So, who wants a Hellcat?

Thanks to Nixxxie for this one.

Hello everyone,

not so long ago, finnish Panzer IV was up for sale by the Finnish military, but this time, an American company Northeast Military Vehicle Services LLC is selling something else: a restored M18 Hellcat!


It’s not cheap though, the current price is 275k USD, which is cca 221,7k EUR. The vehicle is completely restored and running. The owner states:

This tank was restored from a completely bare, empty hull. Motor was stripped apart, cleaned up, and put back together. Fully functional little joe generator. This tank needs nothing except for you to apply the stencils, and I have a full set from Rick Larson waiting to be applied. Turret hydraulics are fully functional, allowing manual or powered traverse.

So, who wants a Hellcat? 17 days left!

44 thoughts on “So, who wants a Hellcat?

        • I *could* afford it, I’m just not sure where I’d park it…
          and to be perfectly honest with you, I’d really rather have a German TD

          • A Waffentr├Ąger auf E-100 would be nice… Oh right… Somebody seriously got to start to make cheap replicas from some of these WoT paper and prototype tanks. I’m pretty sure they would sell, becouse WoT has a quite large player base.

          • First you can park it anywhere or on anything you want….. Secondly – by the time you get it home they would have nerfed the client info pool and you will never know if you just got ammo-racked by gold round or standard. But it would look pretty sitting on my front lawn pointing at the cars coming down the street…..

  1. Damn…and here I am with yet another losing Powerball ticket :( Would be awesome for dealing with tailgaters! LOL

    • It’s a premium tank, so it only requires your cash.

      Comes elite with upgrades, however it only gets the stock turret and gun of a standard Hellcat.

    • No need to include such info. The gun mustn’t be functional, as it would be illegal to sell it. And since the gun is not functional, the second question becomes moot.
      It is painfully obvious.

      • it would be illegal to sell in most countries, but in the U.S. or being sold to someone in the U.S., if the gun were functional, then the weapon agencies of both countries would have to do the transfer, tons of paperwork and would probably cost more than the tank itself

        • You can drive a tank in most Eu countries, but in most cases ONLY on dirt roads. In my country you need only the certificate that allows you do drive traktors and track vehicles and you should be fine. The gun tho cant be fuctional obviously.

        • You can own fully functional “weapons of mass destruction” but you had best have a really squeaky clean background, and you open yourself to at any time, full scale investigations of your house and possessions. But in the US it’s perfectly legal to own big guns

      • The 76 is not “illegal” just “taxed”. It’s regged as a “destructive device” and a $200.00 tax levied.

        The bigger issue is ammunition. You basically load your own. Projos are usually modified Navy 3″ with the driving bands tuned down a skosh. Casings still turn up, but are getting scarce. Primers and propellant are still pretty common. The propellant looks like the alfalfa pellets you feed horses, only grey.

        The functional put-put/Little Joe is interesting but not that useful. The things are pretty cantankerous, noisy, require their own fuel (since they’re two strokes) and take up quite a bit of room behind the assistant driver.

        If one were going to parade that M18 you’d want to switch to the Chaffee tracks and sprocket, (for the rubber track pads) and those are getting scarce as well. They do make the thing a lot quieter though.

        Otherwise those are one of the more user friendly lumps of WW2 armor.

    • Operational cannons aren’t illegal, but again, in the US, it’s a “destructive device” and needs like a ton of special taxes and qualifications to own and fire operable modern cannons. There are a few video of these tanks (FPSRussia is one obvious one) that show private-owned tanks that fire.

  2. If my house had already been sold… Nah, wouldn’t do it, I want an Easy8 since my grandfather fought on one of those ^^

  3. Hmpf, have the property where i could drive easily, enough room in the garages….but the annual bonus is still 5 months away, grmml. But nice work!

  4. Hey SS, maybe you get info about law when selling a tank like that about the armement part, like what is the norm, do they have to weld the gun breach, or scrape it, I’m curious to know.

    • Weld. In USA it is enough to full with cement, but that obviously can be reversed and is definitely NOT allowed in any EU country as far as I know.

    • In the US there are some states where it’s legal to own a fully functional tank.

      In Switzerland it’s a little bit different. Some years ago the Swiss Army sold their outdated Centurion tanks. You needed to fullfill three requirements to get one FOR FREE:
      - Swiss citizen
      - A shed to park the tank
      - You had to pay the transport from Thun to your shed, approx. CHF 10’000.-

      The main gun will be welded, but if you have a certificate of being a weapon collector, they gave you the machinegun functional ;)

  5. Well, time to purchase some premium account time and a T34 or a Jagd 8.8 and get to grinding out those credits…

    • Unfortunately, I don’t think the US government is planning on selling the only T95 in existence any time soon :(