13 thoughts on “New World of Papoj

  1. Some pretty good moments in that one. Not sure what was up with that T-150 driver though…bad bot maybe?

    • Why would a bot miss like that?

      The problems with programming bots is that they usually hit “too good”, i.e. pwn players too hard or are detected as cheats too easily. Like, I want to programm a bot for a shooter game I write. To make the bot hit perfectly and instantly is EASY. You actually have to programm a fault into them so they can become beatable.

      Now in WoT its a bit different due to shell travel time and how to read the incoming data in the client, but I still don’t see a way for a bot to hit into nothing like that.

      My guess that it’s some noob or a player with severe lag.

  2. Still best! Great job, heruvim89. In my opinion you are better than Woras and Mrwanwan!
    Keep it up!

  3. Reminds me why I never want to shoot AP as artillery, every.

    Is it actually good? Even after 25k games I’m not much of an artillery player and don’t have Obj 261 yet. But from what I know from other tanks, AP does silly bounces even if you have high penetration but can’t get perfect aim. It doesn’t seem to be worth the risk to me to hopefully deal more damage when I get 0 chance of splash and probably about 50-75% of bounces even on hit, at least against heavies.