SU-76i Removal from Shop Confirmed

Hello everyone,

thanks to Edrard (Wot-news owner) for this information. SU-76I was indeed officially removed from the premium shop. This decision came from Minsk. Here’s what a Russian representative told Edrard about the matter (private conversation):

“In short, we introduced it into the shop, then we saw the statistics after first few days and came to the conclusion that the tank is not suitable for selling. We will remove it from the shop. Everyone, who bought it, can calm down, it will stay in their garage. We will think further what to do with it. There is no information on when it will return to the shop, we will think about what to do.”

As I told you, it was OP and therefore it was removed. Oh well.

106 thoughts on “SU-76i Removal from Shop Confirmed

    • “WTE 100 is OP, nerf it” – needs 3 months of statistics to confirm.
      “Sorry, we noticed that the SU-76i was OP after 24 hours”

      WG consistency at it’s best.

  1. Umm.. I’m kinda curious, why was it OP? From ASIA server here, and it wasn’t sold so, don’t really have a first hand view of the thing.

      • 86mm pen is tier 5 stat? Uhm, how about no? And the armour really isn’t that good, mine’s taking a lot of damage even in tier 3.

          • The gun is completely UP on Matilda IV, that’s why it has limited MM. Every other tank destroyer has considerably more pen than this thing. FCM has 98mm, everything else has 108-112 average pen.

            The armour is great for trolling tier 2 tanks, but this thing is large and sluggish and will be demolished by it’s peers (i.e. other tier 3 TDs).

            Good tank, but after playing mine for a bit I can’t call it OP.

            • every other td has more pen because has to battle t5.

              seriously the argument of the tank is not op because i fail on it is bad.

              • The guy to why I was replying said it had ‘tier 5 pen’, which I’m arguing it clearly doesn’t. It doesn’t even have tier 3 pen.

                And I didn’t know it had limited MM. The Wiki didn’t say so, and I figured I’d just gotten lucky so far. After all, first 10 matches the MM goes easy on you… or at least it should ;)

                Maybe I’ll revisit my opinion after I play some more matches and digest this new info, but for now I’m keeping it at ‘good’. It’s still a tier 3 TD with a gun that’s UP compared to the other tier 3 TDs.

    • Pretty much how Type 59 was OP – balanced too well in all aspects. Reasonable gun (pen isn’t that great, but in prem you can afford some gold and the alpha is very decent), mobile, fast turning, decent frontal armour… Lots of very good results already.

      • Any new tank can be considered OP because people dont know where to shoot at.

        Just wait till Deathstar No.2 . People will cry and cry OMG another 183mm OP OP NERF!

        Then they dont realise it has no armor and a HE shell will cripple it badly. Gotta love the OP hype.

        • It is still OP on Chinese sever after 4 patches. Top one get 858 average damage,87% win rate.The average person’s stats are equal to a tier 5 td.
          The experienced driver can bounce or miss every enemy shot.
          Copy my tips here and may you have an average damage above 1000:
          1.Use your mantlet to pwn enemy su76i. Play it like flying 112 and at7, go counter-clockwise by the edge of the map first.
          2.Don’t be afraid of other tier 3 tank and some tier 4 like B1, just RRR, Spot, Fire and Move.
          3.Additional Grousers is of consideration if you play in this style, and be careful of some unicum that may track you.
          4.The reason of this playstyle is that you have to be an efficient killer if you haven’t killed the enemy su76is, since they will be pwning faster than you, and with more chance to own you without skill testing direct combat .Don’t forget your teammates are your rivals as well.

    • They can what they want – political way is nerf + refund for unsatisafied buyers (like with super pershing). No tons of buyers so this will be easy.

    • I am afraid, that they can do the same, as they did with Super Pershing.
      In this case, it’s even less painfull, as tank is really cheap and not so many players got it in time.
      Anyway, I hope, they will not touch it and leave as it is to give it out for some rare occasions. But, yeah – that’s my oppinion, because I got the tank. Probably all the players, who did not manage to purchase it will think differently. ;)

    • They can nerf whatever they want. Especially since it’s new and not that many people bought it.

      And even if they decide to give it a serious nerf, then they will offer refund. (SP remember)

  2. Glad I bought it… I jumped on it as soon as it was available on NA server.

    I wish I had bought a PZ II J when they were available for about $150… now the codes are $1500 on eBay….

  3. Few people bought it, so nerfing it while allowing players to sell for full price will have a much lower impact than the Super Pershing did. And the functionality is already in place too.

  4. Ofc it is OP.

    This tank was produced 1943. It is based on the Pz3 (T4) and StuG III (T4, 5), both are on higher tiers, makes perfect (soviet(bias)) sense.
    It has better armor than StuG at t4 and a reasonable gun at T3. It has good alpha and reasonable pen at that tier as well, combine it with good mobility and decent armor and there you go OP TONK.

    • ehm, the StuG3 was allready built on the Pz3 chassis, that’s why it’s called StuG3 = SturmGeschütz 3. but yeah, it’s based on the PZ3, just like the SU-85I was I believe. (russian captured Pz3′s were converted to TD’s I think)

  5. Picked mine up last night – NA server. Played 2 games – found it to be good, but will get better as I get my crew skills trained up. Started at 100% trained and will grind the skills.

  6. Freakin LOL! So I was right about it being too OP.
    But then again, who to f*** tested that tank? And why did it got a limited MM with those stats? Even on paper it looks amazing, and of course in reality even bad players will stomp in it, as it has noob friendly armor and lovely alfa for its tier.
    Anyway, nice that I will have another rare premium vehicle.

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  8. OMG i m so glad i bought one from work this morning directly , i was thinking why i m buying it now i have time later and now i read this , so happy i did this thing without thinking about it :P

        • it s just that 6 euro is absolutely nothing for me anyway and i own pretty much every prem except t-59, V/IV, type 62, t7 combat, light vic and ke-ni otsu.
          Plus if they remove it and nerf it you can always get refound , so angry you didn’t buy one or what’s the problem then ?

          • I don’t see any problem yet. And I managed to buy one.
            I had that feeling, that situation like this may happen. Initially I wanted to wait till the tank gets into the game next patch so buy it for ingame gold, but yeah – it wasn’t suppose to live so long :)

  9. I bought it the minute it was added to the EU store, I now have the tier 3 Type 59.

    Haven’t actually played it yet :P

    Hope they don’t nerf it.

  10. Do they even test the tanks bevor they sell it? It seams that they are not able to learn from their mistakes from the past (Type 59 for example). How hard can it be to balance an tank BEFORE putting it to the shop?

    • Just had my first game in it, it’s like a pre nerf Marder 2 with a little armour thrown in.

      4 Kills 700 damage and Spartan at tier 3. I’m not even a good player.

    • balance has always been secondary to profits for wagaming. Disgusting game company and disgusting game.

  11. Конечно, все 60% пидобиры понакурали и его стота просто взмыла, а простые алиханы даже и незнали о нём, да и думают они не о 3-е уровевой ПТ-шке, а о лёве и прем т-34.

  12. Never nerf it and never return it to shop.

    Let it become the new infamous tank that people beg for in forums.

  13. more proof that wargaming is a disgusting company who sells power. Imba pay to win game. I pity all you morons who take this RNG wallet warrior game seriously.

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  15. LOL withdrawal within few hours of being sold on EU.

    This is a business plan by WG. You introduce obviously OP tank, then withdraw, so that in the future all your customers are motivated/forced to instantly purchase tanks in the Gift Shop unless they want to risk losing the opportunity to do so.

    This is a Limited Edition Pay 2 Win tank.

  16. I am so fucking done with this game.

    Never seen such amateurs running a company.

    And even IF it was on purpose to push a limited edition p2w tank. ANOTHER ONE?

    Go fuck yourself WG. So glad I stopped spending money on that game. Will cash in on ebay soon I guess

  17. HA!!!! I bought it @11am today! 5,39€ :-) >Thank God I did this today. I played 2 Matches with it and saw 4 other Su-76i :-)

  18. >We will remove it from the shop. Everyone, who bought it, can calm down, it will stay in their garage.

    Yeah, not fooling anybody there, a bait for people to buy premiums when they appear in the store from now on.

  19. Wow for some reason I bought it from my mobile on my lunch break! I’ve never done that before was going to wait till I got home!

    Suck luck, much stronk.

  20. So, my impulsive decision during breakfast to buy that thing was really good ;) I’ve bought it via tablet before I went to work just for the collection purposes ;)

  21. I bought one for myself and one for my oldest son yesterday morning. Now glad that I didn’t wait.

    I expect the “solution” to this problem will be to leave the tank the same and not sell it anymore. After all, there are probably not that many of them out there, certainly less than some of the other tanks that are “too OP to sell” (looking at you Type 59–not that I think it is too OP to sell, but clearly WG does).

    It was THE tank I wanted the most in the entire game. I wanted it so hard for monthes, I was waiting for it’s release and here, i did not even had time to transfer money on Paypal.
    Battles are spammed with it and I could not even get one.

    You’ll never see the color of my money again.

    • you’re getting all hyped for such a tank? why? please don’t tell me it’s because of the stats…

      then again, it’s your own faulth for not buying it :) look at all the people in the comments, you’ve had like a day or 2?

      • 4 hours. And I was transferring money on paypal to buy it as fast as possible.
        Of it’s my fault. Lol

  23. calm down the tank is not a freaking mini maus. it gets derped the shit off by higher tiers. This is just ealy hype by some unicums.

  24. I love how you all dancing to their tunes. Next time they release another tier 3 fagbug, you will be getting up two hours sooner to buy it…

    By the way that “minimaus” Pz. 38H is two times gayer than regular H35 because of its ridiculous gun.

  25. Well fuck WG… They are major buttheads. Ofc Rusians had chance to buy it for 2days and we capitalists cant have more time than 1/2 hour..
    I know why i am a Russophobe. Maybe they should give us chance to get it for free with some bonuscode maaaaaaayyyyyyyybe but NO rusek kompanyia wargaymink stronk planink and balansink

  26. Glad I didn’t buy it, because I already have all the other Soviet premium TDs, bought all at 50% off last year or this year (85i), so I have more than enough crew trainers if I ever decide to play this game as seriously as I did last year.

    But now… Hearts of Iron 3 has my heart, at least until the Remembrance Day event…

  27. haha, so glad I bought it this morning right after they were available. :D
    But OP? It has a good engine and max speed but it turns as fast as a Maus. The gun is the only good part, since even the armor isn’t that good on its Tiers.

  28. I dont need premium tanks to earn good credit. The old KV-1 is still bringing me btw 40 – 50 000 credit per game :) in one moment you have so much credit, that you are wondering what to do with it. For the ppl, who already have it -> lets see how long they will keep the SU-76i so OP ….nefving is one of the best skill of WG ;)

  29. I’ve had it up to here with Wargaming and their disrespectful treatment of customers. We cannot rule out the possibility that they removed it on purpose, thereby making this tank ‘rare’. We all know what happens when people see stuff they cannot buy; they’re gonna throw shit-tons of money on it (see PZIIj-codes on e-bay).
    This is disrespectful when wargaming first states this tank will be available, and BOOM it’s gone.

  30. They could just… I dunno… leave it alone since they pulled it already. It’d be another one of those cases of “Ya snooze, ya lose” just like what happened in the gift shop on the NA servers about 2 years ago when they leaked out the pre-order tanks for 4 hours.

    …that one still stings a little… I managed to get the Panzer V/IV but held off on the Mutant til I got to work 20 minutes later… and it was gone :(

  31. We may see it again. WG have continued to give out tanks after their removal from in game store and website via codes at events.

    I got a code for the horrendously OP (Due to limited MM) Pz.Kpfw. B2 740 (f) from Tankfest, long after it was removed from purchase.

    Currently at 318 battles with a 75% win ratio. No platooning.

  32. Wow, in the shop and out the shop on the same fucking day. Didn’t get a chance to so much as get a glimpse of it

  33. LOL, finally I get lucky with premiums! I bought the SU-85I when it was in premium shop, thinking it’s a limited edition… so after a month they put it in the game for gold. It’s not even that great.

    So I decided to just check on the NA Shop as I was installing 9.4, and I saw the 76I… I was like “Meh, what if it’s the same crap as the 85I?”. But then I saw the low price and thought “Well, I never play TDs, might be a good way to learn about them on low tier.”, so I bought it.

    Holy smokes, first match, ribbon shower, 4 kills… then another game with 4 kills… and another… then a defeat with 6 kills… I’m like wooooh, there’s something wrong with this tank, I’m an average 51%er, I don’t usually whoop people (not even in low tiers).
    I even wrote on the forum that I think it’s suspiciously good… sure enough, it got removed a couple hours later. LOL!

    No wonder the NA server never announced it.

  34. the biggest shit is not to stop to sell the tank, but to let it for the people they bought it just in time (if i know it will be as this, i will buy it too of course). they fucked up the whole comunity with this. bastards

    sorry for not nice words, but this people it seems dont understand other language

    nasrath blyadh

    • The problem is, most people didn’t know it’s OP… look at the comments here on FTR when SS announced that the 76I will be in the shop. A lot of people were like “Meh, crap tier III, don’t care” or “Meh, sounds kinda bad, no buy”.

      • And some people were waiting for it for monthes and got screwed because they needed one day to transfer money.

          • I did not said that. Just that WG are morons.
            Before to release something, ensure it’s not gamebreaking.
            Or people who get it pwn and otners just can cry.

  35. All citizen immediately buy tonk when is in store! It could be ticket to Inner Party (pay-to-win vehicle owner’s club), but maybe WG doesn’t have many to sell!

    WG very stronk at behavioral conditioning, thanks to Soviet heritage. Intermittent reinforcement at its finest.