Straight Outta Supertest: FV4005 Stage II

Source: VK Wotleaks, Ponyushnya

Upcoming tier 10 regular British tank destroyer for the 9.5 patch.




This project of a heavy anti-tank self-propelled gun was developed in the early 50′s, using the equipment and parts from Centurion Mk.3. At first, it was tested with an automatic loading mechanism. Due to the fact that the ammo system did not fit the turret dimensions, it was decided to scrap it. One prototype was made and tested, but the vehicle was not mass produced.

Stats are for 100 percent crew.

Tier 10 TD
Price: 6,1 mil credits
Hitpoints: 1450
Engine: 650 hp
Weight: 50,802 tons
Power-to-weight: 12,79 hp/t
Maximum speed: 35/12 km/h
Hull traverse: 32 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 0,959/1,247/1,822
Turret traverse: 12,5 deg/s
Viewrange: 330
Radiorange: 750

Hull armor: 76,2/50,8/?
Turret armor: 14/14/14

Elite gun: 183mm L4
Damage: 1150/1750/1750
Penetration: 310/230/92
ROF: 1,788
DPM: 2055,9
Reload: 33,562
Ammo carried: 12 rounds
Accuracy: 0,345
Aimtime: 2,68s
Depression: -5/+8
Limited traverse: 90 degrees (45 to each side)






120 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: FV4005 Stage II

  1. Improved accuracy and aim time from the 183 it looks like, but even less rate of fire.

    • Yeah I mean it’s quite a difference in accuracy but I’m not sure it’s worth being basically shittier in every single other thing

        • I guess the FV215(183) is counted as being a casemate tank? It’s in the same line as the other turret less TDs. That would explain the higher rate of fire.

          • Goran Mustapic forget about every “logic” of WG. They stopped using logical stats a very long time ago.

            When armored tanks had lower rof and no paper tanks had big rof. The impact of bigger turrets and other similar stats. That’s how they balanced tanks back in the days of beta.

    • MAH boom BOOOM!
      With that bulldoser at back in looks like from hell :D Need devilish skin for it.

      But those stats, tho……Too early to tell that they are shit?

  2. Turret armor: 14/14/14

    Oh sweet lord lmao.

    Well I know for sure that T49 will be my most played tank in 9.5.

  3. 12 shots…15 tanks on the enemy team…PRAY your team gets a couple of kills if you have to carry LOL

  4. Thanks for not giving this one more than 12 shells, WG.
    Retards would rush to get it otherwise, 215b getting out of ammo is a common thing for them.

    • As it has way, way better aim time and much better accuracy than the FV215b 183 (which is ridiculous because they both will have the L4, so it’s the same gun), it will definitely be more reliable, so it isn’t hard to make every shot count. 12 shots = 12-14k damage in one game (AP), which isn’t that common, admit it.

      0.35 accuracy and 2.7 sec aim time are basically the exact same stats as the 17cm Jagdpanzer E-100 gun, and we all know that that beast doesn’t miss that often!

  5. SS didn’t you post a translation of Storm saying that this would be fast and agile while being unarmored?

    It’s fucking slow as shit and has barely any health, who the fuck balanced this, it’s a shittier FV215b(183).

    • Oh wait, it really does have this low HP.
      If only a certain other completely balanced tier 10 td with paper turret had ~1500 HP…

      • But it wouldn’t make sense because it’s build on a E100 chassis!
        ( WG LOGIC ) #WouldConfusePlayers #CompletelyBalanced #NoRegrets

        Not that the tier 9 centurion has 1620 HP and the Action X will likely have 1950 HP just like the FV4202. It’s viewrange is so helpful too.

        #NeverAgainWaffenträger #Suffer #PublicBetaTesting #badViewrangeandBadcamo

  6. The problem with this tank is not that it is super duper good. The problem is that any noob can just point and click and make 1000-2000 dmg on any tanks. While other tanks with lower alpha have to expose themselves alot more/often to make that kind of damage and hence take much bigger risk in making damage.

    • Not really , you have to aim , go into good locations , sure any noob can hit once but then a noob will die. This tank will have to expose its self longer as it has to aim same with current FV

      • And? All tanks have to do that, but the differance is that they dont make 1000-2000 damage. And armor doesnt matter anyways since there are arty, TDs and gold ammo that nullifies armor to beginn with. If there was no TDs and gold ammo then I can agree that armor values would be relevant. Aiming and getting into good positions is important with all tanks, even more important since regular tanks generaly have less pen so they need to aim more carefull. Positioning with medium and heavys are even more important since artys and TDs are rohghly 50-60% of the entire team and these dont make 300-400 damage, they make 700-2000 dmg when they hit you. So yeah, big fuckign differance. The low HP doesnt matter because once he shoot you you lose most your health anyways and get crippled for the rest of the fucking game. And no there are not only 1-2 TDs and arty per side, there are 5-10. Try playing with that. Game is a fucking joke. There are too many high alpha/high pen/high rof tanks now days.

        • Normal deathstar shoots once, does 700 damage then dies reloading, unless he shot at a medium or light in which case he missed or one shot them, then dies reloading.

          This will die faster while taking longer to reload, but is less likely to miss that medium first.

      • Well, no shit, look whos writing – Porsche probably just now got into this timeline and dont know how games work :D

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  8. So this is the Deathstar II
    Now withness the firepower of this fully armed and operational battle station! Fire at will commander!

    Anyway 1450 HP isn’t a “bit” too low? I’m sure it will be buffed.

  9. no hp, no view range, low speed, no armor, big, no camo, even less dpm, no full dmg, big aim time for normal ammo, no gun depression.
    It’s a tank or a joke?

  10. I really wanted fv4004 as the tierX….

    just a dpm machine with decent alpha.

    but nope let’s introduce more high alpha tanks that make it hard to not camp.

  11. I can’t stop complaining…

    This is the worst bullsh*t I’ve ever seen, almost as bad as the Waffleburner E-100.

    • You got the point, imho. A tank for the players which would like to arty but don’t dare because certain famous streamers are raging about it …. ;-)
      My bet, nobody wil fire regular AP with it.

  12. :D
    look at that medium terrain resistance
    :D … and 12.79 hp/ton
    :D … will it accelerate :D ? Or turn ? :D

  13. This thing would literally have to stay at the edge of drawing distance to work because if it gets spotted everyone and their mother would shoot it to pieces. Even the Conway is better than this in its current state.

  14. I like new tanks and all but, another campy waffen like tank?.. There are already too many tomato noobs who just sit somewhere in the corner/spawn with their brains turned off and just wait for their victims to come to them. Fucking pathetic. THAT is the true clickers.

    And i guess ALL TD’s will get their view range, hp nerfed and i dunno what WG thinks but that will make the game even more campy.

  15. That’s what this game needs, another super high random damage paper tank. As if the gameplay isn’t bad enough already :/

  16. Yeah feed the baddies who will free exp this tank just to YOLO and ruin someone’s game with one shot.

    GG WG, you clearly think a lot.

  17. The British government had the Ministry of Silly Walks design this tank. There was no way WG would’ve skipped to add it.

  18. I’m pretty annoyed how WG is wasting are time and money on these BS TD’s. when its the Chieftain Heavy tank that we’ve been waiting so long for to replace the fake fv315b but its more bs and poor balanced tanks if not complet fake tanks WG spits outs

  19. Nice stats. It seems we will get nice tier VIII TD. It might be even better than Ferdinand.

    Wait what? Is this really a tier X TD? With 1450 HP like tog… Maybe in Belarus April Fools is actually November Fools?

  20. This stats are just joke. They can’t be serious. No HP, no view range. If it has waffentrager-like camo it will get outspotted by everything. I guess most of the times it will make 1 shot and then getting spammed to death with HE. WT at least has the clip and burst, so even before he die he is able to take 1 or 2 guys with him. This thing will be bad even for long range snipe (let’s skip the fact that 3 or 4 maps allow you to do it, if it gets on one of the corridor map – which we have a lot it will be dead even faster). Basically if it makes it like this to the live server it will be a line dead from the beginning (maybe some enthusiasts will get the lower tiers up to VI or VII at best, because historical stuff and so on).

  21. If HP of this turd stays the same, well…
    Another snack for my Jagdpanzer, HE shell could end his life in one shot. Not to mention when this meets FV183…

    • This vehicle actually seems somewhat worse than its prior equivalents as far as current stats go.

      • Haha. And I thought russian tier 8 heavy has terrible view range. This thing is as blind as bat. Also, less hp than an IS-3. Haha

      • 330 is lacking at tier 5-6 (French heavys) at tier 10……. I can only imagine what happens to these TDs if they are the last ones left on a team.

  22. lol – another brainfart tank… need more of these like Wafflefucker

    looks stupid as shit

    • At least you can buff your potential damage taken damage done disparity!

      … Like anyone gives shit about a stat that ignores ”blocked by armour” Actually, like anyone gives a shit about anything other than Damage, K/D, performance and winrate… most of which are arbitrary numbers if you mostly play scout tanks.

  23. If its stats are THIS bad, I say give it the 183mm 2-shell autoloader, at least then there would be a reason the turret’s so big

  24. If they will introduce this tank into the game with so unlogical stats like these, then why to hell they can’t put a f**ing Sturmtiger in there too? With same bullshit HP and viewrange, shitty mobility, ammo capacity and firing range?

    WG has made its intention clear that it WILL reduce the view range of all tanks (except light) and thus help them fulfill their role.

    But how do you guys view the future for ultra thin armored tanks (that we used as snipers) now that the game is bent on getting corridor maps, view range reduction thus reducing the engagement range even further?

    • Radio range is still 750 so it just means that blind TDs will camp more and lights/mediums/heavies will spot for the campers from the back. Noone is forcing you into a corridor, you can snipe the corridor entry(exit) and kill tanks there. Like bridge on Pearl River, like people snipe from bases in El Halluf and not bother to go to A1.

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