Special Individual Missions For Returning Players – Time-Limited

Hello everyone,

by now, you probably know about the concept of individual missions. Simply put, they are missions that some players have and others don’t. Please don’t confuse it with the upcoming 9.5 feature, the individual missions for all players. The “first round” of these are the missions intended for players, who were inactive for a long time:

- for simple return and playing one battle: 7 days premium account
- play 15 battles: 10 gold repair kits, 500 gold, 500k credits
- win 10 battles: 10 gold medkits, 500 gold, 500k credits
- gain 25k XP: 10 gold extinguishers, 500 gold, 500k credits
- do all the missions above, get Dicker Max

Anyway, you already know that. What you do not know however is that this mission is time limited. It has to be completed until 1.1.2015 – this date seems to be common to all the players, so if you “return” tomorrow, you’ll have one day less to complete it.

Many thanks to maXTC for this info.


22 thoughts on “Special Individual Missions For Returning Players – Time-Limited

  1. SS, don’t confuse people – these are not “individual” missions. They are identical for all those players, who return to game. Individual missions imho will have different goals for every player or so and will have those fancy new tanks as rewards.

  2. That one kinda makes sense…trying to get people to come back before the new year. I wonder if the missions that will pop in 9.5 will be 6 months or a year long, and reset at that point? Or if they’ll just make em 1 month long and nearly impossible without giving up your whole life (well, US server will probably get those, actually).

  3. one more info, i forgot to write in the email:

    the missions are only performable with tanks beginning at tier 4 upwards!

      • well i think these missions are only available for users which were pretty active before (my friend hast 6k battles and did buy gold/premium as well).
        so i don’t think they will send out missions to players which are at tier 3 max. or anything like that :D

        • Well playing and winning 10 games is not that hard, and to collect 25k exp, with a premium is just as easy. I recon that this can be completed in 2 – 5 days, just by playing 3 or 4 tanks, few battles a day. So I do not mind the time limit. Not like it is to collect 25k exp for each nation.

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  5. Leaving wot for 8 months with idea of free DMax is challenging mission (its called “mission” right?), even more challenging then that mission to get IS-6 (where you knew that you may work on it harder one day and take rest the other one :D).
    Now its even more challenging, because you must return in time to fullfill it … so maybe DMax is not adequate reward…. Type 59 will capture more sciencists to try it :D

    I’m waiting “challenge accepted!” comment ;)

  6. 6:09 seem a strange time to end the mission. Perhaps the time limit only starts from the moment the inactive player logs back into their account?

  7. Silentstalker, please call them Comeback missions or something like that, because now it is really confusing.

  8. Are this missions just showing up for the players who are getting them, or are they needing to follow a web link before returning?..

    I am just wondering if it is using some form of external server validation and not just appearing on peoples accounts..

    • They say u get an email from WG after not playing for half a year or so which says if u log in to the game u get that special mission to complete.

  9. I got one of these emails the other day. Not played in about 4 months but prior to that ad 14k games and had a premium account for most of the time I played.

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