SU-76I Being Sold On RU Server

Hello everyone,

you probably know of the SU-85I, right? I mean, it’s been released some time ago. But now, without any fuss, Wargaming is releasing the SU-76I premium tank destroyer (tier 3). As far as I can tell, it’s available only on Russian server (in SD, of course). Uncharacteristically for Wargaming, the vehicle is available “just so”, without some crappy bundle noone wants, for 5,2 USD (yes, five dollars). This is how it looks (courtesy of wot-news):



You can read about the history of the vehicle here. It is a rather fragile vehicle (160 hitpoints, 60/30/50 armor), but it is fairly mobile (22,5 tons, 300 hp), the gun is solid for its tier (76mm S-1, PEN: 86/102/38, DAM: 110/110/156, ACC: 0,44, ROF: 13,95, AIM: 2,1s) and has okay-ish elevation (-5/+15) and traverse (+/-10). For five bucks without all the other crap noone needs (bundles) – it’s a nice purchase I’d say. No doubt EU will sell it to us as well, in a 100 EUR bundle…

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  1. “No doubt EU will sell it to us as well, in a 100 EUR bundle…”
    I think you are being uncharitable, it’ll be free… with a 100euro bundle…

  2. So its like its tier 5 counterpart. But knowing EU. It will be 25 Euro if we are lucky in a small bundle. Or a 65 Euro bundle. EU has never been “nice” nor clever about stuff like that. Thus the reason why so few get some of em. Like when they had the M3 Light and a T1E6 in a gold/silver and equipment bundle for over 50 Euros last Xmas. Its like they don’t want you to get em.

    • It is like it sells well that way. It is funny how people always assume the EU marketing people are stupid: they are not. We vote with our wallets and the continued package deals are clear proof they sell.

  3. Looks far better than the FCM36 if you ask me. Could be fun, nice armor, ok-ish gun, good mobility but rather high profile. Worth a try though.

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  5. It’s a “no thanks” premium TD.
    Poor penetration on a tier, where TDs average is 100+.
    Attrocious view range of 300, where 350+ is the norm.
    Hit points barely above average, but nothing fancy and won’t save you really.

    Armour might block some T3 tanks, but lets not kid ourselfs here – this thing will meet T4+ often, where that armour is paper.

    Overall rating in my book: 3/10 wouldn’t bang.

    It might be passable if it gets limited matchmaking, but still nothing to get excited about.

      • Personally i don’t care much at all in the current meta.
        Also, marder days are long gone, after all the nerfs.

        I expect a reasonable premium tank, not yet another tank for sake of adding tanks.
        Feel free to buy it, though.

    • Lolwhut ? Dude, ist tier 3 ! It has nearly 100mm pen, that pens everything it can meet. It has a nice rate of fire, its small, fast and it has actualyl pretty decent armor. 60mm on tier 3 is very good. Be top tier and you totaly maul everything. Most tier 2-3 tanks will be done in 2-3 shots while most of them cant even pen your front.

      I can already see that tank will be pretty damn OP if played with half a brain.

  6. We have this monster on Chinese server for some three or four patches, it is sold for as much as 4 dollar and for just a few days we can see it in every tier 3 and 4 match. It can pwn every other tank in tier 3 and lead the team in tier 4 as well, and no worry to see kv. I can tell you that for sealclubbing this is far better than any prem in the game, we need to kill at least 12 in a match to get an M, and some can reach an average damage of 1300. I would say if you like to spend on this game, it is a must-buy.

    • So it has limited MM, as i understand from you post?. This makes it okayish in my book. 5/10.

      I don’t belive the stories about it pwning like you describe, though. It doesn’t have viewrange/gun combo to excell that high above others…

      • No tank has that two on tier 3. T82 can’t hit you with the 105mm, and the 57mm usually don’t hurt you twice due to miss and bounce. You can wait for it too. Fcm is predictable, which may needs a careful and experienced blind gunner. And Those two are few. As there is no laser gun on this tier, you have 4 more useful protection: angled steel plate, mobility, gun alpha, and the most useful unpenetratable king size mantelet. M8A1 is the only one really hard to deal with. Though I recently killed every su76i met with my tier 2 jap, but usually no one will track you at this tier.

      • the 1300 is real, though I
        know most players can’t deal that average damage with a type 59.

      • To make sure, I just checked the xvm stats of chinese server. The newest number is 858 average damage with more than 4 kill and 87% winrate. Because of the nerf, the past of the fever, the increasing number of rivals, I think the 1300 in my memory is reliable. No famous unicorn is on the top-list of this tank now, and their unbelievable stats are removed from the xvm catche.

  7. As someone who loves the 85I and other unusual tanks, including the Lee, I will definitely buy this if they don’t make you pay out the nose for it.

  8. Nobody knows if it will also be buyable in-game or only in the shop the way SU85i was before?

    Also, if you consider buying it, remember that on the last w-e of November, Tier 2-5 premmies will be on -50% sales. :)

  9. this tanks is already being sold on Chinese server, about half a year ago. and what I can tell you guys is, SU-76I is bloody OP!!!

    • lol they removed it from the shop because it killed more then pz2js can doing solo xD 5 hours later they removed itvfrom the shop lolol