24 thoughts on “Best Replays of the Week

  1. Weirdly i got an email that one of my replays was selected, but it looked like a scam or spam mail so i disregarded it since i never took party in any replay competition, also there where a couple of typos in the mail. Weird ..

    Edit: LOL

  2. Couldn’t finish, too boring.

    T95 steel wall? Old news.
    BatChat doing well? Seen it!
    Stopped it, as the BatChat was nothing special.
    Please think new WG! The community does it better.
    And that Neller/Kneller guy…doesn’t help it either.

    • “Community does it better” all I see from the community now is spin glitch after spin glitch. At least people having awe some rng or good games has a bit more variety.

  3. 2,5k gold for replay ?


    Well, I’ve already stopped sending em any replays for contests even tho I had moments and actions that were on epicness level over 9000.

  4. I had my own personal best replays of the week.
    Weirdest gaming day ever, 1st game E75, ace 7 kills, 2nd Ace 8 kills, 3rd ace, another 8 kills….next match switched to T110E4, ace again. Gave up for the day after that as after that it was definitely going to be 15 ROFLstomp 15-0 losses in a row.