had to” sort of situation. I think the same applies to how the German tree was rearranged. The Americans, on the other hand, already had the outstanding t71, albeit through the hell grind that is the t21… But now we have three outstanding tanks in the line. The T37 not as much, but the bulldog and t49 are simply ridiculous.

                • T21 is pretty good in my opinion. Competitive with the 12t easily.

                  The same cannot be said about the 13 75 to the T71 or the M41.

        • Yeah. Except that it was one out of two tier 8 light tanks. Either the 13 90 or the Wz had to be the best.

          I suspect the 13 90 will sink, as the new LTs are unlocked by more and more people. I don’t really see how it can compete with its new rivals.

  2. I thought they were scrapping HD textures? The Normal maps on this one look HD-er than regular WoT.

  3. Nice to have a new french tanks after so many time… But i hope it announced some new regular french tanks for anytime soon. Maybe turreted tds or such…. Well, I will not rise my hope up, never good to do so.

    • There’s a whole tree pretty much read on the french EU forum, with about 8 branches or so.

      But instead of posting what could actually be used in game on the english/NA forum, on FTR and other blogs, its creators keep bickering about the specifications of tanks that didn’t even reach the drawing board stage.

  4. ive been waiting for a french light/medium premium tank for a long time and its good to see that this should fulfill the needs i have for a crew trainer.
    i have a 13 75 but i intend on putting the 13 75 crew permanently in the 13 90. then for the late tier mediums i want to grind a new crew on the 12t and having a little premium should help with that grind.
    one thing i will say though is that im amazed this is a tier 7 light i expected it to be a tier 6 instead as it doesnt seem good enough to meet tier 10s.

  5. I must say I am happy to see a new French tank.

    However, while premium tanks shouldn’t be as good as their competitors, this looks like it wouldn’t match up very well against other LTs of the same tier of the new variety. What about it up against the new M41 Bulldog, or other new vehicles? It seems to me that giving it regular matchmaking, or some sort of buff, would make it much more competitive as a premium tank at tier 7. As it stands this is slightly worse than the AMX 13 75, which is extremely outmatched.

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  7. Rarely do I see a tank in WoT that I’m looking forward to. As in, I’m at least interested in how the final product will look like and perform. This is one of those tanks. And French tech tree really needs more tanks, including more Premiums.

    • With a good crew it will reload in 15 sec too, it’s basically got no downtime at all.

    • There’s a huge difference between ISU doing that much dmg in 1sec and AMX in 10.

  8. I think the bigger news here is that this is like the first supertest leak that actually includes the track and turret dispersion, which is pretty important to know when comparing similar tanks.

    This one has worse tracks than the AMX 13 75 but the second lowest turret dispersion of any French autoloader, only the AMX 50B has lower turret bloom.

  9. I wish this is going to be for a mission grind.. or a premium shop tank, would totally find a way to get my hands on it!

  10. I hope WG gives something special to this tank and doesn’t just make it into a weaker version of 13 75 because I have no need of that.

    The main problem with this tank will be MM (too many t10 battles) unless it gets special MM which is highly unlikely.

    PS: Did anyone notice we’re getting more new Premium tanks than regular tanks? The way this is going EU tree might be entirely “premium only”.

  11. lol, not sure why no one in the comments has commented on this, but i find it to be pretty much the most important thing about this tank – extreme lol at 17 HP/t with such atrocious terrain resistances :D (and if anyone has brain they would notice that with said 250 hp engine and 17 tonnes it actually has 14 hp/t and not 17). This piece of crap will be lucky to get to 40 kmh on flat surface. This is probably by far the worst tank in the game if it gets released like that – light tank with the mobility of a somewhat fast heavy tank (pretty much the same as is-8 or wz 111-1-4) with light tank armor and light tank gun…. hahahahah. With these stats it would in my opinion barely pass for a regular t6 medium (hell, more like a t6 premium medium with reduced mm), but it is basically a t8 tank, being t7 scout. Completely useless shit and no amount of buffs would help it, only giving it like 350 hp engine would maybe make it somewhat useable, and even then the gun and terrain resistances would be shit. just lololo… all the french lights apart from 1390 are already easily the worst on their tiers and now this shit :D

  12. Insta-Buy. A Tier 7 59-16 in the french lineup, that everyone will underestimate. I love it.

  13. >Accuracy: 0.37

    Errm rather ridiculous value if someone considers the lenght of the barrel. Typically longer barrels mean more accuracy (and/or speed), as the shell remains longer in a “guiding environment” (barrel) during its initial phase. This rather bad accuracy is hopefully compensated by a higher shell velocity.

  14. Accuracy worse than Soviet 57mm L/73? LOL
    near 10 sec to unload a pitiful 720 dmg? In tier 9 battle, no thanks…
    AIm time > reload time+ shit accuracy mean: you will miss a lot of shell to use
    E-25 is much better than this shit