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    • i must say your reasons are totaly legit, considering USSR TDs have 2nd and 3rd least HP of TDs already in game…

      • Do they have same HP as tier 6?? no

        Do they have armour , yes
        do they have best guns at tier 10 , yes

        • I don’t know what game you’re playing but the 268′s gun is god awful compared to some of the others, its shell travel time is retarded.

          The 263′s gun is pretty good, but it’s not exactly an alpha king.

          In terms of armour, the 268′s frontal armour is okay versus T8′s, T9/10 will go through it no problem assuming you aren’t an idiot.

          The 263 has some nice frontal armour, but its mantlet and LFP weakspot are there for all to see, not to mention the open top.

          You are taking stats taken from an initial supertest as the stats that stick, which they usually don’t, and if the HP reduction is happening to this TD, it may well happen to all, much like the view range nerf is happening in 9.5

              • i am not talking about CW .

                Foch 155??? hahahah that thing was over nerfed
                E4 is worse than t30

                E3 is 2nd best TD
                Wt auf E-100 has no armour

                • Not only in CW, object 263 is the least played tier 10 TD even in random matches. If you want to prove Russian bias exists, better take another example.

                • dude, 263 has no gun depression whatsoever. that’s bad for most sniper tanks, not to mention a TD
                  and the grind to it is hell, seeing peoples whine about SU-101 being too uncomfortable and so on is good enough a reason for most people not to continue grinding that tree, especially if there are more people encouraging other trees to grind.

      • WHo cares. If you really think there isnt Rus bias, im sorry your blind.

        62a+140 best tanks in game with literally the camo of some lights+Armor+Speed+Railguns+DPM

        And IS7 which was already good is getting every map into a funnel then it goes to HD and not only gets a massive armor increase but a totally fake 30mm raw thickness added to its cheeks….So now 400mm TD`s cannot shoot it. While it has -6 depression when it had -2.5 in RL.

        Everything in game is leaned towards Rus.T54 is a frakentank 3x overpowered

        ALl there camping funnel`s and accuracy changes all favored low accuracy low gun handling tanks.

    • Yo Saxsan, what happened to your post on forums saying that you changed? Seems you forgot it as you are talking BS as usual.

  1. I purposed this tank on the WoT forums 2 years ago. Would love to be able to say I gave them the idea for the “large cal, slow firing, low armor” tank. (I did put that in the forum post.)

  2. Srsly… looks like a Garbage-Truck.. the leverage that sticks out there in the front – must be the waste-press ^^

  3. So we get a new Tier 9/ 10 British TD Line. No replacement for the FV215 183? Seeing how the FV215b is being removed from the game for the Chieftain. One would think the imaginary never existed 183 would disappear as well.

    • It’s the 120mm FV215b that was completely imaginary. The 183mm FV215b was actually considered, albeit not long enough for a prototype to be built. (The whole point of the rear-mounted turret is probably to be able to mount the big gun that will normally be facing forward without overburdening the front suspension – which is kinda pointless if you’re mounting the same gun as the regular Conqueror.)