9.5 Common Test ETA

Hello everyone,

despite the fact that the complete version of 9.5 was not even supertested yet (several lowtier tanks are not even released on supertest), it seems that according to WG information, 9.5 common test will start on Thursday, 27.11.2014.

Yea. This is going to go so well.

67 thoughts on “9.5 Common Test ETA

    • No, no.

      It will be scheduled for then, and be delayed a week. And then, the public test will run perfectly; all new tanks and the IM system implemented, optimizations to the game client will result in 5-10% framerate boosts for all, the minimal new bugs that crop up will be dealt swiftly in one or two extra rounds.

      The test will end, everyone will wait with bated breath for this masterpiece of a patch to be implemented, and then…

      Release day. The entire client goes to shit; new and exciting bugs everywhere, massive framerate fluctuations, half the new tanks will be in SD despite not even having SD skins available (an impossible feat? normally yes, but WG is very experienced with this sort of miracle), IM mission completion will result in a garage slot being lost, the client crashing upon match end, and the player’s account being inaccessible due to the reward tank having an invalid pointer that crashes the client every time it tries to load it.

      It’s not the patch you have to worry about; the patch itself will be wonderful and work beautifully on the beta server.
      No, it’s WG’s inability to roll a patch out to the live client without messing with shit on the way :v

  1. Stop rushing the patches WG. They keep getting buggier if you skip testing and you’re braking game balance with things like the su-76i. We can wait a couple more weeks for a properly tested patch.

  2. Well low tier tanks up to tier 5 are almost identical to the USA low tiers except some of them can use British guns too, so maybe WG marked them as tested, or who knows.

    • Knowing WG competence an employee saw the names of the tanks on the sheet and marked them tested because he vaguely remembered playing them not realizing that the UK tanks are supposed to be new tanks introduced into a new line because communication at WG offices is something that should only occur with a half empty bottle of vodka on the table. .

      Though, I doubt it matters. The 6 pounder on an M3 isn’t going to make it OP on tier 4 and a lot of the new vehicles are like that.

      • The thing I fear the most, there might be an OP tank hiding in the new tech tree line (at low tiers that is), which would be a simple way of statpadding stats.. and roflstomping people..

        • Maybe they will make it purposely OP to counter their SU-76i screwup!

          Serb: “Balance.”
          Storm: “Matchmaking.”

          Everybody else: “How terrible.”

  3. Someone must set up a team of people who will review every tank model in the game every time a public test comes out. You know, to check for screw ups. ;p

  4. That could actually mean that they might release the patch before the christmas holiday and we might fully enjoy the individual missions which are same for everyone.

    • Yep..wish it was this way too…keeping up modding with an new patch every month is hard. XP

      But I guess its the financial department and marketing that rushes things ahead…devs would probably enjoy a bit of a slower pace to properly implement and test stuff too. :/

  5. Wargaming in end of year rush job shocker!

    Same old same old.

    I’m sure we all remember the Xmas garage which arrived mid January and stayed until Easter.

  6. Well of course they’re rushing it, “it’s only British tanks, who cares?” in WG’s eyes.

  7. Looks like they want more testers for this “bigger” patch. Fine by me. I’m curious how they balanced the mid-tiers. Those are the only ones I’m interested in.

  8. One day, we’re going to log in and see all of our tanks retextured with white and black checkerboards.

  9. I must say i am extremly interested to see stats of FV215b 183 in first 9.5 patch test server. Why ? i begin to feel cheated by Wargaming. I will explain why i feel that.

    Long time ago they said that new line with tier 10 183mm gun wil be faster and less resilient and “old line” with tier 10 183mm gun will be on tier 10 slower and more resilient. I think majority of us expected that mobility of FV215b 183 will be nefted even by huge numbers. But … i really see in many chats / forums that most of us really expected also little or not but armor buff for fv215b 183, because in no way it can be said that this tank in resilient … He is not. He was resilient because .. he was mobile and he was able to avoid shoots, by quickly changing position.

    Now, no information about armor buff for fv215b 183 and i begin to understand all of this.

    Now we begin to see that it was just cheating. What i want to say that it will be true what they said in some way because … New line of british tds, talking about tier 10, will be just as mobile as fv215 b 183 now still is and fv215b 183 will be much less mobile. And … new tier 10 british td wil be less resilient … but most of us expected that it will be combine with buffing fv215b 183 armor and not only by making new tier 10 british td a tank with papier turret. We can agree that fv215b 183 does not have paper armor but his “armor” is of course not able to really protect this tank. Soo … paper armor or shit armor is still not enough for anything. I feel cheated because “old tier 10 british td will be slower and more resilient” – lying – his armor won’t be made by one paper but will be made by a book. Still not enough for anything close to be resilient.

    I personally feel cheated by all of this if this will stay that fv215b 183 will receive only nerf in mobility.

  10. cant wait to see millions of FV4005s and FV215b 183s slugging it out, one shotting people, while the one shotted are complaining: NOT FAIR! when they themselves have a potential one shot tank. My solution: go buy a Maus, E100, or IS-4, they won’t pen and do 2000 dmg(or whatever the absurd number is) but they’ll still do 400 splash. And that’s what spall liner is for!

  11. So, what will we get as a placeholders for all those new low tier British meds in CT? Loltraktors? ;)

    Anyway, I hope WG will not srew everything over with this Christmas rush! Because they can.. :)

  12. From my very limited time as an EU supertester, I can tell you that the testing process is very specific, and won’t pick out any bugs with the build, its really only a vague balancing process, make sure it works on a very basic level. Any game breaking bugs should be picked up by internal QA, if that department exists anymore. ..