Artillery Returns Video

Hello everyone,

here’s a really nicely done Russian frag video with… you guessed it, artillery! The real unicum nightmare begins, as multiple hightier tanks get oneshotted by the massive T92 and other artillery vehicles. Enjoy!

Oh and thanks to Nekojima from US server for linking it.


165 thoughts on “Artillery Returns Video

      • When you play lotto with million rows, you might win something.

        Think, how many fail shots and losses he had to take before having enough material for this video.

        With tanks, you can play a few games and get good material if you are good, but hitting with arty is more and more complicated rng after all accuracy nerfs.

    • The only thing i truly hate in this game is Arty, such a stupid game mechanic and sucks the fun out of the game.

      Arty players are Red Noobs Tomatos that don’t give a shit about the game or their WR, they enjoy ruining the game for Tank players and Wargaming i hate you for this.

      • use your words wisely tomatoe, there are lots of good players who play arty (including me) and we are not red tomatoes like you.

      • Well my beloved T92 doesn’t get me great WR with it (about 48%), but it does get me really nice WN8 (about 1800+ per battle) and A LOT of fun ;)

        • What exactly is fun waiting for your gun for 40-50 seconds to reload just so you would then depend on RNG whether you’re gonna hit someone directly or just splash him, or even miss completely? And all that without even touching your WASD keys for more than 2 seconds. And why the fuck do artafag players complain how arty is RNG dependent mechanics? If it’s so then stop playing it and play something that doesn’t depend(that much) on RNG, like real tanks you know.

          • the fun part is hitting some one who loses a god damned lot of hitpoints and following starts to whine

            THATS the fun part

            • So, you are just saying what most arty players people say, and thats just proved arty nature….jerk

              Sacrificing your time and fun just to destroy other people fun, you are just an asshole, scourge of this world, please do this world a favor and dont procreate.

      • I’m about average player and have one arty in garage. From time to time, I like to rest a bit, supporting from the rear, and the somehow less active gameplay of arty is great for that.

      • While I don’t consider myself to be a unicum of any kind, I’m definitely not a “Red Noobs Tomatos” [sic] either. I actually give a shit about winning, and my WR is decent. I just happen to enjoy your pubbie tears in randoms. Suck it.

      • Nya-chan

        Originally, it can be interpreted as either a common level typo/misspell (something that schoolkids would misspell; I guess its a throwback to the fact that at least [i] some [/i] arty players a illiterate schoolkids and/or suck at WoT).

        Alternatively, the first variation of writing is actually in my natural Belorussian language, which the second arty corrects to proper Russian spelling. It makes little sense if we do not consider current Geo-political situation.

        Edit: oh, and, indeed, it does say “Arty lives”

    • Something like arty is alive, or maybe long live arty… I can read cyrillic letters, though i don`t know russian language, so this is just a guess.


  1. Sigh. Yesterday a tomato was 1 shotting everything in his T92… including 2k damage on me.

    Much skill, Very click. Wow.

        • RNG alone is not enough to save him in every battle. For instance, it’s usually hard for arty to hit moving targets and there is enough cover on many maps, so when there are static tanks in the open I feel like fat child in a sweet-shop and it would be stupid not tu use this chance.

      • lol i play my 92 baby sometimes AP only and still 8/10 shots hit the target… so duno what you doing wrong… 92 is a beast for me love it like no other arty ~500 battles and 57% WR, ~2300 dmg so …
        for me the fun on arty is like someone else said the flame and pain from those unicum faggots who think they are invincible and godlike. best compliment for an arty player (with some wn, not like this 300wn noobs) is when he (or she ;) ) is called clicker.
        and i cant understand this kind of people who never played arty but are complaining about the “skypigs”, “skycancer” and all the other names they have for the “death from above”.
        in my opinion, would this game much worse without arty, because anyone would camp the fuck out of their tanks even more it is now.

        • Any good player can counter the **** out of a turtle simply by spotting for the TDs I am sorry but the unicum faggots actually cannot jack off while playing tanks and have to use BOTH hands. Which is why there are NO mostly arty players in competitive play. The higher the skill of a player the more they hate artillery. Weather it is CW field commanders using it as Eye in the sky intelligence gathering or Gamebreaking alpha, the more skilled you are you realize how stupid arty really is.

  2. In fact, true unicums do not care about artillery as it’s quite easy for them to keep moving in such way you just can’t predict their path and therefore it’s a waste of shell (and more importantly, reload time) to try to hit them. :-)

    When I hit someone with an arty, I mostly get rude words from sitting duck noobs (the worse noob the louder), and on the other hand many good players salutes you for a nice moving shot. Example: hitting and killing straight riding T71 with my Lorraine 155 51 – no, it was not RNG lucky, yes, he knew he could have avoided the shot if he zig-zagged. He just congratulated me and moved on.

    Once I read a useful post on the forum: when you die, do not start bitching about your team, RNG, tomatoes, arties and so on, but think what you could have done better YOURSELF. :-)

    • there is no skill in sitting in base, letting the rest of your team spot and hold the enemy and you clicking whenever someone sticks their head out … arty ruins perfectly good games. I’ve yet to play a game where I think “wouldn’t it be nice to have arty now”

      • So, what you’re saying is that you hate 75% of WoT players, who basically camp base in heavies (usually russian heavies) and click every time someone pops out?

        Because newsflash, arty isn’t the only class that stays back and snipe.

        • bad players will always be bad players. but at least you can shoot them when they shoot you. Getting clicked from 600m by an arty you have no way of returning fire upon is the most frustrating mechanic the game could have.

          How can it be fun to lose half or all your tank through no fault of your own. You have to poke out to shoot the enemy. You have to leave cover to advance. Arty makes games more campy and only annoys the majority of players.

          • Because after patch 8.6, and a sharp decline in arty, making half the matches arty-free, camping has been reduced to a minimum, right?

            No heavies and TDs camping in bushes, waiting for the first dumbass that dares make the first move, right?

              • I know certain kind of people are hurt when made to start thinking. When playing rock paper scissors it’s unfair that rock can’t fight back against paper !
                Remove paper from the game !!!

      • Well, I’ve been really enjoying light tanks recently and I really miss when there’s no arty:
        1) Snipers in TDs often don’t know which place to take to cover large area of the map.
        2) There is no enemy arty to rape and help my team not get hit from above. :-)

        • Prochorovka without arty is just fucked up campfest with LTs driving in the middle and just laughing in face of everyone.

          • Are you kidding a heavy tank in the middle or meds will act dynamically and the lights you say are laughing are useless.

      • before 8.6 i had only hummel, then arty nerf came i sold it, likemany others did, and i said i will never play arty again..few months later..after many failed games and no team support i decided to turn the tables and have all arties in game, like i dedided to have all standard tanks in game,eventually.
        im 1 mil away from buying gwe100, i own su 14 2, lorr 155 mle 51, m53/55 and vf207, and playing arty gives me moments when i can chill after some hard games.
        before 9.4 i had all standard tanks in game at levels 8-10 with more or less skills, so i dont know if i qualify for for the skycancer award.
        as a player im just average, i dont do clans or platoons..
        and now for all the arty haters,maybe this will help : playing arty is a way to help u know what u do wrong when playing standard tanks,couse some possitons u think are arty-safe, just seen from above, look totally different,u get to lean key possitions that u will try to avoid when playing your rerular tanks, and maybe that could one day save u a great amount of hp

    • When you get hit for 800 on the move sideways from arty – very YOURSELF moment.
      Dont GER prove that arty is needed in this game like we need mosquitos?

      • +1

        Arty and skill in one sentence .. Nah just doesnt work.

        Ofc arty can be frustrating for good Players as wel, because Good Players risk something.

      • Well, when you really think of it the way I said, sometimes you will come to a conclusion that you couldn’t have do anything better – but if you come to that conclusion for every death you experience, you’re just blaming all world for your faults. :-)

        Another example: I was properly hulldown in my T29 on Malinovka, yet I just knew that no matter how I will move, the 3 arties will eventually get me. I made a good deal of damage, then I died after a series of detracks and splashes. Still it was partially my fault, next time I will come to a safer place. When you know there are 3 arties in the enemy team and you are slow heavy tank, you just need to act accordingly (and I do not mean camp behind a rock on your own base).

          • I gave you an example of 60 kph straight riding T71 – not enough for you to understand my point? :-)

            • Here’s the thing, you can’t expect every tank to move laterally to every SPG…

              Tanks’ strongest armour are at the front, frontal armour is needed for tanks to bounce enemys’ shots(spg excluded for obvious reasons)…it’s part of the game mechanics.
              Not to mention there isn’t always room(nor is it always appropriate) to avoid getting hit…

              SPG works against that by needing players to move unpredictably(and not just forward/back) WHILE brawling with enemies… which results in people simply refusing to move up/get spotted, which ruins the game.

              At least TD can’t hit you from behind hill(even if TD remains unspotted after firing, you at least know there is more aim/positioning skill involved…).

              • Yep, I’m trying to explore whole French tree and I know it’s not that easy to position a slow TD without turret (I’m currently at ARL V39). But it’s also not that easy to be successful with an arty, especially the French with flat arcs need to find an advantageous position on the map, watch minimap, keep moving with the team to be safe if one flank fails (tomatoes fail in this and complain about bad team who let them be killed), fire nice moving shots…

                Those whiners who complain about “clickers” never admit it, but you just know if there arty player in your team is good or bad. Tomato arties hit only tomato players, but just yesterday I came accross cyan and purple players in (surprise, surprise) arties who can significantly turn the tide of the battle.

                And if those whiners played arties for a significant amount of time, they’d also know the RNG is usually against you than with you. Some games you just miss everything, even fully aimed stationary targets, but you never play a game where you’d hit every poorly aimed shot.

                PS: If anyone wanted to see my class chart: ;-)

            • Ok, there are some good players playing arty, but most of them are tomatoes. It is just so stupid, that even if u are moving very fast in unpredictable way , the stupid tomatoe hits you because RNG bitch.

              Arty has too much RNG in it’s game style and it is imposible to be sure if it hits or not. That’s why I don’t play arty, cause it was too frustrating to reload 40s and not hit twice. But there were of course battles where I hit target moving 60 km/h with an 800m snap shoot from 212a… Arty is just stupid and gameplay braking.

              • “Ok, there are some good players playing arty, but most of them are tomatoes.”

                Newsflash: Actually, most players in this game are tomatoes (or worse, like… not even red, they’re grey on the scale). It’s not exclusive to artillery.

          • If you complain about arty then we should bring more tanks like the t49 into the game instead! The hybreds!

            Derp! Smack an is7 on the side double tracking him he says fuck skycancer next thing he finds out it was a t49 then he calls out Fuck landcancer lol

        • Mmm, when there are 3 enemy artys it means also that there are 3 artys in your team; So i all depence on your scouts or how good your artys are with contra- firing…

    • Arty players are only skilled in Talking about how great their monkey click, click skill is, for Arty player a battle is not a “battle”, it’s a 2D minigame just like Candy crush or Angry birds, sorry more like Angry birds, but with less skill as you only need move your cursor on the map and clicking on a tank you want to explode.

      indeed no RNG involved in Arty, as the center point is 90% guaranty to make a tank exploded or lose 80% of HP.

      it’s their only way to play against skilled players by shoting them across the field with no strings attached, yea easy mode.

      GJ Wargaming for trolling your player base, keep it going like this and we will embrace the HATE.

      ps regardless of the *Rage* the video is really good 10/10

      • it seems you have never played arty yourself – to get 50% over WR in arty is really difficult, because all arties are team depending – if they will spot – you will do dammage, if they dont – you are just a meat when some1 gets near you. Arty requires skill – if you don’t believe it, try to PLAY IT and when you will be f@cked in the face again and again you will see how difficult is shoot something when your ammo needs usually 3-4 seconds to hit something. A sitting and camping ducks are usually my favourite meal – if you want to avoid enemys arty – just MOOOOOOOOVE.

        • So basically what you say is arties need skill and you are a pro, except for the fact that you have to compensate for 3-4s shell travel time. Which is extremely difficult.

          Arty players in a nutshell…

          • OMG I CAN HAZ SHELL LEADING I SO MLG PRO !!!11!1!oneone1

            If you clickers get high by shell-leading, I suggest you go noobtubing/propiping on FPS games like CoD, BF, yadayada.

            OH WAIT!

          • Play an arty and comeback next time. play a t6 arty and comeback after by then you will relize arty requires more skill then you loading a goldshell in your favroite landcancers to hurt someone.

        • Let me know how much success you have driving slow heavy tank erratically in the open because you wanted to avoid that spg.

          • kv220 says hi and says if im slow and fat even i can advoid arty fire! move back and forth and move else were. when arty sence kicks in move foward then 5 seconds later go in reverse shell advoided.

      • Watch this… I play rhm borsig on el halluf Enemy arty S-51 hit me,take out my gun/no damage LOL He play with stock gun So it goes: cca 35 sec reload/no dmg shot on paper td/35 sec reload for next shot.. When i have prfect game in borsig it goes like that: 6 shots of 500 dmg for 80 sec= 3000 dmg gg xD And you take arty and mis 5-6 shots in bad team on city map So i cant agree with you Zlig Arty life is not that easy mode

        • If you play as well as you type I think you won’t deal any more damage in a borsig than in an arty.

          Seriously, currenlty WG could just buy those guys writing bots (warmaster or whatever epeen shit that stuff is called), plug those in arties and noone ever would be able to tell the difference.

          Arties need so much skill and brain process:
          10 check map
          20 GOTO favourite bush
          30 press shift
          40 IF target = green THEN
          50 GET next target
          60 ELSE left click
          70 GOTO 40

          that’s arty in randoms currently.

  3. Artillery is underpowered and weak, and anyone who says otherwise is free to prove me wrong by getting higher winrate in artillery than in your other tanks of the same tier. Be my guest.

    These RNG videos are pointless, you could take the most underpowered tier10 tank and just make a video about ammo racks you caused, portraying that tank as some super-tank.

    • It is weak, and that’s working as intended.

      RNG is still an issue but generally spg’s effectiveness is scaled back with how much skill it takes to play it.

    • Arty isn’t weak, arty is a complete leech on the play of the rest of their team. They can do nothing for themselves and rely entirely on the rest of their team to spot and tank damage for them while they sit in base shouting and clicking the map for people to go out of cover to spot for them. When the rngesus is good to them they 1 shot heavies from across the map and think they are good players, yet when the rngesus is against them and their 1 shot every 50secs misses it’s not their fault…

      I’m a reformed clicker. I know what I’m talking about. You have zero controlled influence on the outcome of a match. Everything you do relies on luck. No matter how much you aim there is still a big chance that you’ll completely miss your target, every time you click you cross your fingers and hope the shell hits home on some poor sob who was trying to position himself to actually play the game and fight other tanks. THERE IS NO SKILL IN ARTY

        • I don’t like playing arty, and I can’t say I am skilled arty clicker, but I had my first CW in 212a, because we didn’t have tier X arty and guess what… I did above 5k DMG. It is really easy to play arty in CW, random battles need better players.

          • More than likely over 90% of player base are just bad… Owning group of disorganized band of players is no feat… try the same against some real clans and you’ll see how easy to get the same result…

            And russian artillery is valid artillery from the moment they get the big gun in it… That has not changed, ever.

            I liked arty prenerfs, then they just become too RNG dependant to actually be able to use your skills on leading or shell checking bushes etc things needed to actually be a good player. Also countering worked quite some time… now? It is so retarded to actually try even when they won’t move your reticle is the size of ten. Sure you hit the middle more often, it ain’t enough.

            You should maybe get more games in arty to learn them… or stop lying them being easy as you sound them to be. I could not keep up with the WR of them against my other tanks, plain and simple: Too much RNG… Skill is involved, but the amount of RNG is plain turd.

            Good try on being Woras… it just was short of Wor with added s.

  4. It’s not like arty is in every battle. From zero to many – it makes all the battles different.

  5. I hate them with a passion -.- there should be a seperate server for these idiots. Lucky Clicker Noobz -.-””

        • Now those are my stats :D

          WoT is my very first online-game, I never read rules on forums and learned everything by myself, first 2k battles I didn’t even know there was aim-time :D
          And since I started WoT, I always played on cheap Laptops, slow internet (max 50Mbit/s) and with inaccurate mouses (right-click broken, or wireless ones). And all that on lowest graphics, so it happens that I shot a rock that wasn’t modelled because of low graphics. I turn around 8-15fps and 130ms, to achieve my current stats it’s needs a load of nerves, balls and skill. I’ll turn purple once I invest money in hardware, but I think that money is better spent in a gmae called “real-life”. :D

        • Who cares… go check my stats instead then. I play *a lot* of arty, and I manage to maintain a ~2600 DPB and ~2500 WN8. I’d rather have Ludo787 in an arty than in a top-tier heavy or medium, regardless of which team he’s in.

  6. As a “clicker” i can only say; Nice vid, Well done…

    Yesterday i one- shot an st-1
    , the rage from him becourse my overall rating is 46%… Timeles. ( btw, i have 350 games with my gw e-100 and an winrate with 54% , only ramdom games)…

    • …Not sure if sarcastic? Are you honestly being proud of the fact that you are 46% and managed to get someone rage at you for a lucky click? RLY?

      • In two days I oneshotted a Lowe, two Rhm Waffenclickers and put a fire from an AP shell to a Maus, doing over 2,2k dmg overall to it :D

        • ..and in last 8 games I played I trashed 2 lowes, 3 T34/29s, a E75, and some others with my AT7. What’s your point other than arty=cancer?

          • Why would you think braindead pubbies make points? Clicking and licking windows is the peak of their skills.

            • I make my points when the self-proclaimed WoT pros go cry to mommy about their precious tank getting one-shot by my T92.
              “OMG what a fucking lucker fucking arty fag go die burn in hell and your mother this-and-that!!” Yeah. Back to garage, bitch.

  7. Artillery as it is currently is implemented horribly. Big, slow derpsticks that can miss a camping heavy 3 times in a row, but will get that occasional one-shot against quick meds and lights that was doing everything to avoid it. They’re neither satisfying to play with or against.

    Exception would be the FV304. It’s pretty close to what I think arty should be. Accurate and quick aim-time, but slow shell-travel so it can only really hit stationary or very predictable targets, but it WILL hit them. Limited range so you can only support one part of the map at a time, and mobility good enough that you can relocate or go TD-mode with some success if necesary.

    Since WG is never going to ditch the game mechanic what they should do is to take a good look at what artillery they allready have and replace the derpsticks with smaller, more modern and efficent designs. With the exception of most of the US branch the higher tiers arty never left the drawing table anyway, so stuff like the M109 and FV433 Abbot for example would be infinitely more “historical”.

    Go back to the old system of if not enough designs can be found to make a full tier 2-10 branch, but nothing with a gun bigger than roughly 155 mm. RoF around 4-5 rpm and reasonable accuracy and aim-time.

    Limit them to one per match and no platoons to avoid perma-tracking, and bob’s your uncle.

  8. And as always those who says that arty doesn’t require skill, never plays arty.

    What people seem to forget is that most artys can hardly move so leaving the base is almost impossible. Also they tend to have 30 seconds reload time, so it’s very frustrating when you have a game where your shots always misses by a meter.

    It takes great skill and map knowledge to find and hit your targets, unless they’re noobs that sit still in the open and then rage about their own stupidity when they get one-shotted. But of course, they blame the arty player for being a “coward camper clicker” instead.

    • ‘It takes great skill and map knowledge to find and hit your targets’

      Joke of the day. What kind of skill does it take? Your eye muscles might cramp by turning one of your eyeballs to the minimap? Map knowledge? Lol. You need to move at most 150m in a match with arty to get to your favourite campy bush. Each match I play I can tell with 99% accuracy where the arties are, and you say they need skill to get there.

      • Lelelelel when you drive on a map, you don’t cover the whole map in one battle, Arty’s satelite view can cover the whole map within seconds, result: you need to know your map. Arties (good arties) are the brain of the team, they have the strategy and know where they have to work. Meds and so on just rush towards one single flank and switch from time to time…

        • That’s why you have 46% WR. Because you are the brain behind the team.

          Ahhahahaha, you are priceless.

          • Interwebz warrior :D 28, long dark hair, living at momma’s house? :D 51% btw but unlike other no-lifers you didn’t check for it.

          • LOL, dude, really, seriously, i swear you made me laugh.

            That 46% win rate guy calling artys the brain of the team, i guess thats why teams are usually SO DUMB.

        • “Arties (good arties) are the brain of the team”


          See, this is what I love about artyfags, they have cancerview and think they know the entire battlefield, and the game is actually RTS. Except when you can’t micro these pesky things call real tanks that actually play. xD

          Also, love taking orders from arty. And defying them. And see them rageauit And then carry the game w/o beeching

      • That’s what I said, most artys can barely move and getting to that camping bush is often the only sane thing to do.

        It doesn’t take skill to hit a target, especially a moving one? What differs this from poking out from cover in your heavy, hit their cupola or LG and then retreating back in cover for a reload. Over and over again?

        • “What differs this from poking out from cover in your heavy, hit their cupola or LG and then retreating back in cover for a reload. Over and over again?”

          Well, you actually have to move to that position, don’t have several minutes to aim, without hitting weakspots you are very likely to do no damage, and if you fuck up you die very quickly. Which makes it infinitely more difficult.

        • +1 please check my stats if you want to deny arties beeing brains in the team – there are always tomatoes who are playing all types of tanks – i noticed on thing – when it comes to high tier battles , it almost doesn’t matter if you are noob or good player – you will do damage – and it requires less skill because there are guns that penetrates allmost everything. as for the arty – in high tier battles – you have 3 shots in 2 minutes – off course it is very expensive to shoot and miss – that’s why targets are beeing chosen by their threat/skill – if i see one flank loosing – i always try to help them by killing biggest threat. but please, USE your brains, make them alive!! and understand that arty requires skill – you have to hit target 2-5 seconds AFTER you click the button – it is like relativity theory – two separate targets moving their own directions – and actually to predict what another player thinks it is like beeing seer or use telepathy – i am not talking about sitting ducks – i love them.

          • And as always those who says that arty doesn’t require skill, never plays arty.
            Never got past this sentence. I took me only that one to see how braindead and retarded you are for even thinking good players never played arty themselves just because they hate it. I’m pretty sure 99% of them(including myself) has played arty at one point and that exactly is what made them hate it and stop playing it. There is no better way of assuring yourself how retarded that game mechanic is than playing it yourself. Now fuck off and die.

      • Do you always rely on stats of others? I mean there must be a point where you tell yourself “Man, those are pixels that form numbers, can I concentrate my living on this?” poor souls arguing about pixels on the interwebz :D

        • Its not that we rely on stats, but it is so funny to see how baddies defend artys with passion, and they just can’t deny their are bad, because they really are bad. Stats is just a quick proof of that.


  9. Actually for me the real problem with arty started with XVM.

    I am in over 90 % of cases their favourite target. Even as weak t8 in a battle with lots of tX, often all 3 arties shoot me LoL

  10. I really hate arty, but this is a brilliant and superbly made and edited video. Well done.

  11. How can people still blame arty? The worst class is by far TDs, at least artys can help at the front but TDs, they just camp at the base and wait for half their own team has died before they can even shoot at the enemies that are comming to their base.

      • Exactly.
        Only shit TDs camp base; hell only shit players with anything camp base.
        “Butbutbut what if I play arty? ” Well just answered your question didn’t I?

        • that’s because majority of players don’t have a clue about the game, let alone about playing TDs

          • Yes, and that is why they are the most anoying class in the game by far…

            “Lets sit and do nothing until half my team is dead …”

            • They do the same in HT, MT, lights . Make no difference what they fap in.
              Oh yeah, arty forces you to do exactly THAT and nothing else.

  12. This “just move” argument is total BULLSHIT. Of course you can blame a medium or light sitting on an open map not moving for not understanding his role.


    Brawling maps?
    Corridor maps?

    There are SO MANY occasions where it is super clear where you HAVE to go with your heavy or even medium and the gameplay is, due to map mechanics, VERY STATIC.

    So all you so skilled sky cancer players have to actually grape is: “WHERE ARE THEY GONNA BRAWL?”


    You just pre-aim, you wait till your tanks get there, DING DONG! Fire!

    And that is just for the lazy retards of your kind. Obviously Arties are threat even when camping in a forest or place where they can happily pre-aim in only one direction where the enemy has to come. Close distance and BOOM. Happens to the best players. That shouldn’T even be possible.

    Arty mechanics are severely broken and “good Arty play” is basically exploiting the map meta, to which the players have to stick to in oder to be able to win the game.

  13. I like how this movie is made. Artillery is nice; but as soon as Arty takes 90% of your tier 9/10 tank while this arty is a tier 8… it makes no sense to me.

    Support fire ok; but the damage output with a single shot can be immense. But then the ary players RNG can also be really bad.

    • in almost every cases it means that arty shooting gold – so how you can explain when TD shooting gold takes away half of 9/10 hp? and even if it is in your viewrange IT DISAPPEARS in the bush because pro players have their camo up – and not only TD, i had an accident when 30 metres away from me enemy superpershing dissapeared.

  14. If arties are noobs for sitting back and clicking, how dumb are you to be killed by a noob with the inaccurate and slow-loadingT92?

    • Your logic is beyond stupid. Literally. If i smack you in the head from behind and you’re unable(for some reason) to turn around and see who smacked you how can you prevent me from smacking you again, genius?

      • Ha ha ha! You obviously don’t understand the game. Ever hear of “cover”? Do you know about “6th sense”? Do you know about the red arrow indicator that tells you where fire is coming from? Do you know about terrain? Do you know about sitting still in the same spot after being spotted? Ha ha ha ha ha!

    • Dude, seriously, go see a doctor, your brain is probably shutting down, you are unable to say something not stupid

  15. Where are the average videos of arties getting raped from behind with total misses on moving targets and 0 dmg? It’s more accurate how this cancerous vehicle class works in game. I guess it also needs a heroic track to compensate for randomness and boringness of a gameplay.

      • Yeah so exciting to click on minimap and rely on RNG with most of your shots. Before nerf 261 was usable because it could hit moving mediums at full speed, now it can’t anymore, so why bother with this shitty random cancer class anymore? Also you are less generally useless than other tanks (you can only ejaculate your shell into some chokepoints on map).

        • it was done for balancing purposes – and now it seems allright. Aren’t you happy when you use your brain, you predict where enemy tank is going and blow him up? i am for example. I am more happy to hit moving targets as it is really really difficult (due to limits of viewing angle, especially in russian artys) and you have to wait 6 seconds to target and then 3-5 second to hit it – it takes about 10 seconds until tank will be hit – and if you are sitting duck in one place for 10 seconds – you are worth of beeing shot down.

  16. The real unicum nightmare begins
    Too bad most people including you suck so badly that they don’t have any ingame nightmare

    • there won’t be any top of the tree fo arty, obj 261 is the last one, all 5 nations have been covered in 2014

  17. Why do you get hit by SPG? There’s only 3 reasons.
    1. The guy is really good (10%)
    2. RNG, which I totally hated too (10%)
    3. You are sitting in the open for over 5 seconds. (80%)

    Sorry but fact, from my 872 games experience in the American SPGs. Oh Post 8.6 too.
    Move your ass people. Sky cancer, scumbag whatever you want to call….. it’s in the game and will not be Removed. Don’t like SPGs? Play SPG or just quit the game then.

    You know how hard is SPG’s life nowadays? T8 LT came into the base and rape your ass, Fully aim shot going nowhere near where you aim, people moving after you fire……….. Fun? Yes if you got a good team who actually defends you, not so much in Random battles. Do you know how it feel to miss a shot in a SPG?

    Sometimes, Maybe it’s Not SPG The Problem?

    • I will quote someone (forgot who said it), but it is exactly how we feel.
      “Imagine you are enjoying your favorite meal, and then someone comes and take a huge crap on it”

      We like the game, but than some fucktards come and destroy it.
      But the worse is that WG think its ok, there is no problem at all with artys.

      BTW, your number 3 is a huge crap, sometimes you have to stay still for some reason, and there is a LOT of times people get hit on movement

  18. Love arty or not, we can all agree that this video was put together better then most official WoT videos.. Not quite WT caliber though..

  19. I wonder why wg mm doesn’t include an option like to activate arty game like assault and encounter. Everybody will be happy. I wonder however what will be the percentage of players playing without arty.