9.5 Object 907 Buff

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Hello everyone,

in 9.5, Object 907 (CW third campaign reward) will be buffed as such:

- penetration of credit shell buffed from 219 to 264
- reload time buffed from 7,1s to 6,5s
- dispersion on the move buffed from 0,12 to 0,1
- aimtime buffed from 2,3s to 2s

Thanks to Sycopanth for letting me know (why post this stuff in clan section? Wargaming… *sigh*)

74 thoughts on “9.5 Object 907 Buff

        • E25, Borsig, Saint Emil, WT E100, Jgpz E100, Pz II J, Pz I C, Luchs, Tigers, E75, VK4502B, E50s, Jagdtiger 88 (?)… Some of them are not really OP, but at least very good and very dangerous if they have some support provided. Or they were OP some time ago like Hetzer and Pz IV with trollguns. Germany lack really good, 1 vs 1 competitive stalinium killer only on tier V and VI.

            • If the enemy can’t go around, the flank with a good Jgpz E100 is often blocked, especially on city maps. Better than FV, better than Object, in some situations or on randoms it’s even better than WT E100.

              • Yeah, situations that happen once in 20 battles where the tank could be actually useful make the tank OP.
                Your “list of OP German tanks” makes me wonder one thing – is your WN8 at least higher than 1000?

          • Waffle isnt OP at all its weak, it only kills retards.
            JPZE100 WTF are you smoking….
            E25 is shit now because brawling is king and viewrange is gone.
            PZ2j? Really you need a T3 tank to make a case..LOL

            Only ones worth saying are Great is E100/E75/E50/Leo

            They are not OP however.
            140/62a have best DPM-Camo-Speed-Railgun handling combo that makes them OP. IS7 is now offf the charts good because brawling maps and 260 will literally beat any tank in game. T54 has always been the best, KV220 is redic op, and it goes on and on.

            • You say KV220 is OP and I am the smoking one? In close combat, sidescraping or something it can be dangerous, but when you see him first even a VK3001H could fag him up. Also, even tier I should be metioned if it would be OP.
              Pz II J – OP, untouchable for many, many tanks, terrible gun, but with support it’s almost unstoppable,
              E25 – OP, viewrange still exists, and this tank is invisible on open maps,
              WT E100 – huge burst damage potential, useless in randoms unless with a platoon, but has a potential in CW or SH,
              Jgpz E100 – also can be useful for clan battles on city maps, huge gun, great armor, needs support thanks to it’s long reload and sluggishness, but it’s a good tank, on test server I roflstomped 3 russian tier X meds with it, alone, that makes it OP enough for me
              Plus you forgot many tanks in your “great” list…

          • thank god, finally we have some pen to mess around with instead of the abysmal 219. ah well, now theyve released another op russian medium. the T-55A was enough! at least that thing doesnt have the hand of stalin to guide it

  1. “(why post this stuff in clan section? Wargaming… *sigh*)”

    Maybe because you cant get it without a clan? Just sayin…

    • Yea, but you can shoot with it players that aren’t in a clan and those ones might be interested in the fact that the gun won’t be shooting potatoes anymore :)

  2. And they do this a week AFTER the campaing has started?

    Fuck this, seriously. I’d have participated if I had known before. -.-

    How about they buff useless T23E3???

      • But the Vk7201k is great, just use it as an E-100 with worse hull armor but a comapartively great turret. I farmed 7k damage like that a few days ago against IS-7s.

    • Yeah make the gun better then the E100 Gun.

      The shitstorm from the orange, yellow pubis would be so awesome.

      • Lol yeah, if you keep the gun on VK the same but give it 250 pen AP then everyone would lose their minds.

        But Object 907 is Russian, so it’s okay.

  3. OK as always WG balance 1.) attempt fairly good armor for a med but awful gun so it wasbad noone wanted it 2.) attempt same armor and mobility BUT a t10 gun so it has armor mobility and gun …. am i the only one who think that this tank is now better then the other russian meds? o at least the 430 for sure

    • not alone… it had best armor/above average mobility with old stats (compared to the other russian meds), now it will have almost the same gun handling/reload as t62/140. With better armor and being a smaller tank. If nothing else its gonna be at least just as good as 140, 430 still being by far the worst of them.

    • sry to destroy your bubble of “russian bias” but this thing has worst armor of all russian tier 10 meds

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  5. Better than T10 russian meds. And those were the best. Oh great, this and that damn 260 will be the best T10 tanks ever, both premium/event tanks.

  6. A buff for this tank is right decision, but now we have 4 russian meds with essentially identical characteristics, so boring. Why WG can’t give us something different ? Soviet had plenty of post-war tank designs can fit into tier 10.

    Failowe seems to be the only reward tank with something unique.

  7. fucking hell, if i knew that id seriously reconsider participating in the campaing. fuck off wg, just fuck off.

  8. What the fuck? What is the point in buffing this tank after the campaign started? One of the key factors for me to not participate in it was, that there were no interesting tanks for me, and now they do this… Well done WG, well done. Do you really think, that you will get new players to play in campaign in this stage? Why didn’t you do this earlier? Fuck me…

  9. With that armor and now pretty much the same gun and even better RoF than current T10 ruski meds this looks completely imba. And remember that premium tank should slightly underperform compared to regular tanks. This thing will overperform.

    • It’s not a premium tank. It’s a reward tank. And don’t forget the nasty turret overmatch “feature” – everything above the gun is an autopen for literally everything. Frontal armor is not that great – because of the shape you can’t really angle it. Of course it has strong spots like the trap with empty hitbox places in LFP or the side autobounce line, but I don’t think it will outperform 140 or T62 with it. Look at M60 – it’s almost an equivalent of M48 and nobody complains. 907 till now was UP with this slightly buffed version of T-54′s troll gun and now it will perform normally. Besides, why something special, available to quite wide audience anyway has to be worse? The only premium feature it keeps it crew training abilities. Nothing more. So…

  10. People that can’t make the vk work, shouldn’t even worry about an award tank..it’s evident that ur utter garbage and probably got carried to the tank anyways

  11. I was set on the M60 before this news: VK didn’t really appeal to me because E-100 seemed more viable (and who needs another HEAT spammer anyway) and the object 907 had a crappy gun (moar HEAT spam).
    As of yet I did not start with the US-medium line(s) and thought it would be a nice way to train crew along the way. The M60 seems like a quite OK-tank for me to be honest.

    However: with these advertised changes the 907 smells like a CW-viable tank and that’s a huge plus!…….I don’t know what to do anymore…..:’(

    • I am exactly in the same situation, at least until this buff, now it’s a no brainer. Couldnt give 2 flying fucks to all this useless germanvsrussianvsmurican discussions, stats are king.

      TL; DR: play with the best, fuck the rest.

  12. Iam defo going for the 907 bcoz of two simple facts

    1. I want the whole collection of 4 Soviet T10 meds
    2. I can jdrop the crew from T62A to the 907 without retraining coz of the premium like feature the standard premium ones have regarding the crews.