Straight Outta Supertest: FV4004 Conway

Source: VK Wotleaks, Ponyushnya

Upcoming tier 9 regular British tank destroyer for the 9.5 patch.



A prototype tank destroyer. Created on the British Centurion medium tank chassis. Developed in order to fight contemporary heavy tanks, including the IS-3.

Stats are for 100 percent crew.

Tier 9 TD
Price: 3,5 mil credits
Hitpoints: 1250
Engine: 950 hp
Weight: 49,442 tons
Power-to-weight: 19,21 hp/t
Maximum speed: 35/20 km/h
Hull traverse: 32 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 0,959/1,055/1,822
Turret traverse: 20,9
Viewrange: 320
Radiorange: 782,1

Hull armor: 76,2/50,8/?
Turret armor: 132,1/95,3/?

Stock gun: 105mm L7
Damage: 390/480/480
Penetration: 268/210/105
ROF: 9,202
Reload: 6,521
Ammo carried: 72 rounds
Accuracy: 0,297
Aimtime: 1,73s
Depression: -5/+10

Elite gun: 120mm L1A1
Damage: 400/400/515
Penetration: 259/326/120
ROF: 8,343
Reload: 7,192
Ammo carried: 20 rounds
Accuracy: 0,316
Aimtime: 1,92s
Depression: -5/+10




116 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: FV4004 Conway

  1. Nice rof! so this is going to be just like FV215B in the first place with that crazy reload.

      • dont forget the unique 320m viewrange, making it totaly blind (unlike 410m viewrange on WT Pz4 iirc)

      • you have zero reason to use the 120MM….. the 105 is as good if not better that the 120, in every respect. the 120 in it’s current form is trash compared to the 105

        • nope, 269mm pen with composit? no thanks, more bouncy bouncy than the 120mm gun with the 259, i see u din’t ever used a fv4202 or an fv215b 120 before

          • I see you didn’t ever learn how didn’t is spelled…
            the 105 has superior pen
            Better ROF/Aim time/Accuracy/shell capacity.
            the 120 is Garbage. also I have both the 215B, and the 4202. I would rather have the 105.

          • I use them and i can say that i would use the 105.
            It just has better overall stats. And i dont have problems with it on the mediums.
            If they buff the 120 than i would use this.

            • and idiot’s don’t realize that the actual difference is so marginal it’s not even worth considering. the higher pen of the 105 offset’s the pitiful amount of normalization. and then we have the worse gun stats in every regard. or the fact that it only carries enough ammo for 2 1/2 minutes of firing.

              The 120MM is garbage, and is only on the tank to make it seem historically accurate. even though having the word historical accuracy and Wot in the same post is probably a sin by itself.

              • hang on a mi nute. does that say 20 rounds for the 120 mm? not to mention that the HESH rounds on the 105 is way better

            • and some ppl dont realize, that the std shells on the t10 meds have the same normalization as ap….. saw it somewhere and was confirmed….

            • This is a reply from a noob :)

              This rule only applies to Premium APCR as I remember.

              So now is all about shell travel time and ammo capacity ;)

            • For guns with APCR as standard, they do not lose much pen at distance and get regular normalization. For example, M32 and T185 only lose 2 pen from 0m to max range.

        • I doubt that WG would do a LT rework on such short notice. It’s been only a month or two since they started talking about that, so according to usual schedules they’d need at least another year [/sarcasm]

        • Yeah I doubt that regarding the light tank rework. At least that WG would have that ready with 9.5 already… it would be completely ridiculous to have that nerfed viewrange with a few british tanks/one of their lines and everyone else is still at 400+ meters. Imagine you are the last tank on your team with this piece of shit and you can’t even spot the enemy with binos while he still has 445 meters of viewrange…

          …well on second thought, this is WG we are talking about so this would be completely possible.

          • This.

            i cant believe that wg would actually make a t10 with tier 3 view range. i bet it will get changed, 380m or something close if they want it to have a bad view rage for balance.

    • The 120 has HEAR or APCR tho. If you look at the middle pen values. Strangely enough the 105 has HESH lol.

      • 120mm has APCR as gold round, however the HE round on the 120mm is HESH, it has double pen and is awesome against crap armoured tanks, like this.

    • Another question is, besides the penetration on the gold ammo round, why would you even bother switching from the stock gun to the elite?

        • I also noticed its lack of hp for a T9, heck quite a few T8′s have more HP. Its T10 counterpart the Stage 2 only has 1450, they practically one shot each other.

    • That does seem a bit low. Seeing as how the Centurion carried ~60 rounds of 20 Pdr/105mm L7 ammunition, you would think it could carry at least half as many 120mm rounds.

        • Seems weird, like they really don’t want people to use the 120mm but felt they had to put it in.

          • I didn’t study lot of the histories of these,
            FV4004 seems to have a 120mil irl?

            *Well those numbers are… don’t take them serious, just make some fun out of it :D*

  2. Why use the 120mm when the L7 is vastly superior in every way (dpm, penetration, shell velocity, accuracy, aim time,etc…) except in a negligible difference in alpha?

    • It fires APCR as standard, and uses HESH as premium round. How many Centurion 7/1s do you see firing HESH? Not a lot.

      The 120mm has AP, which has better normalization, has APCR with incredible pen as premium round. And higher caliber matters for penetration loss and overmatch rules.

      • APCR that is fired as a standard “credits” round (as opposed to “gold” round”) is not subject to the change in normalisation that “gold” apcr is subject to.
        At least as far as I recall.

        And I fire plenty of HESH in my Cent 7 and FV4202.

        • I have heard about APCR drops pen over distance higher than AP,
          but that is not applied on Tier X guns (maybe no longer valid)

          Yes firing HESH on both L7 and L1 is what I am doing,
          in case 105mil and 120mil normalisation are quite similar,
          51mm side armour is common, L7 can still overmatch it.
          I don’t rely on overmatching when I use the L7.
          For example we know the centurion turret can be overmatched,
          but rather than that, why not just aim the gun manlet or the rest of the front?

          If I am driving my Mk.7/2, I do fire HELL lot of HESHes,
          nearly 10sec of reload, unlike a 7/1 has a <5 sec reload.
          Soaking as much as damage is the point.
          While HESH currently are just high-pen HE,
          pen angled side armour unlike HEAT will bounce.

          *P.S. I am sort of those who agree real man use 20-pdr

          • He is almost certainly misremembering it with the greater penetration loss over distance which APCR has, since that does not apply to APCR fired by tier 10 mediums.

            • Yep I was saying loss over distance, I typed it badly but that’s what I mean.

              Only applies to Prem APCR

      • If you need more than 268 pen, you are aiming wrong.

        So again, why have less shells, that are less accurate, on a gun that aims slower?
        Plus; 200mm pen HESH rounds kick ass. I use them a LOT on the FV4202.

  3. The stats on this can’t be right.

    The stock gun has 10 less alpha and about 200 more dpm, with better accuracy and aimtime, plus 210 pen HESH at tier 9 is awesome. The top gun also carries only 20 shells!!, and has less penetration, more camo reduction and literally no reason to choose it above the 105mm L7

    • The top gun has AP instead of APCR, which matters for normalization, and it has a higher caliber, which matters for overmatch. Not as clear-cut as you think it is.

      • but APCR has higher shell speed and is easier to lead. At most the ~2 degree normalisation difference will make their penetrations around equal, and I’d take HESH premium above HEAT/APCR at tier 9 any day, if you need 300+ pen then you’re doing something wrong

        • “if you need 300+ pen then you’re doing something wrong”

          Perhaps, but what’s wrong with having access to it? Will just make your life more pleasant in the long run.

        • Just a quick example why you might need something better than standard 260-ish pen at your disposal.

          With 260-ish pen you will have a tough time against angled E-100. With 300+ pen you can shoot it right in the front of the turret, even if it’s angled, and have a good chance to pen.

          Similar situation with IS-7 with well angled hull, and shooting at it’s pike nose.

      • I will still choose the 105mil *even if it is not 72 round as the photo shown*
        51mm side armour is common
        but sth around 60 is not.
        And I would like to have a faster shell to pin on weakspots,
        if I am in such a large, paper, but accurate, fast aiming machine.
        Go for a shot. Good Bye.

    • I think it’s a side effect of the tech tree design. People were theorizing that it’s predecessor, the Charioteer, would need the L7 to sharpen it’s teeth as a tank destroyer, so the L7 would be it’s top gun. That would mean however that you’d be teching into the FV4004 without researching the 120mm gun that it historically had.

      So it’s kind of in this weird space

      • Bring us the APDS as default ammo ;D

        That’s legit,
        but comparing the L7 and the L1 or the M58
        L7 Please *lol

  4. I guess this will take the prize for the vehicle with the worst view range by tier.

  5. Not sure how 20 rounds is going to work with a 120mm….

    And whats with the view range, wow.

    Interesting the 105mm is stock gun though, not had that in td line yet. maybe charioteer will have it.

    • Especially for that pen the 105 has. Also it has HESH it seems… I dont know what sort of sense has HESH on a 105, but ok… If the T8 gonna rock around with such a top gun I srsly might be interested.

      • The 105 Hesh is decent with all the paper medium like leopards around these days. Then again so is the 120mm hesh which is just the normal HE round and leaves you with apcr gold round.

        When i was looking at conway i imagined a more mobile, better camo conqueror with worse armour, so i guess it kinda fits the bill. Tiny view range, slow rotating turret and carrying only 20 rounds kinda kills its capability.

        Also didn’t realise the conway was based on cent 1 hull, was kinda expecting at least cent 7 hull armour.

  6. Am I the only one that’s looking at this…

    - same terrain resistance as a cent
    - same power as the ingame Mk.7
    - same hull traverse
    - but … 19.21 hp/ton

    so it accelerate faster than a Mk.7
    but will hit the top speed even quicker?
    Err. Errr…

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  8. “Terrain resistance: 0,959/1,055/1,822″
    Nice, they might as well make it stationary.
    I’m so fed up with those bullshit, fake statistics shown in the game client.

    • What do you mean exactly the same terrain resistance as the cent 7 “might as well be stationary”? Its pretty much the average for tier 9 mediums let alone tds ….

    • What do you mean exactly the same terrain resistance as the cent 7 “might as well be stationary”?

      • By that I mean WG showing bullshit stats in the game. You look at a tank in the tech tree “oh, wow, this has 19 hp/t, must be really agile” and you get a slow turd in return, because “lol hidden stats”. Yes, Cent 7/1 is a real speed demon.
        If WG is unwilling to show the proper stats “because we consider average player to be too retarded for numbers”, then why show them at all, since they don’t mean jack shit?
        And don’t get me even started on “accuracy”…

        • *Just making fun out of the numbers*
          By the way you can’t see terrain resistance on your tech tree. Ummm

          • Is this some retardfest?
            “By the way you can’t see terrain resistance on your tech tree. Ummm”
            That was the whole point of my comment, Sherlock.

              • You really are heavily retarded.
                All I am about that WG is hiding stats and not showing them IN THE GAME. Your answer is “tonk inspectur!!!!111111111″. Please, cease to exist and stop wasting my time.

        • I dunno what you are on about. Cent 7 is one of the most agile tier 7 meds. Its certainly more agile than any tier 9 tds i have played. This has the same good ground resistance, better hp/t and better hull traverse. Are you saying you think it will not be agile and the stats are lies or are you trying to make some other point?

          • “Cent 7 is one of the most agile tier 7 meds. Its certainly more agile than any tier 9 tds i have played. ”
            I don’t even…
            Please, play more than 2k matches before you attempt any discussion about the game…

  9. big (bad camo), very low hp, bad gun depression, carry low ammo, paper tank, low speed for a medium, turret very slow.
    not a sniper, not a flanker, not a suport, not a heavy, not a king of the hills, what does it do?

    • Well arm it with the 105mm and its a centurion 7 with better accuracy, faster aim time, way way higher dpm and more mobility in exchange for some hitpoints and the bouncy (not so much anymore) turret. They view range is the weird thing, but that could be a placeholder or the first tank with new reduced view ranges for the new spotting system.

    • From the above numbers *not really trusting those but just make them count for this moment*

      Has higher specific power than two of the Centurions,
      same terrain resistance.

      Centurions are big that’s not a news (Apart from the 40-ton), so nothing about the camo.
      Gun depression, yes in terms of the Brits that’s quite communism *lol
      Well… we cant compare this with a former endline heavy and the Torty right?
      Better than the waffle and the 122-54. Worse than the others.
      Then I have a question…
      “If my turret is made out of A4 sheets what’s the depression for ?”

      Turret very slow… At least it has a turret instead of 21.5 arc ?
      (benchmark from tank inspector), and it turns faster than the waffle.
      Low speed for a medium, is not a medium *lol
      (look at the waffle, it has only 38 yet it is a Pz.IV)

      What it does is… is… well british, British Style :D

        • Medium tank playstyle on a tank destroyer?
          maybe 122-44… Super Hellcat and the T25s?

          Not sure what are the criteria in terms of your “medium style”…
          IMO, just IMO, every nations’ mediums is a completely different story,
          as least for the Brits, where the ammo rack and the fuel tank are not tiny little friends.

            • Well…
              Even the centurions themselves are not good at playing camo game among mediums.

              122-44 has a great camo as it’s very low profile.

              Super Hellcat and T25s are just trading camo value with their armour value.

              I only tried it a few times.
              Compare to the 122-44.
              Lesser angling.
              Gun arc… I’ve got this feeling on both. like you have the camo but only enough to keeps you from being spotted when stationary.
              DIY, hopefully my target can let me pull back 15m and aim again.
              That camo penality.

              IMO, really feels like a medium is the JPII.
              Gun arc… Hopeless (at least to me)
              I started with the Brits mediums, Hull down to me is half of the game.
              JPII, really nice terrain resistance, similar to the tanka that I stuck with.
              Centurions, Caernarvon, FV214, T34.
              These are all “you dont want the hull exposed”
              JPII, definitely. At least can bounce some shots
              122-44′s is well angled but not enough for gun-to-gun fight.

              Well I must have gone too far :P

              This is a Centurion Hull but not a medium. Even centurions themselves are between mediums and heavies, look at that IS-8 and look at the size of a centurion. It is a universal tank.
              At the same time you cant play a 122-44 like a T-44 or a 122-54 like a T-54, as well as the WaffIV. There are currently lots of FV200 hulls but none of them feels the same.

              That’s why I am looking forward on this.
              Well come on this is British Tech tree lol.

    • Its going to do stupidly high dpm with stupidly high accuracy. I mean will anything have more dpm than this?

      • good old Torty says Challenge accepted
        Torty : L1′s HESH is the best, USE THE L1 !

        • Conway has greater dpm with apcr, though tortoise has better pen using gold.
          Tortoise HESH does have slightly better dpm than conway HESH, but conway can have better pen using gold HESH.

          Seems pretty even. The accuracy and aim time of conway with L7 is almost exactly the same as tortoise with L1 as well.

  10. Why wouldn’t you use the stock gun? Only a 10 damage difference.

    Of course, this is just Supertest stats…

  11. Why the fuck would anyone use the elite gun?!?

    Slightly better DPM (if I didn’t completely screw over basic maths), but worse accuracy, worse aim time… and most of all, worse pen?!?

    Basically Medium Tank gun > Tank Destroyer gun. WG logic.

    • Do you see any problem with it? I was always wishing for that 268 pen 10,5cm on my Tortoise or on just any TD.

      Of course it’s actually clear what gun to use, better pen and ROF for just -10 dmg.

    • You did screw over basic maths, L7 has better dpm as well.

      To be fair to WG the L7 is the gun which rendered tanks destroyers and heavy tanks obsolete irl.

      • *I got these from the internet.

        Torty was too late to be put into WWII and it only has a 32-pdr. (Enjoying that in my A22D, which should only have a 3.7 inch howitzer)
        The L1 (I am not sure),
        is the gun on the FV214 and the FV4004.
        Is that really an L1 AT? Someone please help me or I assume it is the same case for the D-25T D-2-5T,
        maybe there will be a L7 AT?

        *Also from elsewhere
        L7 was designed after Centurion, early marks are with the 17-pdr / 20-pdr.
        Mark7/1 has a 20-pdr,
        Mark7/2 has a L7.
        I dont know what is the first mark to put a L7 in but still, if the Torty had a L7,
        then why not the FV214?
        (I am mad.)
        If Torty fires regular APCR, then you know, the 704 will have it too.
        Thats literally bringing the firepower of the current 40-ton into Tier IX…

        • I am not really sure what you are asking, the L1 is more powerful than the L7, tort doesn’t need it.

          In reality there is no difference between the tanks guns and td guns. Having a “td” version is there simply to make you have to grind more, since if they counted as the same gun the british would be a completely painless grind since all tanks use the same few guns. As the Conway has an L7, it will be the called the “L7 AT” and will need to be researched even if you have the L7 on centurion already. Though if its only the stock gun on conway and not on others thats not a prob.

          the L1 120mm is the gun that in reality was used on the conqueror heavy gun tank. Conqueror was created to counter the is-3 since it was considered the 20-pdr armed centurion would struggle against the IS-3 armour (NATO thought the is-3 was better than it actually was tbh). The conway was to be a stop gap way of getting the 120mm in action on a centurion hull until the conqueror was ready. Fv214b with 120mm is entirely made up by wargaming, it has the L1 120mm basically because that is the uks only heavy tank gun until cheiftain was created (L11 120mm).

          Tortoise has the L1 simply because they needed multiple guns for the tort and the 32-pdr it had in reality was underpowered for tier 9. Its pretty normal, many tanks in the game have unhistorical top guns. If you look at tier 7 heavies for example poor black prince is stuck with its historical gun as top gun while most of the others have more powerful guns than they ever had in reality.

          The L7 came about because it was realised the T54 was too tough for the 20 pdr as well. Having some conquerors to counter the relatively low numbers of IS-3 was fine and dandy but not much good if the rest of your tanks couldn’t handle the t-54s. So the centurion was up-gunned.

          The L7 was a gun which could be mounted on a medium tank/MBT but was capable of killing any enemy. With such a gun there was no point in heavy tanks any more (the armour was usless), or indeed tank destroyers (bigger guns were not needed). Soon all the NATO countries copied the L7, its clones are on Pattons, Leopards etc. The soviets quickly realised that their heavy tanks were now pointless and did away with them concentrating on getting the best guns on their T-54 clones.

          L7 105mm wasn’t more powerful than L1 120mm, it was just capable of being mounted on a smaller more mobile chassis.

  12. My, now that is a beautiful thing, speaking of the gun of course…but what comes after is just crap and an unworthy T10.

    • Not to ruin your fun but HESHes are sth like this.
      You no longer “Cant pen it? Fire gold”
      My idea is. If 268 pen cannot penetrate, that means at that moment I should not going to trade shot. L7 is accurate enough to pen weakspots or badly angled armour.
      However HESHes right now are just HE, it will not easily bounce off sloped armour.
      Yet 105pen regular HESH is not enough to get through side armour in Tier X, but 210?
      Well L1 and L7, do bring more amount of HESEes than HE in other guns.
      I see the Jageroo’s side armour as paper like the waffles because I can simply HESH on it, HE can’t. What it does is make me feeling better *lol
      Oh btw, firing Prem HESH to a T-54 turret is better than firing HEAT

  13. 120mm needs moar shells.

    Low HP on those t9, t10s as well. 1250 and 1450.

    And both shitty viewrange, what niche exactly were those tanks supposed to fill? Farming dmg on retarded enemy tanks?

  14. Only 20 rounds with ~6 sec reload? Rly? WTF?!

    105 mm is 100x better. Dpm better, acuraccy, aim time…..

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