SU-76i Removed from Shop

Hello everyone,

not so long ago (not sure when exactly, but I’d say about half an hour back), the SU-76I was removed from the shop on all servers. The reason is unknown (either they are preparing re-release with proper announcement, a “whale” package, or the vehicle was OP, as the reports from Russian server suggest).

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    • Now you can pwn with less rivals. Go for an average damage above 1000.
      Some tips:
      1.Use your mantlet to pwn enemy su76i. Play it like flying 112 and at7.
      2.Don’t be afraid of other tier 3 tank and some tier 4 like B1, just RRR, Spot, Fire and Move.
      3.Additional Grousers is of consideration if you play in this style, and be careful of some unicum that may track you.
      4.The reason of this playstyle is that you have to be an efficient killer if you haven’t killed the enemy su76is, since they will be pwning faster than you, and with more chance to own you without skill testing direct combat .Don’t forget your teammates are your rivals as well.

  1. Ah, shit, knew I should have put money on my card for it yesterday….ah, well, I’ll just wait til its in the tech tree & buy with gold anyways :p

  2. Ok, I bought it a couple of hours ago, but have not checked it in the game yet. I hope WG is not taking them away…

  3. I suspect they are going to tweak the stats a bit (nerf it) and then re-release. Bit annoying though, was ready to buy it this lunch time and it was removed before I had the chance.

  4. I bough it before removing:-) But i still think they sell a lots of those vehicles before removing

    • Well wiki says “a total of 200 vehicles were manufactured.” It’s not too much :D

  5. *Looks at SU-76I….thinks about buying it…* “Well i’ll think on it for a second, maybe i could use another prem trainer.” *Goes and watches a quick THREE MINUTE Seananners video…comes back….SU-76I is gone…..* “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck this shit!”

  6. Oh come onnn…. I know i got shitton of premium tanks already but i wanted that one :/

  7. Well it’s OP, I palyed so far 7 battle with it, my win rate is 86%. A brutal sealclubber, I already saw 5 Su-76i in a battle. So in my opinion this is the reason why they removed it, to avoid unbalance tier 3-4 battles. ( feels like Type-59 case)
    Well I’m glad I bought it in the morning, another rare tank to my collection if they won’t put it back to the shop :)

  8. You gotta be fuckin with me, was just about to get it, FML! Same shit with the preorder tanks that were on sale back then, missed them too. My friend got his in time of course. Fuvk you so hard WG.

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  10. I saw one battle played by russian unicum – he got 5 kills (on enemy side was also 76i – also got 5 kills). In comparison FCM (tier3 prem) has only view range advantage, but with slow speed you cannot hide or run.

  11. Muuahahahahaahaaa!
    Just bought it maybe couple minutes before it was removed from the shop. Gotta love my 6th sense.. ;)
    I think it got removed because it is kinda OP! Several RU youtubers already reviewed the tank and mentioned, that it simply owns the battlefields. If that is true, then how did the tank made into the shop with such stats at all?

    • from yesterday’s Q&A:
      - apparently, some players are suggesting that the SU-76I is imbalanced (too good), Storm disagrees

      Suuure we see it :D

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  13. if is OP they will probably move it on IV tier and start to sell it again for high price

  14. Got it just in time !
    They will nerf it, but they should give the option to buyers to get their gold back (like they did for Super Pershing).

  15. “WTE 100 is OP, nerf it” – needs 3 months of statistics to confirm.
    “Sorry, we noticed that the SU-76i was OP after 24 hours”

    WG consistency at it’s best.

  16. Another premium tank(TD) so brokenly OP that they had to remove it asap. How unusual for WG.