Storm on Individual Missions


A couple of answers from Storm, regarding the IM’s from non-public Russian forum section, courtesy of LJ user mopckou_svin

Q: “Who came upon the 20k blocked damage”
A: “It’s 20k in total – blocked + dealt. Statistics show that it’s possible. When creating the missions, we considered how many tanks roughly do we want to give away and based upon this number we made the statistical thresholds.”

Q (redacted): “If it’s not too complicated, please tell us how many battles with such statistics (20k blocked + dealt damage were there in 9.4?”
A: “It’s complicated. This is not exactly a matter I am dealing with, I simply made an inquiry what is planned and how. It’s about skill + luck, not just luck. Considering that we did not anticipate it to be accessible to the masses. To achieve the mission goal will be very difficult. But whether the requirements for the tank will be changed or not, I can’t say yet.”

Q: “We’ll be lucky if 10 people finish it.”
A: “We are planning for the top mission to be completed by several tens of thousands of players in 2015.”

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  1. Q (redacted): “If it’s not too complicated, please tell us how many battles with such statistics (20k blocked + dealt damage were there in 9.4?”
    -The real answear 0 since the game was relased

    • I think there are people that have done that but not “tens of thousands” like Storm claims.

        • I’ve had a battle in an E100 where I did 4-5k damage and had ~25k potential damage received (so take out 2700 and that’s still over 20k blocked). It does require luck, and a mostly incompetent enemy, but it happens.

      • There are some replays on that qualify (for 9.4) and more for 9.3.

        But watching those replays made me cry, never seen so much luck in my life (like, three meds running away from half-dead E-100 while he kills them all in the end)

        The guy used AP all game, never missed, never bounced in his E-100. He stood in one spot whole game and never got artied. No tier X TD penned him through his UNANGLED turret. He actually never bothered to angle the turret when reloading.

        Result: 10k dam done + 10k dam blocked.

            • Yes it’s that one. No offense to the player of course, a solid 1400 Wn8 guy, but just look at it and cry at the stupidity of people he faced.

              There’s also a replay out there with an E-100 murdering three meds in late game, like I mentioned. They literally ran away from him until he got them all (took like 4 mins). the end result was 12k blocked 9k dealt. Can’t find it tho.

              And a small correction, he did bounce some shots. Most hit head-on. The ending where he actually wins vs. an incredibly stupid WTF E-100 is painful.

              • So, i just watched it and yes I cried…..a lot. The enemy complete idiots. He yolos down the hill nobody shoots him in the side. The WT E100 at the end…. just no i need a doctor after this.

                + for only using AP and good HE decision
                + for reseting the cap
                BIG – for using a FUCKING CAMO NET just NO NO NO

                And ofc NO ARTY .

      • it was totally doable in the past… ive done it 1-2 times.

        i even have a screenshot with chinese 110, getting hit by 10k potential dmg while doing over 3k dmg my own, and thats a T8 tank right here.

        But i seriously doubt that id be able to repeat it in the future…. the amount of gold flying around, especially on unicums is seriously killing it im afraid.

    • I got multiple friends, none of them blue nor purple, who did it mulptiple times. For example in Maus, VK45.01B, T95. So I consider it as good decision, not easy, but doable.

    • you need to be driving a MAUS and you need to be facing noobs that keep shooting at you if they can’t Penetrate. and you need to give them the time for this and not kill them fast (keep dreaming) (there were only two replays on like this in 9.4 both of them on MAUS)

    • I went through the top 2000 tier 9/10 HT replays on (i looked at stats didnt watch them) and only 2 of the top 2000 replays achieved 20k damage done/blocked. Only 2.

      ONLY 2!

      Now I understand they don’t everyone getting it but this is only 2 out of the top 2000 replays. Say each person has a top 2000 replay every 1000 games. Even in that top game they still would only have a 0.01% chance they would achieve the 20k. If they don’t look at this and realize, fuck, only maybe 100 people or so will achieve this, and change it theyre idiots. oh wait, they are already idiots. I doubt itll change.

      to the guy above saying they were both in a maus, I did find one in a E100, he did almost 11k damage and had a little over 9k blocked

  2. again no brain. WoWp fail. WoWs going to fail. After AW nobody know WoT will be same. And they mocking their player base stupit missions will destroy many gameplay. Rooms will filled certain type tanks…. Ofc Storm never calculate how effect this stupit missions to rooms and comminity… I dont understand how he work as really high rank @ multi million dollar company. As major dev. He is just a moron. Ofc Ten thousands rigged cheater will get the tank…

  3. “We are planning for the top mission to be completed by several tens of players in 2015.”


    In all seriousness, I don’t expect more than 100 people (on all servers) finishing top mission.

      • None of the reward tanks, as far as I am aware, have been premium in the sense of making more money.

  4. Bit oftopic but still:

    IM have primary and secondary parts. Can someone tell me if I manage to do primary part in one battle, can I still complet secondary. I know that SS said that you need to complete both parts in same battle, but is is this situation posible:

    1st battle: completed primary objective, secondary not comleted
    2nd battle: both primary and secundary objective completed

    • So, If I understand this correctly, you should be able to do the following.

      In the first game, you complete only the primary objective.
      In the second game, you complete both objectives in the same game.

      So you complete the primary objective twice.

      • I think so… and it sucks really hard. If I get 10k damage as a TD, I expect to get 5 kills. The real test of skill is dealing 10k damage. NOT getting 5 kills also is just BAD LUCK.

        I really think they should make the secondary objectives for credits only and not make the points dependend on them.

  5. “It’s 20k in total – blocked + dealt”

    i feel that KV-220 mission was easier than this

  6. A: “We are planning for the top mission to be completed by several tens of thousands of players in 2015.”

    At the end of mission, there will be a statement:” Only 7 players finished mission. Several tens of thousands stopped playing game because of our retarded mission”

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  8. i know than this message won’t leave FTR, but i have one question for Storm:
    since arty missions in IM are no longer a condition of mission completion, can’t u do same thing with platoons?
    i would rather play my arties than platoon with anyone :)
    or at least choosing between spg or platoon seems better than being forced into platoons couse u can pick the one u dislike less
    i fell like arty haters got what they wanted…
    ..but the lone wolfs got nothing, and this game is about 5 vehicle classes anyway.
    so pls no platoons. keep them out of IM

  9. “It’s 20k in total – blocked + dealt”

    I see a huge number of set up, fixed battles in the future.
    Excellent thinking by WG again for motivating players to cheat in a coordinated fashion… Just LEL.

    Like they crashed the game economy when they first introduced easily doable missions rewarding 100-250k credit / day, now they will teach players to cheat to crash game ethics.

  10. ‘A: “We are planning for the top mission to be completed by several tens of thousands of players in 2015.”’

    Thats because 90% of them will go to people who have rigged matches because thats the only way 99.9% of players would have a hope in hell of doing them.

    Why are you so naive WG.

  11. I could see, within half a year, 4-5k players on EU do the TD mission, i can see maybe 10-15k players do the MT/HT/scout mission, and maybe 100k doing the arty. Doing two of the mission at the same time – maybe 5-7k, three of the missions – 1-2k, and four missions – not more than a couple hundred, when im being very optimistic, most likely under 100. Yeah. 60% of those guys will be red tomatoes who probably will have no idea those missions even exist or dont even give a damn about them.

    • That’s optimistic. There’s 49 replays of tierX 10k+ damage uploaded for the last three months. I know not every guy uploads replays but let’s say 25% do (made up number). So after three months, 200 guys qualify for a token. A lot of those guys play only TDs and/or are average players incapable of getting 8k spotting damage or 20k blocked+dealt.

      • well im a guy who reads ftr and forums, know the game through and through, unicum and all that stuff and i dont upload replays, ever (well uploaded one like a year ago just to show a friend). And this type of player is imo the most likely to be uploading replays. I dont think that more than 1% of players upload replays. But at the same time you could argue that the types of players that are least likely to be uploading are also least likely to get such games. Still i think what we can see on wotreplays is a very small fraction of the whole.

  12. Completing the HT mission is hard enough, if not downright impossible. Dont forget. You still have to finish other 4 missions. You’ll need to be the luckiest person to complete all of those.
    Look at the mission for TD, 10k ? RNG more than anything else.
    Light tank as well.
    so, I bet there will be NONE who gets the tank if the requirements stay this way. Storm if just trolling when he say tens of thousands.

    Only way to get one obj.260 is to rig the game. Find a odd hour and lots of clan mates

    • If the playerbase wasn’t so stupid, you could actually ask strangers in game to help each other for the HT mission. But nah, poobie too praud. :3

      Joke aside, yeah this is sick.

  13. About Object 260 Model 1945 – my opinion about all of this regarding this tank.

    This tank, in his current state, is (of course this is only my opinion) the best heavy tank in the game and one of few the best tanks in the game no matter about class.

    This is very simple – if they create this tank with as crazy super monster they need to made him extremly, if not impossible, to gain. If this is good policy i cannot tell you.

    About myself – of course if i would have this tank i would play mostly with this tank. This is simple. But if this mission for him will be too hard i will just easy forget about this tank. I can have much fun with Maus and other tanks. Problem is they want us to endlessly try to obtain this tank by making him super overpowered. But if tank will be too good and mission for him will be too hard to do – many of us will just skip this O 260 M 45 completly, and WG will bot gain much on this operation “Object 260″.

    This could be their mistake – because we can really stop trying to obtain this tank. Really we can. Maybe they should neft this tank and lower mission level needed to obtain ? Just … my thoughts.

    Good luck too tankers.

  14. Tens of thousands…made my day

    Anyway, if they made the last mission based on unilucks stats then why they just wont give away this tank for those ppl ? Whats the point of those missions ?

    Just like someone said in other post – WG still spews crap that they wont do smth cus it will be “profitable” just for a very small percent of the playerbase but in the meantime they are making this mission that is exactly just for very small percent of playerbase (1% lel)

  15. WTF guys, hard to 20+k dmg combined? What kind of players are you? I’m about 1700wn8 atm (last 3-4-5k games 2-2.5k wn) there not soooo bad player/not so pro, I did it certainly dozen times in E100. The first two times I’ve had it,Ive upload the replay on wotreplays,feel free to look.

    There are more tanks,what about Maus, E75,VK or ST-I? Just wait to get lol enemy team and do the rest.. and ofc,don’t be damn tomato. if you cant do (lets say) reasonably challenging mission with those tanks, you don’t deserve obj260 nether.

    • I once got 12k dmg received + blocked by E-75, do you want to know how much luck I had ??? Those were T10 TDs shooting at me.

      Play Maus or IS-7, meet a bunch of morons and maybe you’ll get your 20k.

  16. Storm: “It’s about skill + luck, not just luck.”

    You see, buddy, the problem people are having here is the luck part. Luck shouldn’t play any role in this shit, other than the baseline RNG of the game.

    • See, “BUDDY” the best games in wot no matter how good you are involve luck ok? if they lower the requirements many vegetables will take the tank because of the luck part. It is IMPOSSIBLE to remove the luck part because the decisions you make in battle are sometimes luck and I wont talk about RNG at all, this is enough. bye

  17. These missions aren’t complicated – if you have the best tanks for the jobs, which means a lot of T10, which means you gotta spend huge amounts of money into the game.

    They only want to give these tanks to the high payers, so why bother with the missions at all ??? It’s a fucking insult to everyone who doesn’t pay for this game.

  18. 20k damage dealt+blocked I’ve searched, and only found two games fulfilling these conditions and both of them were driving Maus and were unicoms. So what’s the chance if you don’t have the MAUS absolutely infinitly small like ….

  19. Well, the vehicle does seem pretty damn good and it’s a tier X. They don’t want every other TankistaPL to have it, which I think is reasonable.
    In other words: The chances of you getting the tank are slim by design. Deal with it.

  20. Because I certainly do not REQUIRE a Soviet heavy trainer, no effort toward 260 mission will be attempted intentionally so long as it’s this retarded and rig-mandatory. Since I don’t need a German medium either (I have 3, 4 if you count Somua) T-55 also not required. T28 Concept will be enough for me, because this? This is fucking bullshit.

    On the other hand, if 34-85M is part of these chains, I would get that too, because Matilda IV is just too sad.

    Yes, Storm, a few tens of thousands, who you can summarily all ban for 3 months, for rigging the game.

  21. Just a thought, how can they be called Individual Missions when you’re forced to platoon for one of them?

  22. A: “We are planning for the top mission to be completed by several tens of thousands of players in 2015.”

    Yeah, sure. I searched wotreplays for battles on tank destroyers and over 10k dmg dealt. I think most epic replays are on that site and after 9.4 patch there are ~20 td replays with 10k dmg so less that one replay per day. I think we can safely assume then that less than 1k players can complete td mission in WHOLE 2015. And this is not regarded as hardest mission… Ob 260 gonna be very rare, anyway i dont think there is a way to obtain it for typical player who isnt superunicum. Yep, ‘green’ or even ‘yellow’(according to xvm terminology) bob can have one or two epic battle and achieve mission conditions but not more.

  23. I had not played my Maus in over a year, but inspired by this thread I have just taken it out for a few games, my conclusions are (a) half way through third perk, this weak crew does not help, could do with 4 perks, (b) you need to get a city map, and not an open one, (c) need a long slow game- this requires idiots on enemy team, and mediocre players on your own team, (d) no arty – bouncing and angling quickly racks up damage deflected by armour, but as soon as something falls out of the sky onto you all that hard work goes to waste, (e) I had forgotten how slow the gun reload is on the Maus (f) if your own team is too good, they destroy the enemy before you can get there – Maus is slow.

    In one game I had a T57 heavy shooting a full clip of standard shells at me, and they all bounced, not sure if that says more about his poor aim, the poor penetration of T57 standard shells, my angling or a combination of the above, but that type of thing helps with the deflection numbers.

    So the luck element involved is (a) map, (b) no arty, (c) idiots on other team.

    I would say that a highly organised clan could help a member do this, if they are all on Teamspeak, counted in to get in the same match, and continued to talk on TS. If they all took low penetration tanks they could really help the one Maus player, for example if a T54 with the high ROF low penetration gun, started spamming AP at the Maus instead of HEAT it could rapidly assist.

  24. 20k damage blocked in a single match?

    I’ve managed 10k+ once with an E100 but that was before the invasion of the WTF100s who can kill everything in a single clip head on.

    Seems rather hard. Here was me hoping it would just be a matter of playing KV-5 for a little. I’ve had games against terrible teams where I just charged the field on Campanova, received 8k+ damage dealt around half that and had my team kill the rest who were spotted.

  25. Just played a few games in my e100 to compare them to the Maus. I think the e100 might be easier to achieve the 20k combined in, purely because (a) it goes faster, and so can get into the thick of the battle sooner, and (b) because spamming HEAT racks up the damage faster.

  26. Still doing like 5k damage in E100 is considered a very solid result in itself, but addint to it damage blocked by armor is a different story. For that you need high tier guns to shoot at you.

    Now purely theory crafting, but a Maus on Malinovka field or a T110E3 charging the middle might be worth a shot. I mean not in a straight line ofc. That again fully depends on the enemy team set up.