Huge Price Increase on War Thunder Causes Shitstorm

Hello everyone,

I am sure all of you are aware of the Ukraine crisis and the sanctions the western world has imposed upon Russia as a result. This is where it gets a bit complicated, but basically – based on this sanctions, combined with questionable Russian monetary policy, the exchange rate of Russian ruble dropped drastically. As a result, for Russian players of both War Thunder and World of Tanks, the prices actually seriously increased, as both companies have the prices tied to US Dollar.

Unlike Wargaming, that was smart enough not announce this stuff publicly on the portal and simply showed the prices on RU server with the fluctuations in mind, Gaijin (War Thunder producer) announced price increases all across the board publicly yesterday.

The price increases in rubles are significant and that’s putting it mildly. For example, the prices of “golden eagles” (equivalent of WG gold):

150 GE from 29,92 to 44,99
500 GE from 99,03 to 129
1000 GE from 179,1 to 259
2500 GE from 440,05 to 599
5000 GE from 799 to 1099
10000 GE from 1549,04 to 2099
15000 GE from 2199,4 to 3049
20000 GE from 2900,2 to 3999
25000 Ge from 3499,03 to 4899

Etc. (full list in the link).

Naturally, a huge shitstorm arose on Gaijin forums, with players pledging never to buy anything ever again, saying that it’s too expensive etc. I can only imagine the amount of rage such a post would cause on RU forums…

75 thoughts on “Huge Price Increase on War Thunder Causes Shitstorm

  1. Weird, first time Gaijin has the balls to be honest with people and give us bad news? Impossiburu!
    I must admit, I would never expect them to do that.

    • I know right ?
      For the first time I have respect for them.

      Not because they increased the prices (I’m not that dumb) But because they said it !

      Take this WG !

    • well, wg didnt said anything yet.

      -they announce it and have the same shitstorm
      -they dont announce it and they will have the same shitstorm
      -they keep the prices in the ru server since eu and us are their cashcows(unlikely but could happen)

      • I think it’s sort of poetic justice when you take into account that prices in WG RU Premium shop are the lowest of all regions. For example if you compare the same item on EU and RU shops you’ll see that EU players were always paying ~20% more. Of course when currency is set to anything other than rubles :)

  2. Well, dear russian players.It is not Gaijin’s or WarGaming’s fault that your currency is about to implode and loose any value. Blame Putin and those who support him, for running your country into the fucking ground.

    • That is true, but on the other hand, their business model is so focused on the Russian player base, it doesn’t make sense that they would tie the price of such a volatile currency to the dollar at this moment in time. They could see this coming since Crimea was invaded, but decided to do the easy thing and upset their biggest backers.

      • I’d love to see them binding their prices to the rubel.. everything would become cheaper by the day for us outside of russia. ^^

        • That would be quite funny actually, but they can’t tell me they can’t do a temporary fix to just keep it separate! Though it is WG…

          • This will be funny.
            Enlighten me how the US and EU ‘decided’ that the GDP of russia should take a dive? That working capital in hands of individuals should flee that country like rats from a sinking ship?

            • Russians blame all others around.
              I bet they even can claim that it ARMED GREEN MAN were not Russian soldiers (i.e. 76th Guards Air Assault Division from Pskov,Russia) who were seen ARMED in Crimea before it was annexed :D ..and later got medals. Yes, ENEMIES ALL AROUND – looks like some kind of schizophrenia.

                • And what did EU and US actually do?
                  Because all the economical backslash russia is getting is a direct result of actions by russia. They suffer hardhips due to the decision of individual investors. There’s no sanction from EU or US whatsoever about investing in russia. It’s just russia behaves so bad that noone wants to take their money there. How is that US/EU fault?

                • What did they do ?
                  Ooooh nothing special !

                  Food embargo and companies can’t sell products to Russia.

                  But, It’s absolutely nothing !

                  And yeah, it’s UE and US who decided that.

                • don’t lie, kremlin gremlin

                  food embargo is a soviet decision not EU/USA/Australia etc.
                  it’s not like EU/USA/AUS decided not to sell food to ur poor third-rate country, its CCCP decision not to let buy food from those countries
                  say thanks to ur commie comrades on kremlin that u gonna starve.

                • Too bad kid, I’m from France ;D
                  And like I said, I don’t care about Putin, US, UE or other shits like that

                  And yes, the Embargo is US/UE decision, sorry if it’s new for you

                • typical useful idiot.
                  seen them a lot in web since Maidan Nezalezhnost
                  u know that soviet propaganda do not work here?
                  u can draw su27 in photoshop for those dumb commie kids still believing in leading role of masses on the way to socialist paradise


                  and get it – itar tass

                  even ur commie comrades newspaper admits who put sanctions on food import

                  so – DON’T FUCKIN LIE COMMIE

                • Oh you can read ?
                  Quite surprising from someone who makes these faults.

                  Now kid, go back to school and let the adults with their stuffs.

                  And don’t reply if it’s to write shit.

                • no arguments?
                  still believe food embargo was set by West ?

                  oh just admit u re fuckin commie tardo and u must believe what told u to

                • This goes for the other idiot who was bashing Russia. I lol’ed when you said the french guy was brainwashed by pravda, obiously you’re just either an alienated obese amerifat cunt who the only thing you do in life besides breathing is watching CNN, Fox news and all that other american propaganda news channels OR you’re just a butthurt lowlife polack, then it’s obiously you’re just an ignorant worthless plumber.
                  Reuters, guardian, BBC, dont make me laugh.. they’re so busing sucking american cock, no one with 100+ IQ would waste its time reading that stupid pro-US bullshit propaganda sites.

                  This is all US fault, and THEIR sanctions, and all the stupid right sektor, azov and whatever retarded khokhol-nazis batallions (who are also being financed by the US) killing people in Donetsk and Lugansk doesn’t make it any better.
                  Crimea was always Russian, please leave your Mcburguer on the table and open a fucking book for once in your miserable life, hell, you can even google it and see it was that Ukranian bastard Krushev who forced the RSFSR to give away Crimea to those pig-eating bastards in the 50s. It wasn’t even Russia who forced the Crimeans to join the RF, there was a fucking plebiscite. How you can not expect Crimeans to stand against the nazis maidanites when most of them are Russians and their grandparents fought against them in WWII?
                  Oh and talk about armed men taking control of political institutions, wasn’t that what happened in Ukraine in February 2014 you fucking imbecile? Wasn’t all the khokhonazis and the rest of maidanite parasites who put down Yakunovich thru a coup-d-etat? That’s very democratic and legal! Keep watching CNN, brainwashed ignorant scum.

                • +Tandem

                  Wow, couldn’t say better.
                  Thanks God we still have brains on this planet.

                  I didn’t want to talk with that dummie because he’ll never accept the truth.

                  And, as an American, he thinks he knows everything about the world and the History from his isolated place.

                  Anyway, congrat Tandem.

                • Not realizing that american penis is the best on this earth, and is the sole reason the sun still revolves around it. Git Gud

                • fuck yeah, always Russian – since 1783.
                  before – part of ottoman empire
                  fuckin always

                  and lest go on – Riga under Russian gov – since 1721
                  Helsinki – 1809
                  Vilnius – 1795
                  Warsaw – 1795
                  Baku – 1813
                  Tbilisi – 1801
                  Kiev – 1667

                  all those cities u also consider “always russian” ?

                  whats obvious – u re fuckin commie propagandist. go drink ur vodka when u still get grains or potatoes from better developed countries, soon u will drink oil ;]

                  and still easy question
                  food embargo – did EU/USA ban export or Russia ban import?

                • I talk in a langage you can understand, like in Dora the Explorer

                  It’s EU/US and ONLY EU/US who made the food embargo.
                  No one else.

                  Repeat after me.

                  It’s EU/US and ONLY EU/US who made the food embargo.
                  No one else.

                  One more time ?

                  It’s EU/US and ONLY EU/US who made the food embargo.
                  No one else.

                  Now go back eat your fat burger like the pig you are in front of the brainwasher, also called TV.

                  I won’t come back because it’s not my job to treat with an autism like you.

    • Poor Russia is just suffering from having the balls to stand up to Ukrainian Nazis led by their supreme Nazi overlords in the EU and US.

      Or thats how the situation will be portrayed by some “news” outlets in Russia, mark my words.

      • Unlikely. If you check the whole facade until now putin is playing the strongest man in the pigsty. Indirectly telling that RU depends more from EU than vica versa (what the plummet of xrate shows) doesn’t really match this picture.

        I don’t think he will comment anything about it. Famine due to leadership have a noble and glorious tradition in russia afterall, the people will suck it up like the good moujiks they are.

    • Funny stuff.
      All that sanctions and pricies are increasing in Russia, food embargo and so on.
      Supprisingly we dont starve here without shitty polish apples and french cheese, and the traffic is so f..cking hard that I have to lose 3 hours a day in it (where all those cars came from I wonder in our unstable days)
      On the other hand, in Amsterdam Red Lights 99% of the girls are from “highly democrised” countries like Ukraine, Poland, CheckRep and other eastern EU.
      Baltic countreis lost 30% of population, moved to west EU countries after EU association… and so on.
      You blame Russia and protect those guys who dont give a sh..t about you.

      And surprisingly we are ok here.
      In soviet times russians live more than 70 years under sanctions, we can hadle, used to, dont worry to much. ;-)

      • Doesn’t really surprise me that you love to swim in shit and call it “life”. That’s what you’ve been doing since the day one of this country.
        You know why Russians stay in Russia? Because no one wants them anywhere and send them back to The Motherland.
        Obviously there aren’t any “buy yourself a Russian wife” or “buy yourself a Russian kid” going on, since life in Russia is so great. Heil Putin.
        Btw, are those cars making your traffic Volgas by any chance? Or maybe they are the products of the Rotten Evil West that had 5 owners already? Why are you also buying same stuff from France and Poland through Belarus where it just gets rebranded?

      • in soviet russia u were stealing goods form occupied territories like Kazakhstan/Ukraine/Baltic states and puppet states like Poland/Czech/Hungary/Romania by forcing them to use “transfer rubel” ( Переводной рубль) thus forcing their economies to sponsor soviet state

        and still u have to buy wheat form USA and West Europe cause ur agriculture sucks such much wow so poor

        and congrats with traffic jams – that happen when u have asphalt roads in city. be proud like all commies do!

      • Just to finish off the well beaten dead horse – look at the moves a well known Austrian made early in his career. Very similar.

        Actually i think Putin thought the EU and 24 other countries would not come to the aid of the Ukraine.

        Now he is a bit stuck to get out and save face – again, a similar situation that Austrian had as well.

    • If you’re from anywhere else but RU, it probably won’t affect you in any way. Got my KV-1B and T-34-57 when premium tanks were 50% off. Everything is the same price as it was the day I registered. Chill. Let the ruskies solve their shit. Meanwhile profit.

      • Are people actually using the international webstore anymore? I thought everyone was buying gold eagles and packs directly from the russian webstore as it always was cheaper, and by a ridiculous margin in the last weeks, so yes it will affect everyone with the exception of the people who chose to keep paying the higher, international prices.

        That said, I’m loaded with premium and some extra eagles that should carry me through the next year until the next super-cheap events in summer or around next new year, so I’m fine.

    • Well it was true for a very long time. You could buy premium planes really cheap. But Gaijin introduced high tier vehicles with prices equal or even higher than those of WG.

      Yet Gaijin has excellent discounts. I was able to buy premium for one year like for 20 €.


  3. It’s only 35-37% while rubel is still falling and the central bank removed the intervention zones. It will not stop, so Gaijin was actually pretty fair (but suck at PR) with them, that toy money will worth less than the paper it’s printed on if RU doesn’t change their ways.

    They probably should price in EUR or USD for the russian market as well, that’s a much more clean way to do stuff like this and the customers would blame the ones actually responsible for it.

  4. They have to adjust the russian store prices, everyone was buying cheap in-game gold and packs from the russian store as WT does not have a server restriction like WoT. That, or reduce the prices of the international store, ’cause I know nobody who was still buying from there since they updated the russian store to accept a larger variety of payment methods.

  5. Already stopped using premium account. It was something about 340 rub a year ago, but now it’s 470. I’ll better buy some shitty indie game in Steam, than enjoy a new month of suffering by 5 enemy arty per battle)

  6. Thats why I just Don’t play WT anymore =]
    Air Battle are awesome but as a Arcade player I found Realistic really hard and Arcade become too repetitive and bomber-oriented.
    Tanks wise……….. I will call it not as good as WOT if I dont say it suck(XD

    And Gaijn is becoming more and more annoying as well….. Kinda Sad TBH. I thought they really cares about the community, but turns out not really :(

  7. TBH, i see here opportunity for positive change for non RU players in WoT, and WT.

    First: if Russian market gone shrink, and it will be shrinking, non RU market gone be more important, so now when EU players whine about something, and WG do not give a flying f. about this, in couple of months they will start to listen closely to us, as we gone be their best customer. And this is a positive change for us.

    Second: if they still gone be focusing on RU market, it may lead to more good promotions, or more special events.

    Either way, it may only be good for non RU players, and seriously, if Russians think they can run with guns, and warmonger in centre of Europa, like we are still in dark ages, or some tribal leaders in most uncivilised parts of the world (not insulting uncivilised parts of the world) they are wrong. West do not need fire single shot, fly a single plane, put single tank from base, all West need to do is take our money from Russia, and it will collapse. Good luck living in medieval ages Russians, coz you are very close to it :)

  8. Sanctions are having a major effect on your ordinary Russian as both the depreciation of the value of the rouble and increased inflation are cutting into his spending power.

    It’s difficult to imagine that sanctions will have any effect on Putin and his cronies; as they are all smart enough to stash away their plunder in US dollars; which is such an irony considering the relentless state media narrative within Russia of the urgent demise of the US Dollar due to America’s crippling debt.

    Russia isn’t the Soviet Union. She’s nowhere near the juggernaut she was in 1989 but she’s far more vulnerable to the market than she’s ever been. With the Russian state expected to foot hundreds of billions of dollars in the near future to cover various state company debts; the future doesn’t look too rosy.

    • People are so full of these sanctions.
      There are no sanctions or at least not in the scope you think.

      A few guys near putin are sanctioned personally. Selling military equipment to them is sanctioned as well. The rest is putin’s own doing.

      He tried to reverse sanction by banning quite a lot of produce/foodstuff from EU, you can imagine how well that worked out.

      Rubel is nearing a freefall due to the russian reliance in oil export (which they don’t want to sell to the EU, but they can hardly sell to anyone else – combined with the fact that OPEC increased production resulting in lower crude oil prices – and RU is too corrupt and too deep in the raw material curse to avoid the effects).
      The other major contributing factor is how working capital is fleeing the country. That’s also putin’s doing – investors dislike unpredictable (legistation changes daily according to the whim of corrupt officials, things get banned out of the blue – mcdonalds for example) and downright dangerous (expropriation, restriction on private ownership,etc) economical environment. And the whole ukrainian crysis – and more importantly how russia works on aggravating it – just indicates to them that russia is not a valid country to invest in in short- mid or even long term.

      The sanctions in themselves have a miniscule effect. The whole thing is the result of how putin and russia reacted to the situation. If EU actually decides on sanctions RU will be in very-very deep shit.

      • Yeah, Saudis seem to be set on undercutting the prices of petroleum made from other sources. It’s also worth mentioning that the much publicised deals Russia is doing with China are pegged to the Yuan which is similarly rising in value to the Rouble.

        • Rubel is getting weaker, so yeah, it will worth less compared to yuan as well.

          The thing about that deal with china however is that china wants to pay in yuan. Now russia has a huge debt to EU and US – yup, you guessed all due on EUR and USD. So while he might be able to sell oil to china, he still won’t have any real money to pay for its debts. So he has to exchange that yuan for EUR/USD which will happen with – guessed right – china.

          That with the double margin (once on oil buying price, then on exchanging yuan for USD) will be quite a bit more costly. And also on the long term it’s extremly beneficial for EU and US, since china currently holds the highest reserve from these currencies and frankly that’s a risk for EU and US.

  9. They had it coming.

    I wonder if WG can afford to stop RU form being main income region and keep their pricing low enough or it will skyrocket one day too, instead of small steps that happen now.

  10. Real shame about that, it’s not the companies fault, It’s even quite considerate to announce such an extreme price increase. Those who are raging about those companies now are just in denial or delusional, and I doubt they will ever realise what is really to blame.


    My Russian friends, my Belorussian friends and others in the East who support the ways of Putin… will be left with nothing except a few potatoes and the oil to cook them with……enjoy being peasants again you idiots, ARE YOU THICK, BLIND or just STUPID to believe in that KGB man ?? What is the matter with you ??

    • they need TSAR to believe in as they lack FREE WILL and RESPONSIBILITY to live freely

      700 years under whip made their mentality slave

      • Were you born stupid or did you take a class? All you people from the “advanced west” talk about is Russians being slaves and being blind to the truth, while you yourselves are victims of propaganda. You judge Russians for invading Ukraine, while USA can invade any country because of freedom and fight against terror(read:they want oil). And as a person whose nation spent 890 years under foreign rule, that doesn’t make you a slave. Quite the opposite.

        • So you are saying we annexed Iraq as our 51st state? look again my communist friend and seek to understand a bit better the non-communist manifesto.

  12. Hate to say this, but Russia won’t get any sympathy from me about this given what’s going on at the moment.