Wargaming Tries to Suppress Supertest Info

Hello everyone,

something very strange happened recently. Ever heard of Jove? He’s basically a Russian version of Quickybaby – a Wargaming-friendly videomaker/streamer, who gets promoted and has access to exclusive stuff (testing various not-yet-released tanks and such).

Oddly enough, today, Jove got bitchslapped with a copyright claim from Wargaming for publishing content (making a video), that was leaked earlier on various Russian sites and communities (world-of-ru, Wotleaks, FTA and others) – specifically it was the part about the Individual Missions.


Not quite sure why they did that – I mean, the info was out there anyway and supertest leaks are actually tolerated simply because there’s no real way how to stop them without completely changing the system (which, in the middle of production, would likely not go well). A futile gesture, that will not stop the info from being spread, but will certainly annoy Jove (I know I was actually annoyed when they took down the WoWs leak on my channel, I had to watch this stupid anti-piracy video – how terrible, but serves me right (for failing to recognize WoWs leaks are not taken as lightly as WoT ones)). So, my sympathies, Jove.

So, what exactly does Wargaming not want you to see? You can read it here.

21 thoughts on “Wargaming Tries to Suppress Supertest Info

  1. He was negative about those missions. Pretty much called devs who made IMs – morons and “guys who dont even play WoT”.

  2. “Ever heard of Jove? He’s basically a Russian version of Quickybaby”
    Except the fact that the Jove’s channel has more than 1600000 subscribers

  3. Good job they shut down the EU supertest and put a stop to all these leaks… oh wait :/

    • They wanted to reduce a number potential so called “leakers”. Now the leaks belong to the beloved small group of friends & partners again. With EU supertesters too much went “public” and they had no “breaking news” to tell anymore ;) It is that simple.

  4. I’ll reserve judgement until it’s confirmed that WG actually had anything to do with it. Wouldn’t be the first time Youtube took something down because they thought it might be copyright infringing.

  5. I’d say it pissed off Jove even more because if that was his job, too bad. One copyright claim and goodbye monetization.