Lenin-Snegiri Military Museum Restoration

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Hello everyone,

as a part of the “Remember everything” initiative (Wargaming supporting various historical events in Russia and Belarus), Wargaming decided to start a fundraiser to save/restore certain museum pieces and asks Russian players to donate money to the cause. The first project of this initiative will be the restoration of Lenin-Snegiri military museum museum collection.

The museum is located at the spot of one of the firecest battles, where the German SS division Das Reich fought the Soviet 78th Rifle Division (commanded by Afanasy Beloborodov) during their approach to Moscow in the winter of 1941. For its bravery, the 78th Rifle Division was renamed to 9th Guard Division on 26.11.1941. You can see the presentation here (there are English subtitles):



The museum contains some pretty unique pieces, including a German Tiger. The initial stage of restoration has already begun in October 2014 with the installation of MS-1 tankette, an M-30 howitzer and some mortars. The rest however needs more money, hence the fundraiser.

The initial installation:

13 thoughts on “Lenin-Snegiri Military Museum Restoration

      • And soooo fake :) Number of road wheels is wrong. Also the proportions seem to be a bit off but that might be due to camera angle. Anyway, it looks like half-hearted replica rather than authentic machine.

        • actually, it’s one of the later modifications, not the one we have ingame… ;)

        • The hull and turret are original, but the tank was used as a pillbox so nowadays it got an artillery tractor suspension… No MS-1 on the world has real suspension… Not even the fully restored and working one in Kubinka tank museum. They were all dug in during the war as pillboxes or destroyed, so the suspensions didn’t survive…

    • It got completely rekt during the war and burned…(by a 76mm side hit i think, so that’s why it is not completely blown up into pieces). Later it was used as an artillery range target… They just put as many pieces together as they could, but the Tiger is a complete wreck.