A Few More Challenger Screenies

Source: wot-news.com

Hello everyone,

a few new Challenger screenies (this time correct). By the way – that 200mm rear turret armor on the Avenger turret is correct – as some of you guessed, it’s the counterweight.




Hull armor: 88,9/50,8/38,1
Turret armor: 58/40/200



27 thoughts on “A Few More Challenger Screenies

  1. This will be the third tank that has some very thick armor on the back, after M6A2E1 (208 mm turret back armor) and KV-5 (there is a 230 mm part in back of the hull)

    • Yeah, a lot.
      With 16 degrees turret traverse per second. With 4 seconds reload you will able to traverse the turret by 60 degrees.

      180 degrees turn will take a little less than 12 seconds.

      Instant fun.

      • Remember Crusader Sp Drive-bys?

        Have it facing behind you, block an attack and while they reload, charge past the enemy and shoot their asses.

        Unconventional, overly situational, hilarious.

  2. Can’t wait to see the pubbie rage from light tank drivers…”ooh, buttsex on a Challenger, this will be fun…THAT ONE BOUNCED…WTF?”

    • Mind you that autoaim currently aims at hull, not at the middle of silhouette.
      So if LT will go for buttsex, it will make few additional buttholes.

      • There can be situations, when you are busy with enemy in front of you, while another enemy tank hugs your ass and then he simply will not be able to shoot down your hull, instead will probably bounce tha 200mm plate. Of course it will not happen gazillion times, but some lucky bounces and survivals because of that will most probably happen.

  3. This tank will get insta rapped anyway. Christ 150dmg and up to T9. But the good news is my lovely LTTB will happily feast on this Challenger.

    Power creep is so fked up now.

    • It s a bit of a mess up by wargaming. The challenger is to all intents and purposes a firefly built on a Cromwell instead of a Sherman. It should have been the same tier as firefly and the charioteer which is just a Cromwell with 20-pdr should have been tier 7.

      But wargaming being wargaming they didn’t want 2 tier 6s and were not willing to put in one of the edgier tier 8 possibilities so they had to up tier challenger and charioteer way above their fighting weight. Now if they had given them unhistorical top guns that could have worked fine, however wargaming will not give non paperl British tanks unhistorical top guns, only German and Soviet tanks are allowed those (Black Prince is stuck with historical gun while kv-3 gets 3 unhistorical…)

    • I actually had fun with T25/2 – bouncy turret, good depression, acceptable alpha and ROF. It was not that slow either. Sadly, carrying a game in it is a bit of a challenge, especially in T8-T9 battles.

    • Why bother compare apple to orange ?

      LTTB has +/-3 MM, it can get into tier 10 battles. Light tanks always OP when compared with other classes of same tier.

      • Correction Lights only have battle teirs 3+ they can never see t6 7. only 8 9 and 10. Course its different on every teir Lttb will never see 6or 7 but will commonly see 8 9 and 10.

        teir 8lights only see 9 and 10 never 8

  4. Might as well go over hills with this thing’s turret reversed to take a shot, bounce it, turn the turret round and shred them LOL

  5. Lets make a tank, where do we put the most armor? The part which usually never gets shot at!

  6. A little question, in the end is know what they are going to do with 5th guy in crew??? loader???