Individual Missions Coming to EU Server

Hello everyone,

many thanks to German player maXTC for this one. His friend (the name was redacted), who did not touch World of Tanks for an extended period of time (since early summer) recieved the following picture on his game-registered e-mail. Wargaming is clearly trying to lure older players back into the game.

It says: “We want you back!” and offer individual missions to the returning player as such (no time limit for the tasks):

- for simple return and playing one battle: 7 days premium account
- play 15 battles: 10 gold repair kits, 500 gold, 500k credits
- win 10 battles: 10 gold medkits, 500 gold, 500k credits
- gain 25k XP: 10 gold extinguishers, 500 gold, 500k credits

Plus a Dicker Max for free for simply logging in. Now that’s nice of Wargaming, isn’t it…



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      • “Plus a Dicker Max for free for simply logging in. Now that’s nice of Wargaming, isn’t it…” thats incorrect if I understood you correctly, you only get the dicker max if you complete all missions and then log in.
        EDIT: Confirmed – I got that email and did not receive a dicker max. I also played some battles etc., no dicker max.

          • I guess they send it to players who have quite an amount of games played on their account. Which makes sense…

              • Hmmm, wouldn’t it be easier to just remove the 50% rule & the RNG penalties for being a good shot ohhh & send the noobs to their own “kiddy pool” to learn how to play this game untill they reach 12K battles so that they don’t piss off the veterans that left in the 1st place because of stupid players that do NOT know their role on the battlefield????
                Of course not, why that would make too much sense !!! Perhaps that’s why their Veteran base is leaving WOT in the cold & playing other games that are ohh I dont know…. FUN !!!

                • 12k played battles = veteran? I prefer to have a 1400 WN8 player with 5k battles in team rather than 25k battles 600 WN8 one.

                • Wow you really have a problem with Comprehension I never said 12k would make a veteran I simply said it would be a threshold between the two groups.

                • So back when I’d been in good land-holding clans for over a year, I wouldn’t have been a “veteran”? Clicking the big red button doesn’t determine skill, clicking red tanks is skill.

                • So you want to play with the small ish number of veteran players, and the large number of bot accounts/afk grinders that insted meet the 12k game ceiteria. And a computer running a bot/ afk can get 12k games in a week or 2 if its running 24/7. But you would rather have this than a player with less than 12k games but still a good player every match. I would even want a 300 wn8 player over a bot, because you can tell them what to do, or get them to cap, or go and spot e.c.t and bots at base take less of the enamy fire than nice distracting noobs. Id have the noob rather than the 12k game bot every time.

                  Yeah, you didnt think that one through, did you.

      • There in fact may be no decline really. The more players the better though. So while new players replace old ones, who quit the game for some reasons, there’s goo reason for WG to try to win some inactive ones back: more players = more money.

      • I have already been away for 4 months and have 10500 games in my primary account. I sure can wait for another 4 if they give me that dicker max.
        Also i have 5100 free gold in my acct. Getting another 1500 will be welcome. Then I can finally buy the T34 by investing real money in only 4.5k gold (provided this applies to the ASIA server)

    • I am guessing, that it is not only related to the amount of time, but also how big “spender” the player was, or what country he is from etc. If that guy was playing with premium account, has some premium tanks, and is from a rich country, then it may be the reason for such gracious offer. At least if I would create such system, I would reward more people that were spending real money on the game, and/or are from rich markets.

  1. Wow, it looks like i will stop playing WoT and come back after 2yrs lol. This will only lead ppl to stop playing and then suddenly start again :D

    • WG gives nothing to players who stay. But gives tons of gold stuff for those who left.
      Now everybody will leave. Gj WG

  2. Oddly enough, if I play regularly and complete missions, I’m rewarded with a Tog, big useless british heavy, but if I don’t play, I’m rewarded a german premium TD so I can train my crew for the other cool german td ? hmmmm, I need to make better choices in my life…

      • yea TOG is great. It’s better to have it for free than to pay gold, people will always complain.

        • the tog is trash dude, i don’t even think theres anything above tier 5 that is slower.

          i grinded that shit out just to sell it for credits lol

  3. I wonder what will you get for a year of absence since I’m planing a long retirement as soon as I get FV (a month or so)… Cheap tricks from cheap people. You better make a game worthwhile for those players because they can come back only so far…

    I wonder if you could reply to that message because I’d LOVE so much to reply with “FUCK OFF!” Come on FV, I need you fast, I gotta try this!

  4. You really have to wonder if WG devs are mentally retarded. As a long term player (& payer), this is another good reason for me to stop playing.

    Also, perfect timing with the upcoming Armored Warfare beta…….. well done WG!

    • “Hey kid, try some of that premium stuff … Eh? Money? Nah, it’s cool, it’s cool. Just for you it’s for free, because I like you. That’s right. Here you go buddy. Umm … … You know where to find me if you need some more.”

  5. WoT players play with tanks, WG play with players.

    For me, its good to know how manipulative WG is … I hope that Armored Warfare will come soon and will be much more “customer friendly” than WoT.
    For non-active players WG brings free bonuses, but for current active veteran players .. nothing! What about any free bonuses for players who have researched the whole (.. and rare played ..) china tech tree? For example Type 59 as a free gift? … Or for the whole researched american tech tree … M6A2E1 as a free gift? .. No? Active veteran players are not important for you, dear WG ??

    I think that WG marketing must be totally stupid and knowing the case “Dicker Max for free for non-active players”, I will reduce my spending on WoT even more …

  6. Well, we all know that those “invidual” missions with t6-8 rewards will be for no-lifes. WG is milking money too much to just give easy missions with premium tanks rewards

  7. So the best strategy is:
    1. Create new account using the ‘invite system’
    2. Slowly progress towards that tier 10
    3. After 6 months, get back to your first account and say hi to Dicker Max and T95E2

  8. WG are a complete bunch of morons, they are unable to gift “loyal” players and the only guys that receive TRUE gifts are or guys that leave WOT a lot of time ago or CW players (and first provide 0 euros for WG and 2nd less than solo random players BUT with competitive feeling).

    Expect they use more brain and start thinking in who give euros because in few months they are going to lose A LOT of pay players.

    • How does that make them a bunch of morons? What are you? Narrow-minded?
      I’ll have you know that Wargaming is after all a business, but you probably don’t know shit about economics.
      It’s a pretty common thing amongst Energy and internet service providers to reward those so called “switchers”, people who return to their former or a new provider. Long-term users hardly get any rewards.

      Neither do I believe that CW players don’t spend any money on the game or spend less money than your average solo’er, and as far as I’m concerned, they’re one of the most important player-bases (hence all the new campaigns, rewards, live-streams). Correct me if I’m wrong
      Well, whatever, if you don’t like what Wargaming is doing, just quit already. Simple as that, huh?
      Now please remove that tinfoil hat from your head, it makes you look stupid.

      • Don’t use the word “Economics” if you don’t understand it at all, and what’s more … if you don’t understand the point.

        It is the “Loyalty”, what is being discussed here. Loyalty has value, disloyalty not.
        You can advocate for opposite shity WG approach, but … your opinion is not worth even one single euro.

        • I’m totally not justifying/defending Wargamings approach, I’m not picking sides at all. Honestly, I couldn’t care less. If they want it to be this way, so be it. Yet saying that “loyal” players don’t get anything while “leavers” are rewarded with presents is plain stupid in my book. There are tons of missions and soon there’ll even be personalized missions. Thus saying Wargaming is shitting on the loyal players is rather an invalid argument.

    • No, that’s different. A free low tier for all players who log in, even if they are still regulars.

      Similar to the various gift tanks we have had in WoT.

  9. If they mix this feature with the “buy and sell back” gold tanks feature (that the US Server has, and EU is not going to get?) then you could buy gold tanks then sell them and go idle. Invite with free tank given (20~ battles is nearly the same as just logging in!) and buy back your tank before you get it in the mission.

  10. I have been out of the game for over a year, i have played over 15k battles.. Came back into the game 3weeks ago and got nothing for it.

  11. If only this could make all the “less gifted” players to stop playing for half a year in hopes of getting a freebie… Can’t be bad for the rest of us, right?

    • And by “less gifted” you mean “less fortunate” players which, unlike you, don’t waste their real money on a stupid game, hence they will have a tough time advancing through tiers and less creds for the gold ammo spam.

      You’re a real bastard, you know that ?

      • Um dude. I play the game without prem acc and only bought my kv-5 when i had my first tier ten unlocked more than two years back.

        Skill is something the player has to provide and a sow grind w/o prem acc teaches weak spot awareness more than anything else.

      • Please do tell everyone the exact amount of real money i “wasted on stupid game” for the last 6 months. If you know this amount, i should be worried about the security of my bank account. If you don’t… Well then you, sir, are a liar and your words are not even an opinion.

        And by “less gifted” i mean people who crawl out only at times of “x3″ or “x5″ to sour the game for others. They seem like the type “Great! I might get a freebie if i don’t play for a long time… Worth a try”.

  12. So the idea is like that
    -They introduce referal system + the return system.

    Then I’ll become referal for a friend (and he did it to me), we took our time, 6 month to get a TX and when i got back I’ll got dicker + Tiers X gift + some stuffs?
    Fair enough

  13. Time to take a break from WoT for a few months. Instead of paying them for premium time, they can pay me for time off! Genius idea WG.

  14. They offered me:

    - for simple return and playing one battle: 7 days premium account
    - play 15 battles: 3 gold repair kits, 300 gold, 200k credits
    - win 10 battles: 3 gold medkits, 300 gold, 300k credits
    - gain 25k XP: 3 gold extinguishers, 300 gold, 300k credits
    - play 1 more battle get an Excelsior tank

    Would have prefered a DMax but musn’t grumble :)

    • It’s like with any service. The company spam money out to reach those one-time customers and forget to reward returning customers. That is bad business. The old year-in-year-out subscribing customers feel like fucked up when they see the offers for new deals.

      That is why I don’t do long term deals for internet, mobile or subscribe any magazines. You will most likely get better deal after short term contract.

  15. I would suspect that your account would need solid payment history of some sort before you get this kind of direct returning customer offer.

    I wouldn’t give out freebie goods to players who clearly are not willing to participate in company revenue run.

    So most of you: I wouldn’t stop playing and hold my breath from these news. Most probably you haven’t invested a dime in this game.

  16. WG logic reward players who don’t play the game give nothing to the guys that do and invest money into it GJ WG you have done it again stronk customer relations.

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  18. So, instead of rewarding the old faithful players for sticking with them for a longer period they’ve decided to reward those who left and active players gets a dick in the face. Not to mention this will encourage active players to quit the game for a while to get those rewards. Fucking genius.

    • +1 Exactly! But it is the same kind of players WG makes that x5 specials for. But Why? Do they spend the most gold?

  19. Why doesn´t wargaming compensate active players? Because they are trusting statistics. Giving something for free to the active players won´t gain any customers but rather decrease potential earnings.
    Active players will not leave the game beacsue of not receiving free stuff, they will leave because they lost the interest in the game, think that Wargaming sucks, think that the game is to repetetive or whatever, but not because they didnt receive a Dicker Max. Active world of tanks players are more often than not addicted to the game.
    Giving 10000 active players a Dicker Max is pointless, at least business wise. And WG is all about business.
    But giving 10000 inactive players a Dicker Max is good business! First of all you have selected the inactive customers from diffrent factors like how many matches, “addictiveness level” and how much the spent on the game “profit per head”. If you get some of these previous addicts back in the game to the cost of a pixel tank, well then its good business.
    The drugdealer gives free sample to old and possible new customers, but not his current ones. WG is using the same principles.

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