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Hello everyone,

so, I had these few thoughts about the individual mission system, leaked recently. No new information surfaced for now, but I can already see some pitfalls, that might hinder it a bit. Let’s talk about some of those. Contrary to popular opinion, I find the fact that unless you are insanely good, you have to play arty for Object 260 very entertaining :) I mean… why not? Other issues however…


Please don’t include that requirement. Let me tell you why – it’s from my own experience in other games, here – specifically – World of Warcraft.

I think that by now we all realize, that the IM’s are essentially series of chain missions. WoW had chain quest too and it was always extremely difficult to get help with them, because other players were alwawys at different stage of the quest. Usually the way it was done was that a player joined a party for the entire chain quest, if the quest included a party-required part (for example some quest chains ended with a party having to defeat a very tough enemy, that required cooperation). If you lost that party somewhere in the process – good luck finding another one, that’s on the same stage as you. You managed to do that only if you were really lucky and it always took time.

Same thing will happen here, IF the missions behave like chain mission (win one, unlock next one). Why help someone if you are not on that stage yet? And who will help you?

Plus, platoon requirement is a huge pain in the ass for notorious solo players like me. I have to admit, I don’t enjoy platoons, I can’t play with them, having to take one friendly (instead of treating the entire team as hostile and/or full of idiots) actually slows me down and annoys me (unless it’s a friendly player I really sit well, but those are like two people I know of). I don’t want to platoon and I don’t want to look for anyone to actually help me – I am also sure many feel the same way (and that’s without the entire “chain” problem with the first part).

Please don’t include any social softcaps like this, that put organized players in better position. That’s what Stronghold, CW, companies and everything else is in the game for.


Wanna bet that a couple of people will get the Object 260 on the second night it’s out? Not through skill or knowledge of the game – they will rig the games. As you saw in the leak from earlier, getting Object 260 will be very, very difficult. The more difficult the prize, the more likely it is someone (frustrated/crooked enough) will try to rig it. I mean, I think my personal record is somewhere around 9k damage per battle in a Jagdtiger? There is NO way I am doing a 10k without sheer luck.

Rigging random battles is piss easy. You just wait until the lowest possible online time (4AM or so) and you ask a few of your buddies (or, in some cases, entire teams of clanmembers) to wait until that time – and you press “battle” all at the same time. On high tiers especially, there is a huge chance of you ending up all in the same battle filling both teams in extreme cases and…. there you go. This is obviously not some theoretical construct, this has happened in the past many times and it’s punishable by bans.

With that being said, Wargaming HAS to implement some very tough oversight, including removing the prize tanks from the offenders. What good is a ban for a week (or even a month), when you end up with a unique tank? Of course, Wargaming being Wargaming, I expect this part to be a massive fail with riggers going unpunished, but I’d love nothing more than to be proven wrong on this.

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  1. 10k is almost impossible to do unless your team sucks and the ennemy team sucks too.

    8k spotting damage by scouting, unless you are a very experienced scout player, you will never do it. And scout is maybe the hardest gameplay.

    The medium mission is good.

    The heavy mission… 20k damages blocked/dealt, quite hard… A T95 could do it on malinovka by crossing the field.
    This mission requires a Maus.

    Arty mission is in fact the easiest one :/ (and I dont say that because “arty is op and kills everything”, I am an arty player so I know how arty is really, and it’s far from op)

        • Well 10k with TD can be done . Jpz 100 , FV 183 and maybe WT 100 . But still you will need luck , Big luck .
          But Heavy tank mission is fail . There is like only heavy 2 tanks what maybe can do it . E100 on full gold and maybe T57 . But like Murazor did say in his video , it will be almost impossible . +It will broke completely tier 10 battles . All noobs will camp in bush with tier 10 TD and will spamming gold ammo .

      • I’ve seen a E3 do 34K blocked everyone was trying to kill it on a open field from 450+ meter. He just stood there soaking it in.

    • Choose Maus. Wait for Malinovka south spawn. Sidescrape at the houses and laugh as the red half of the enemy team dumps their whole ammo into your side armor to no effect.

    • I actually absorbed like 23k dmg in my E75 once, you don’t even need a tier X tank, just a heavily armored one, and a big distance to your enemies. Red baron kind of enemies.

    • There is one vehicle, map and situation this is doable – in fact I did it (>10k dmg).

      Jagdtiger, Monastery, starting from the north base, and going the corridor near the river. Stand behind PzIV/M4 wreck that sits there. If enemy team goes there, and you are alone (and they are dumb enough not to rush you) you have a DMG fest. Also it’s “can’t touch this” situation, as you only present them your superstructure.

      If I remember correctly, there was also one more battle I managed to get more than 10k DMG somehow. But yes, it’s very luck dependant…

      • You forgot 2 variables.
        There needs to be no arty and the enemy team needs to be dumb enough and not leave you alone or not load gold ammo(so they can easily pen your superstructure).

        • Classic WG .
          Implement wheels tanks and multi turret system – NO! Because no one will play it !
          Implement HD Obj. 260 – YES! So 10 – 20 players from tens of millions WOT player base can have it !

          • These missions are totaly doable, but really really hard. Most of them will be done after a lucky game.

            But that’s what they said: “extremely hard mission to get the 260″

        • Pretty sure they gave examples of the Stug IV missions and they were pretty easy. I’m guessing that T28 Concept also should be pretty doable for most. Even T-55A is probably much more obtainable than Object 260, you’ll just need high tier tanks to get the big numbers.

          I’d rank them in obtainability:

          Stug – everything above tomatoe, though even those will probably apply with persistance.

          T28 Concept – above average players.

          T-55A – for the good players.

          Object 260 – unicums.

          Pure speculation from my part, of course.

          • I AM a unicum and i can tell you for SURE that i am in no freakin way good enough in a TD, Heavy or Arty to get that Obj 260. Medium and Light mission are pretty doable if you are a bit lucky. But 20k dmg blocked + done?? I have no freakin idea how i should do that.

            So i guess the Object 260 will only be received by super- super unicums. As SS said: a couple of dozen perhaps (and the riggers of course)

            And what is the worst from my point of view. It won´t be fun. That isnt something you can accomplish via skill. You need an idiot enemy team + an idiotic own team so its basicly 90% luck.

            • It’s 20k damage in total(done and recieved add to each other). For example you do 7k damage and you recieve 13k potential damage.

            • not really. It will be for those who got extremely lucky with being good player increasing those chances – but deciding factor will be luck.

              It’s really bad design in my opinion.
              Grinding missions are bad only when they are heavily time limited.
              But luck based missions are much worse.

              Instead of 20k+ damage done/blocked in 1 battle I would prefer 5 battles with 10K+ damage done/blocked.

              The heck, if there is no time limit it can be grinding, you grind other t10, you can grind one more, as long as you dont have to grind every day.

              I could even imagine that you have finish 7 missions and you can do 1 of them only on mondays, the other only on tuesdyas and so on, it would still be better then “hope you will get bad opponents and even worse team and you will have a lot of luck with everyone going the way that would help you”

              rigging is the consequence of bad design of the IM

            • totally agree with you… it is okay to have those missions very hard. but those are like for total luckers, or cheaters. someone already wrote that here before, doing 10k dmg means tier9/10 battle and both teams totally dumb AND big heap of luck

              i wonder, why WG does not present us some replays played by their employees or maybe supertesters to show us the missions are doable :D

            • All you need is a few very specialized tanks, my lineup will probably be:
              Light: MT-25 or LTTB
              Medium: Object 416 (probably not the correct specialty)
              Heavy: KV-4
              TD: SU-122-44
              Arty: whatever one I can get to first (I don’t have any T6 plus)

              However, the light tanks spotting one does seem legitimately impossible. I looked on WoTreplays, and the highest I could find was 6.5k spotting. 8k is simply too high.

              That said, I do not think you need to be good at WoT in general, just need to know a few tanks very well.

          • 20k damage done/recieved together in a heavy is possible ii did it once at tier 8 in a kv-4 in a tier 10 game where i bounced an ap shell from a death star and a couple jpz e-100 shells and did 2k damage myself on top of that.

            10k damage in a jpz e-100 is also doable its 10 average rolls so if you ran in to 2 separate 3xe-100 platoons on abbey while remaining unspotted so you dont die so a lot of luck required for this but its not impossible.

            the medium mission is doable in a tier 9 medium like the e-50, cent 7 or t-54.

            the light mission though that is stupid the spotting system is so random that games were you think youve done some you get nothing and games were youve been going for damage you randomly get 5k but 8k is only possible on the perfect conditions on prokhorovka or malinovka. (if the view range changes come on to affect in 9.5 it may be a little easier to do)

            the arty mission i hate arty but if u complete 3 of the other missions ill get an s-51 and attempt this.

            • It’s possible, you did it once = luck.

              Nobody seriously sits there and lets the enemy unload 13k of potential damage into their tank.

      • I don’t think it’s even aimed for that dozen…most of the requirements are achievable only on perfect conditions coupled with a huge pack of luck.
        Nobody can do those scores reliably…not even super unicums.

  2. I’m sorry, but i don’t agree. Obviously clans have it easier to “rig” games at specific hours because of low amount of games, but i don’t think that anyone trying to “rig” deserves any ban, if they don’t actually do something offensive by rules (like constantly teamattack, etc.).

    on that note, does teamattack actually count on blocked armor?

    And WG should really use their brains once and come up with missions that are not easily exploitable and i don’t really hate it that the missions are hard, but 20k dmg blocked/dealt just seems impossible…and i dont know if i have ever done 8k spotting damage in a light…. the TD mission really seems easy compared to that…

    • I got both :)
      (The Heavy and Scout one)
      But i was extremly lucky :D

      Wish i had still my Scout-Replay to prove it ;_;

  3. 1st these are test requirements so they might change.

    2nd no one ever said these will be easy missions so stop complaining unless you’re 5 then you shouldn’t even play this game.

    I don’t think I can do it but doesn’t mean I will go on a crusade to diss WG about that.

    Just grow up.

    • You know, there is a difference between a very difficult chain of mission and an impossible without luck included chain of missions.
      People aren’t complaining that those missions are too hard but because they’re impossible to complete on normal conditions and only by yourself…you need two complete retarded teams, huge luck and patience, because those kind of matches happen one in a blue moon.

    • But they are very easy missions at 4am with a bunch of like minded mates.

      I’ve seen clans collaborate just to get master tanker, never mind a unique tank.

      Without cheating only pure luck will get you anywhere near, getting fluke figures for damage/blocked damage has very little to do with skill.

  4. Getting Ace or achieving gun marks is what I could call skill.
    Those WG mission is almost fully made of luck – dumb teammates, even dumbier enemies will let you do those requirements.
    How is this skill?
    Planets have to, hell, GALAXIES have to align to one line to get even close.

    • getting ace… skill… is there anything more luck dependent? I mean every tomato can get ace as all you need is a luck round where enemys are more retarded than you and your own team’s also retarded enough not to kill those enemys before you did enought dmg.

      • Yes, tomato can get Ace in T-54, Bulldog and alike OP-like. I would like to see such.
        Popular tanks, kvass hellcats kv1 etc, have dumbed down XP cap.

        • If Bulldog got more popular, then requirements for Ace and MoE would go down on it as well.

      • Meh, tomatoes do not get aces. Maybe once or twice in their lifetime, but no tomato gets lucky enough to repeatedly ace a tank he cannot play.

    • Yes and if those mission will be with time limit of half year or more , then in one moment a lot of noobs will swarm random trying get 10k on TD . And then try get 20k dmg and absorbed dmg with your heavy lol . If someone will survive on heavy longer than 3 – 4 minutes it will be a miracle …..

    • Gun marks require skill, but ace is the same like the tested IMs – one (extremely) lucky battle. Any mission, similar to achieving gun marks would be much better than what is on the super test now. It will also eliminate the possibility to cheat. One can cheat/spam gold to get ace, but good luck with trying to receive 3 marks without skill.

      • So thats that – we need ”average stats” mission:
        - avg XP
        - avg dmg
        - avg win?
        - avg block, nah bs, also with spot too
        - avg … kills?

        • Mhh that idea isnt that bad: Something like let those missions always run in the background and take the (progressive) avg of last 100 battles for meds/heavys/td/ary/LT and as soon as you have those 100 battles and your avg is above the threshold you get the tokens/tank. (The minimum of 100battles sadly is needed as otherwise, if your first battle is one of the lucky ones, you would immediately get the mission done)

          • And random battles would get swarmed with OP tanks. 7 Bulldogs per side would be quite balance-breaking, not to mention T10 battles, with only T57s and Waffles. It would be a nightmare for the ones who actually wanna grind something else.

      • Gun marks are skill based, but Mastery Badges… I couldn’t get a mastery on Pz I, but then I’ve got a really great battle, got medals, got Pasucci, and there we go. It was pure luck, that this battle was so good for me. I can’t do the mastery badge on Pz II though, it’s just impossible, and I’m sometimes doing like 700-800 dmg. With an autocannon. In tier II-III battles. I want to sell this damn thing already…

        • its all about luck, i had 5 very bad battles in row with tier 5 leopard, and then all of sudden ruinberg and i got 7 kills, ace tanker etc…

        • I just got that goddamn badge, after 72 battles. I had to get over 900 dmg, 1100 exp, 11 000 wn8, Top Gun and a lot of medals, and to carry the game half of the time, this is ridiculous. Nice tank, but I can finally sell it at winrate 63%.

      • The problem with those marks is the time and amount of battles they need and also how they are earned. Play many battles, camp in second row and you will be lucky.
        Aggressive players – like myself- with a combination of pushing and spotting for the rest of the team, carry, but can’t earn those stupid marks.
        And there also seems to be no information how these marks are calculated.

        • just, that for those marks, you NEED to do spotting. so camping= no mark.

          But well tomatoes need excuses: “I cant have good stats because i plu for fun and if you plu for fun its impossibru to plu good at the same time”

            • just try to get 3th without spotting (and detracking, as both is the same for those marks). But still, its not impossible to get 1 or 2 marks if you play aggressive. even 3 isnt hindered by that (as long as aggressive doesnt mean “I solo push 5 toptier enemys with my lowtier tank, because waiting for support is camping and I stronk playar I no do camping”).
              Its just the bad players searching for excuses. Next we will hear is: You cant get good stats/3 marks without using warpack. (Oh and dont forget: you need to spam gold 24/7 as there is no way someone could know weakspots)

  5. It is not so hard to stop rigging. Place someone from WG into every clan TS. Let them overhear every decission and aprove these. Call it wath you want. I think political officer suits best. After all, they should be familiar to such a system :D

  6. couple of thoughts here, from a tomato with ~1600 wn8 per game as of this week.

    1) I would probably get to finish the STUG mission. Getting the t28 concept mission done would probably be a bit of a challenge, but at least us noobs will be grateful for the free tier 5 premium credit grinder.

    2) If low tier frequent players (read: noobs) actually know of these missions imagine what would happen to every game. Half of the team would be suicide heavies and scouts.

    3)The final missions are basically impossible unless a unicum player finds himself in a top tier with the whole enemy team AND the rest of this team being scrubs. And then he actually has to be in a good enough vehicle.

    • about 1): they dont have increased credit potential. they are like the reward tanks from cw: you get to place any crew of same nation and tank class in it and you get +50% crewexp, but nothing else.

    • Maybe that’s it. Certain star actress was once introduced on stage as “the two and only Jane Russell”, you know…

  7. GrindGaming is on the right track with this IM,but they should check statistics to 5% of all players getting object 907,not 0.01% or what ever!Maybe even 3% something like that.

  8. Bullshit missions for high tier players, which makes low tier players easy pickings and either turns them into shit zombie paying customers (because they want a bullshit premium tank, or are convinced high tier tanks will improve their skills) or leave after being farmed. WG catering for the few at the expense of the many.
    Sorry got out the wrong hatch this morning…

  9. I sometimes can get 10k spotting with ELC in tier 10 CW, but in randoms with the recent massive bush removals and corridor maps it’s almost impossible to get 8k spotting…hell…it’s WAY more easier to do 8k damage in a scout…

  10. Im calling it GrindGaming only because this game is to hard on grinding.I got my first tier 10 after 7 months every day playing which is ridiculous!The game is to hard to be fun.I m still playing it because its 1 of the best pc games EVER!

  11. SS, you don’t have to be insanely good to complete the 260 mission, you need to get insanely lucky. MM and RNG have to be on your side if you want to even get close to completing those mission.

    Sure being good helps but those mission objectives require more luck than actual skill, especially the mission for sky cancer.

  12. Take panzerjaegeruE100, get lots of your friends to press battle at same time (preferably with Maus platoons) and instruct them to fire ap at your superstructure to not make it too obvious. Play well -> 10k dmg. IMO I think 8k dmg would be more humane and doable number with a tank destroyer, but still hard to reach.

  13. They only do with this 260 mission (and lets see T-55A) increase the number of potential players for AW… i am really bored of receive 0 gifts from WG based in game “investiment” in time, not a great deal research all tanks in game and have all tier 10 in garage and be a good player… well, maybe when they lose prem players they start to compensate dedicated players and do less idiot missions.

    • 1- Quit WOT alltogether when AW rolls out
      2- Get free premium tank after a couple of months because WG needs its playerbase back

      • The problem is if i start in AW is to dont touch again WOT, at least not paying… they are playing with fire, the line between success and epic fail is thin… specially for a company that piss over customers all the time.

        PD: think in a price war between AW and WOT… AW doesnt need feed a fail design like WOWp and well, WOWs is far from be incredible…

  14. So true.Especially the platoon part, i`m also a lone wolf and i will ALWAYS be one, no point in punish people like you and me.Forcing people to do that will just make them angry.

  15. Also, I am 100% sure that those missions will insanely fuck up random battles. Every single person will try to achieve specific stuff and basically noone will care about anything but their own goal and no one will try to make any organized push/defense or whatever. Randomness at its best…

  16. nah, I’m quite satisfied :)
    All I want is to add StuG IV to my collection. I dont like soviet tanks so I couldnt care less about some object xyz

  17. The problem is that these missions are difficult but not in a “skill” way but rather in a “luck” way. I mean – you don’t need a uber-skill to complete them but good (or even medicore) skill AND good luck. For example – getting 10k+ dmg needs a combination of skill (not to die too eraly, know how to deal dmg end so on) AND luck (your team must be not good enough to deal dmg (instead of you) and not bad enough to lose quickly).
    In my opinion “skill” misions sholud be based mostly on average performance in a given number of battles. Like “Deal avg 4+k dmg in a tier X HT in 20 battles” or something. This reduces “MM, team, RNG, luck, best battle of entire life” factors.

    • true.
      Instead of 4k+ we can have “get fire for effect” badge (more damage then your HP) 10 times in a row or 15 out of 20 battles in HT tier 5+ – if we want to allow this mission to be played on other tanks.

      but that’s the detail.

  18. Not liking platoons is a valid problem, but different stages can be circumvented with mission goals set the way they “go by” as you play platoons casually, without setting requirement of being the same stage for all platoon members.

    • I don’t know how platoon missions looks like by I hope they will be like “get sth done while in a platoon” or “get your platoon to do sth” that is just good playing (10 kills as a platoon or 12k damage as a platoon or whatever)

      • Yep, like current missions. Last night i played with friends, had fun and we did half of current mission like in an hour, having good time – 4kills per 3player platoon is pure leisure…
        Even though coated optics as a reward sux, we wouldn’t grind that on purpose ;) .

  19. I know I will offend many of you, but the way these missions are layed out pretty much asks you to rig battles and I for one dont see a negative effect.

    Thre price pool is unlimited, only bad for you if you have no friends or clan. I own pretty much any tank with worthwhile armor, but 20k combined is next to impossible without a Maus. 10k in a td is also a rare feat, the most I ever did was 9600 in my e3 when it still had 850 alpha. …

    I like the idea, but the gameplay will suffer for months.

  20. Of course there is a platoon requirement. It’s there to put the “P” in “individual missions”.
    Oh, wait…

  21. So a Maus is needed, or a JPZ E 100, to have a chance.
    I have all tier 10 Arty, most of the scouts, and a bunch of tier 9 meds.
    I am going to have to drop my other grinds, to get the Maus and JPZ E 100, good thing I’m on tier 8, on both of those lines. But what of other players, that are not near that close to what they need to even hope to try for the missions?

  22. 10k damage in a TD is going to be relatively easy for anyone with a Death Star…10 penning hits, and there ya go. As for the 20k combined in 1 game…that will suck hard. Best I’ve ever done for damage blocked under the new design is around 7k blocked in my KV-4….probably was far higher, but since they don’t count shots that tracks eat any more, most of the damage from the 2 clips of Waffle E-100 shells I ate for 0 damage didn’t get counted (that guy was seriously pissed ;) ).

  23. “Contrary to popular opinion, I find the fact that unless you are insanely good, you have to play arty for Object 260 very entertaining :) I mean… why not?”
    You are a sadistic, arty-sympathizing faggot, SS. I appreciate the news you gather, but honestly sometimes a shut-mouth approach would be better for you, in my opinion.