30 thoughts on “New Map Loading Screens

    • yeah, I agree on the first two but the third is silly cause they’re removing ruinberg on fire because it is to dark, but they’re planning on implementing a really fucking bright version *face-palm*

  1. Does anybody know how to make a mod that changes the loading screens? Have some very cool ideas

    • I’m guessing that if you look through the game files, you should find them, just replace them with your new ones, giving your new ones the same names.

    • Just put ur picture, rename ‘em to WoT map files designation to this folder

      World of Tanks\res_mods.9.4\gui\maps\icons\map\screen

      I like to put naked girls as my loading screen |_ :v _|

  2. im sorry to spam but one off the topic q. ?? can someone tell me how do you get an acc. with just tier X.? is it a wg acc. and they sold it to some random guy( black market style) couse last i heard it is not allowed .the player name is VirginSlayr and he has just leopard and round 600 batt with him and also thats all he got…

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  5. Coming in 9.6: Spring Ruinberg, Fall Ruinberg
    Coming in 9.7: Fiery Ruinberg (aka Ruinberg During a Solar Eclipse)
    Coming in 9.8: Ancient Ruinberg, Future Ruinberg, Ruined Ruinberg
    Coming in 9.9: Mirror Ruinberg (aka Ruinberg With the Field in the West),