Meanwhile in Romania…

Thanks to MaverickShevy for the photos.

Meanwhile near Piesti, Romania – two T-54 tanks are randomly parked on the same spot since 1996 (or possibly even earlier). Nobody really knows who’s responsible for them and nobody seems to care. Apparently, they just get cleaned from time to time by municipal services. So, who wants a free tank?

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  1. And in Pitesti there is the Romanian Land Forces’ Application School for Armor Officers…
    The tanks probably belong to the school… But who knows…

    • How far is Pitesti from Buftea? Going to visit my girlfriend’s family at Buftea, and i’d like to go at Pitesti to see it, if is not too far.

      • No point going there. There is a military museum in Bucharest (20km away from buftea) and u can see lots of tanks there. I think some pictures are on the forum also

      • About 100ish km? But you’ll be able to get there by highway so about an hour drive give or take. As Vdragan says, I’d suggest going to the military museum, bypassing the whole exhibit in the building and just going out back to the vehicles park.

  2. Well I guess that everything that you see on them is bolted & welded solid… otherwise it would have been stolen a loooong time ago…

    We even have a joke about our high rate of thievery (not limited to gypsies, mind you):
    - What happens to a iron bar when it’s left in the rain? It rusts
    - What happens to a gold bar when it’s left in the rain? It evaporates…

  3. Google strikes back:

    The Goverment of Romania decided to donate the tanks to the city of Pitesti (where there is an School for Armor Officers) by the decision H.G. 237/27.03.2012
    Tanks arrived there in May of 2013 (correct that SS) and were donated by the Romanian Land Forces to the municipality of Pitesti, to be used as decoration at the entrance into the city.

    Tanks are still awaiting the building of the platforms that would hold them.

    And they are T55′s according to the Romanian Press.

  4. The city of Pitesti has the biggest tank school in Romania…so the Municipality tought to display these tanks at the entrances(there are only 2 major ones) in the city….

    Unfortunately…..after the tanks where donated by a unit in Ploiesti (not in 96 but just a few years back) they where just parked there.

    Probably they needed to build some sort of ramp and this being Romania it had to cost one metric tone of euros and be built by the mayor’s daughter or something.

    Currently the mayor is facing corruption charges and is in house arrest so those 2 tanks will continue to occupy 2 good parking spaces :)

    • yep, I say, with corruption in mind it is better they stay in parking lot than few millions wasted instead of few thousands for pedestals.

  5. Those are actually TR-77. Romania never had T-54s. Its the Romanian version of a T-55AM. It has 580hp

  6. Might seem odd to you, but we actually have better tanks. They’re TR-85M1 Bizonul.

    As someone already pointed out, they likely belong to the Romanian Land Forces.

    • Huh? Why do you think they need obsolote armour to train in? If they needed it they would have raided their military museums by now. They have far more moden designs operational.

  7. actually they are parked at a local pool and they are there since 2012…waiting to be used as decorations