Apparently, a news appeared that in 9.5, Himmelsdorf will be removed, along with a screenshot of alleged Storm’s post. It’s a fake, Himmelsdorf will not be removed.

- Vickers MBT has its own branch planned. AC Sentinels are dealt with separately.
- FV4004 hull will have “regular Centurion armor”
- it’s not yet sure whether FV4005 will have 360 degrees turret traverse

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    • I wonder if WG will now, perhaps, think about moving the RAM II out of the American line up and into the Brits (as we could use a 5 man Medium trainer)

      It really does not belong in the American line up, especially since the Americans were not using the six pounder guns all that frequently (if at all)

      • Needs to be in a Canadian branch as our brothers to the north do not get half the credit they deserve for their sacrifice.

      • If they are thinking of using sentinels they are bound to move Ram since once the brit tree becomes commonwealth the Ram looks even more out of place.

        Whether it would necessarily stay a premium is another matter, the sentinel would possibly be a tier 5 medium premium with 5 crew for a start. If they are taking the commonwealth idea seriously rather than just a nod the sentinels, rams, grizzly etc will not be premiums though.

        There are other options that would make better in my opinion, the cavalier for example. It (along with centaur) is currently represented in game (just about) by the stock cromwell but I think it would make quite a good tier 5 premium, leaving the centaur and cromwell represented by the tier 6.

      • We know the Brit tree has a Ram icon prepared, but I really doubt they’re going to remove the Ram II from the US tree just to let people who paid for it to keep their medium trainer

        Also while the 6 pounder wasn’t used for US tank armaments much, it did see use with US forces as towed AT guns

        • They will just replace the ram with a US tier 5 premium. Even if they ended up giving current ram 2 owners both a new british tier 5 normal tanks and the replacement tier 5 US premium they will lose out on very little. People will be pretty happy especially if the new prem gets pref MM (the Ram 2 sticks out like a sore thumb in this regard).

          Its not going to happen any time soon anyway, so they have plenty of time to get it right.

          T14 also has a 6 pdr btw.

          • “T14 also has a 6 pdr btw.”

            You mean a plan for one right? Cause it uses a 75mm gun

            • Yeah thats right.

              M7 has 6 pdr in game, I was confusing the two. T14 was planned with 6-pdr but has 75mm in game, M7 has 6 pdr in game but afaik had 75mm irl.

              • “M7 has 6 pdr in game but afaik had 75mm irl”
                Well the T7 series went through several design iterations with different armaments, only once it was standardized did it have the 75mm gun

                T14 has the 75mm in game because premiums get the loadout as they were built with(and if they weren’t built, the specific design WG chooses)

      • Meanwhile, the French weren’t the nation that invented the tank to being with, the British were. For that reason alone it’s pathetic how poorly the British tree is treated overall in terms of both balance (esp. regarding the impact of game mechanics on it) and the attention paid to it.

        (Probably partial) list of notable British tank-related inventions:
        - The tank
        - Built both the first gen1 MBT (Centurion) and first gen2 MBT (Chieftain) that wasn’t just some redesignated medium
        - HESH
        - APDS
        - Burlington / Chobham armour
        - 17-pounder, most powerful allied 76mm in World War 2
        - 105mm L7, still used on tanks today, the first iteration of the M1 Abrams prior to the upgrade to 120mm smoothbore even used it
        - 120mm L11A5 and progressive variants including L30, also still used, the L30 is just a version made with better metallurgic processes (electro-slag refining) in order to be able to fire even higher velocity loads.

        • French invented the “classical” tank layout.
          And why brits are left out – well, WW2 tanks and around arent really shining.
          At least Cromwell and FV304 is OP. Others are crap to mediocre.

          • Well this game covers early 30s to mid 60s tanks. Britain had best tanks for the vast majority of that time, only from the 1st deployment of t-34/kv-1 in numbers to the decommissioning of Tiger 2/panther and maybe briefly when the Is-3 appeared before centurion was up gunned was it not at the front of the pack.

            Still, even a brit fan boy like me thinks our turn is done now, the French have been well screwed over, especially with regard to their 1940s tanks who have been mostly left out due to the lack of mid to late war tanks.

  1. Vickers MBT has its own branch planned. AC Sentinels are dealt with separately.


    I Gues Light tanks till tier 8 than Vickers for tier 9 and 10

    • Seems the best way to do it, otherwise they would need to paper tank to find tier 7/8 mediums.

      • Light tanks till tier 8 could be this

        Tier 2 : Vickers 6 ton
        tier 3 : Tetrarch
        tier 4 : harry Hopkins
        tier 5 : ?
        Tier 6 : AV-R
        tier 7 : TV-15000
        tier 8 : Scorpion
        Tier 9 : Vickers MBT MK I
        tier 10 : Vickers MBT MK III

            • Tetrarch is a LL tier 2premium for the soviets, but a main tree version would probably get the littlejohn and thus the firepower to be tier 3. The valentine, Matilda and Churchill were also soviet premiums before the Brits got in game so no problem there.

            • No, Brit LTs should be…

              2. Vickers 6-ton
              3. Tetrarch
              4. Harry Hopkins
              5. ???
              6. Cromwell (merged with current Medium line)
              7. FV301
              8. Vickers 24-ton LT
              9. Vickers MBT Mk 1
              10. Vickers MBT Mk 3

              • I’ve got a slightly different idea:

                2- Vickers Mk. E (Vickers 6-ton)
                3- Light Mk VII (Tetrarch)
                4- Light Mk VIII (Harry Hopkins)
                5- Valiant
                6- Cavalier [leads to Cromwell]
                7- FV301 [link from FV304]
                8- Vickers 24-ton
                9- Vickers MBT Mk 1
                10- Vickers MBT Mk 3

                The only reason the FV301 is at Tier 7 is because of the 77mm gun (which would be wicked on a small, fast tank, due to the combination of decent penetration and RoF). Otherwise, the hull would be at Tier 6 as a technological predecessor of the FV304… but there are no other Tier 7 candidates.

                • “but there are no other Tier 7 candidates.”

                  TV-15000, also possibly the Contentious (not the TD one) or the AV-R.

                • Also, the Valiant is not a light tank, it’s 27 tons :p

                  It’s also very very slow. Unsure on what Cavalier would do too. It’s just a Cromwell with a less powerful gun and engine.

                • Right, the 77mm, that is underpowered on comet against tier 9 will meet tier 10s. That “decent penetration” is worse than any tier 7 light apart from the autoloader toting and still underpowered 13-75. FV 301 is tier 5 or 6 material at best. Linking to arty just because of shared hull is dumb and wargaming only does it to trees they hate.

                  Valiant and cavalier are not light tanks. Cavalier is a poor mans cromwell, probably a tier 5 medium or premium tier 6 medium. Developmentally its the direct successor to crusader, no idea why it would come from valiant, an infantry tank. Valiant is a tier 5 medium wannabe heavy and developmentally obviously comes from valentine and goes back in to churchill line somewhere (maybe after a valiant 2). Why on earth would it come from harry hopkins?

                  Vickers 24t sounds great, but what actual info is there? If there was good info on vickers 24t and it was capable at tier 8 I would be delighted to right off the probably too modern scorpion.

  2. SS, which version of the Vickers MBT will we be getting? The Mk. 1, 2 or 3? I hope it’s the Mk. 3 so it has -10 degrees of gun depression like the Centurion(s).

  3. So they finally figured out that the best way of making players spend gold is introduction of OP tier 10 tanks, when everyone starts converting to free exp. After we saw 0 new lines in 2014 (besides the expected in 9.5 new British Deathstar) I guess 2015 will bring many new top tiers.

              • It’s prototype was around in the 60′s.

                Also, it’s fully within the scope even as a full model. WG have said many many times that date doesn’t matter, it’s what it can do and what its technology is. There are tanks that have modules from the eighties in game already after all.

                Scorpion has no composite armour, no smoothbore gun…it works entirely. If AMX-13 90 can go in, so can this. AMX 13 75 to AMX-13 90 is basically TV-15000 to FV101.

              • All the high tier Chinese stuff was developed at the same time as fv101, would have entered service at the same sort of time if they had ever been mass produced. Same goes for STB-1 which is the prototype of type 74 made in 1970, type 74 itself entered service 1974. There are a load of other tanks in game which were paper tanks in the late 60s like the fv101, only difference is the scorpion was actually built. Knowing wargaming they will take the final prototype.

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  5. the game defiantly needs some more Canadian representations like our former flag for Canadian commonwealth vehicles or the red and white and red banner that were on Canadian Common wealth troops serving with the brits.

          • Sadly they would be a bit underwhelming. Valiant 1 was kept by the British army as an example of how not to design a tank (for ergonomic reasons which ofc don’t matter in wot). It was to have the same sort of performance as the Excelsior so would just be another tier 5 with kv-1 like armour and a 6 pdr. Valiant 2 will probably never get in game cos of lack of info, it would have great armour (200mm plus frontal) but the same crappy gun choices the AT 2 gets a tier lower. Then the sub line would end, probably merged in to the heavy line at the black prince.

            If they ever get in game they will probably be the very last brit tanks to get in. Still, i love tanky tanks so here’s hoping.

  6. - Vickers MBT has its own branch planned. AC Sentinels are dealt with separately.
    So what is going on with the Australian cruisers?
    been waiting on those guys since 2011. I know the model for the AC4 is very wrong (as it’s the modified AC1 test bed for AC3/4 turret) should have the same hull as the AC3 (deleted hull mg, with armour now sloped to 66 degrees and one less crew man)

    • Last we saw them “leaked” on Tankopedia with outdated stats, they only had one set of modules listed implying WG at least initally planned for them as premium vehicles

    • They are probably deciding how to do it. They have 2 options, either introduce a one off premium or several individual tanks in a normal line. They need to gauge which is more worthwhile. Financially speaking if they are pretty much done with the british branch it may more sense to just put out an AC IV premium and milk the Aussie cash cow. If they are going to continue developing the british tree into a commonwealth tree on the other hand they need more normal tanks to keep people grinding. Wargaming does its tank introductions based on what they think will make them money.

      • I’ve yet to see a proposal for a full Commonwealth tank branch that didn’t involve tanks from the LL/TD line, or from the theoretical LT/Vickers line. The only candidates I’m aware of would be the AC I (tier 4), Ram II (tier 5), AC IV (tier 6). Given that the Ram II is already in-game (even as a U.S. tank), cloning it over to the UK tree is probably a waste, and that only leaves two AC variants – which really means just one tank, the AC IV, would be worthwhile, so it may as well be a Premium tank. Personally, I’d be happy to pay for the AC IV as a premium MT with preferential MM.

        • It only works as sub branches of the current british tree, much like the euro tree will need to do. Commonwealth didn’t really exist for most of the games timeframe, so its really covering everywhere that was part of the empire, a dominion, the commonwealth or a temporary administrative area.

          Australian sub branch – tier 4 AC 1, tier 5 AC 3, tier 6 AC 4. Can come from current cruiser tanks and rejoin at challenger or comet.
          Canadian Sub branch – tier 4 Ram 1, tier 5 Ram 2, tier 6 Grizzly (with 17 pdr top armament). Mirrors Aussie line.
          Indian odds and ends – tier 6 upgunned sherman, tier 10 Vijayanta Upgunned sherman could be optional route from sherman to challenger, vijayanta is optional tier 10 for vicker mbt line.
          South African end branch – tier 8 Skokiaan, tier 9 Semel, tier 10 Olifant start sideways from centurion and runs to tier 10.
          Israeli end branch – tier 6 – M-50 super sherman, tier 7 M-51 super sheman, tier 8 sho’t, tier 9 shot’kal, tier 10 Magach 3 starts from LL sherman and runs to tier 10.
          Egyptian – tier 6 or 7 M4A4 Ml-10. premium or another tier 6/7 option.

          Needless to say that leaves a very medium heavy tree, but hey that’s how armoured warfare went. The upcoming lend lease Sherman is direct predecessor to the Israeli super Sherman, the Indian up gunned Sherman and the Egyptian mutant thing, so easy to work them in. Biggest concern really is that the Egyptian and South African high tiers might be too close to the current centurions for peoples liking, i don’t know the specifics. Magach 3 is a M48 Patton with L7 105mm gun. There is also the possibility of soviet tanks from for example Pakistan, though i don’t know if any were modified enough to not be clones.

  7. *seess himmeldorf is being removed* RAGEQUIT!*reads next line* welp, looks like i need a new keyboard now…

    • Too much to hope for that Himmelsdorf get’s removed and all it’s window licking lovers rage quit.

      Yep, way too much to hope for.