T54E1 Review by Cro_lux

Hello everyone,

okay, here’s the thing. I was talking to Cro_lux, the creator of the video below and he mentioned he would be interested in doing video reviews and various such stuff on FTR. I was like yea, sure, we can try it out – but ultimately it’s the FTR readers who the video is here for, not me.

So here’s the deal. I am going to post here Cro_lux’s video review of the T54E1 and you will vote, whether you want to see more content from him on FTR or not. I will honor the results of the poll. I personally think the video is okay, but as I said, it’s up to you. The poll is below the video.



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128 thoughts on “T54E1 Review by Cro_lux

    • My sentiments exactly. Too much stuttering, annoying voice, little to nothing that is actually of interest.

      • I must agree. He has a lot to learn to appeal to picky FTR audience :) Although it does look like he put some work into it. In half a year or so he should get better.

        • Sounds like he is reading the offical wot wiki too, practically identical to the advantsges/dissadvntages section on the t54E1s page. Or some autolader maybe, it just sounds like somethig ive heard before……
          Idk? Am i just mad??

      • There is no reason to put it now.
        It’s bit “how to google” or “how to youtube” thing.
        Redtards will still shoot e100 in track wheel with heat and yell “LOL gold in side didn’t pen” , and good players have their faved channels already.

      • give a look at Dez Games, he is awesome, Sir Foch and Circon are good as well.
        I just want a good player to watch.

      • any chance of maybe a reviewer contest SS?
        who knows, maybe some hidden gems out there…
        Im thinking of several categories like:
        Best reviewer per language
        Funniest reviewer
        Best overall..
        maybe lil prices for the winners (like being linked on ftr, maybe even a new subcategory on here for some time…)
        mfg eX

    • Anything wrong that I was excited?
      I dont make reviews & gameplays only, there is also other stuff.
      Like my “No Pain, No Gain” series where my viewers send me their awesome battles and I make commentary over them.
      There is also my new series called “Learn to Play Tanks with CroLux” where I show some really good battles played by me, and show some really good positions on the map which you might not have though of using before.
      I hope that helps you a bit :)

      • http://wot-life.com/eu/player/Cro_lux/

        You can’t expect to have 1266 WN8 and people to “respect” you and your teaching skills. It’s a difficult “area” to get in now, has we got the hyper ubber hype for QB and other Youtubers/Streamers… either you do something really different and unique, or you wont be successful. And yes, the way you speak is not “appealing” try to practice your speech!

        • Well that is one of the problems with todays wot players, you watch stats…
          My speech. That is something that changes with time, I can practice it, I am practicing it, but its my secondary language, you should hear my german to know what bad talking looks like haha.
          I dont like that people compare me with QB or Jingles. They started way before me, and they are way more experienced with what they do.
          I will change, and will improve stuff. But I dont wanna become something I`m not. You can accept it, or you just dont watch my videos :)

          • I’m not comparing you with the big streamers… I’m comparing you for example with me. I have a youtube chanell, and I don’t see the quality I try to put out for my viewers in your videos.

            And stats are NOT a problem of players today. How can you expect to teach anyone if you can’t do the basics to have “good” stats? Tell them “do this and do that” when you can’t do that as your average? You will still teach something, but you will either teach things that are wrong OR you will get players to get close to you level… So players from your level or around your level will not learn anything from you.

            Stats are what you play. That’s what I always say. They represent how you play, overall WN8 is what you done since the beginning and recent WN8 is what you can do now… So never underestimate stats.

            • I agree, my overall stats make me looks like a massive tomatoe (4k 570 wn8 47%) but my last 3 months or so is more like 1000 wn8 51%, and ive had some pretty good carrys, even 2.2k dmg in my first game in a stock tiger, high caliber, confederate! With 132mm pen in a tier 7 ht! So yeah, stats are not always representive of player skill. Especially what they can do now. I play at average raitings, but i look like and idiot. Its kinda an advantage, people who use xvm assume im not as good as i am, and get a bit supprised.

          • “Well that is one of the problems with todays wot players, you watch stats…”

            Um, what? Instant disqualification there, dude. Decide what you want to do: Teach people or do it just for entertainment (or any mix of both). If you are doing those videos to teach people, you’ll get nowhere with that statement (in fact, you’ll actually contribute to the terribleness of the playerbase and that’s the last thing this game needs). If you are doing it for entertainment purposes only, then you really need to find something that is actually entertaining. As it stands, the review above lacks both.

      • only thing u got is desire
        on the other hand,list of things u dont get is too long for post here
        recommendation: try to learn instead u teach others

    • I would think that it could be great to have more recent reviews or old reviews updated to correspond more to the current state of the game. But for this particular reviewer, I find his narration hard to follow. He uses lot’s of filling words (ums and oh’s), describes how graphics look or just states what’s happening on the screen.

      I probably wouldn’t watch another review from this author.

      Even though he sounds like Mr. Chekov from Star Trek (2009), he isn’t as entertaining to listen.

    • Well I rearly use gold, seriously!
      I was just frustrated becuase that day i only had couple of victories and a lot of losses. So atleast I though: well if Im gonna loose this atleast I wont have to worry about penetrating my first targets :P
      The battle ended really amazing, even tho I used my “gold” shells right at the beggining of the battles like a newb

    • A decent premium round is a strong point too! Personally i think the APCR round is a major upgrade to the weakish and unreliable 250pen HEAT of the t69!

    • How could you not make a review without showcasing the gold round? a middling tank such as the T54 becomes absolutely epic with gold. Some of the best tanks in the game only work because of a great gold round.

  1. I’m asumming that you are from Croatia? If so, just do it on Croatian.

    We don’t have any guy like that doing it in ex-Yugoslavian languages, might be good for you.

    Greetings from BiH

    • Yeah, Serbo-Croat would have enough watchers but would they watch? That’s phrased kinda bad, but I meaning like there is a tight Finnish community in WoT, but no Finnish WoT YouTubers have caught on really well.

      • Well, I don’t know. We would either watch it or kill ourselves xd
        If he do it with quality, he might have views.

      • The question is, is the national community generally able to speak english well enough. There’s a niche of “localized” reviews, as pretty much all the bigwigs are english only and there are plenty of non-english or just bad-english speakers in this world, who would profit from reviews/videos in their language, no doubt. However, if that audience is large enough to sustain a channel, is a different question.

    • Hmm, I have considered making a channel where I would do the stuff in Croatian. But like @Puse said, I dont think I would get nearly enough views as I currently get. Not to mention I`ve been going with english-talking clans for 2 years now :P
      I mean, it took me almost 1.5y to get to where I am standing right now. Going back to zero is frightening :(

      • give it a try at least,
        might help doing it in your mothers tongue.
        and as said:
        Trying to teach people things u can’t do yourself is kinda hypocritical (is that a word?) either you are really good at it or enterttaining, or in best case bit of both (mighty jingles jumps to mind as “best” wot youtuber..)
        Your stats do scream: “hasn’t got the skill/undersstanding to do well in wot, what does he try to tell me what to do?
        mfg eX

  2. Cro I really recommend doing rather reviews on tanks that are brand new. These old vehicles have been covered by others over and over again. On the other side there are new tanks comming in the new test servers. Do a preview like QB does as fast as possible and you will get a shitload of views.

    Doing these vehicles is a waste of time mate. There are new british TDs coming soon so cover them as fast as possible, upload the vids > profit.

    • Well the thing is…I cant progress as fast through branches as others, more popular youtubers. The thing is that they get a lot of gold which can be used as boost (converting it into free xp). I would need a month or two to get where they got in a week by just using all the free exp.
      Talking about GB TDs, not even started to grind them. The only one I actually like from the whole branch are Tortoise and DeathStar which will be replaced.
      And not to mention that I have horrible internet here in Croatia. Downloading the game for test servers takes hours, literaly.
      I appreciate the comment, thanks :)

      • Start the download during the night and problem solved :). Thats how I downloaded my shit during the dialup times! Also ppl might and will pull the stats card.

        Other things I noticed:

        - reading from the wiki in a review as a huge no go!
        - you talk to fast which makes you sound to hyperactive
        - do not ever start a review with gold from the start…
        - use also a stock setup even if you suck out in the game.
        - reviews dont have to be epic games.
        - dont comment about graphic setting in a tank review…
        - focus purely on the tank and dont blabber around.

        • That actually helps a lot lonigus…Wait a minute….loniDoush?! :D
          Hahaha I only noticed now that it was you there xD
          Yeah m8. Will keep that in mind next time I make a “review & gameplay”.
          Well the battle was a gold round for me. I was just about to record a video for the tank and I said “Lets play another one, no reason :P”. And this happened haha.
          Yeh I know that gold rounds killed the battle but I was frustrated with all the noob teams I was getting. Just loaded gold, wasted it on IS8 ass, really not needed but whatever, when the time came I only had AP and did the job :)

  3. Hey SS, I know that you don’t exactly like Quickybaby, but please compare this Review with the one from QB. I just think QB’s is much better than this one, and it would be pointless to post only half good videos on your blog just for the sake of it (no offense to Cro_lux).

    So, I don’t like the idea of doing something on your blog which everyone can google and watch on youtube anyway (and those are even better)

    • QB explains things in a noob-friendly way. But If you want to learn all the hardcore stuff I recommend Circonflex and SirFoch. Those nolifes stream daily.

  4. Shooting gold into the back od IS-8 + wasting 1 gold shell – NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE, hell no.

  5. I want see the review VS stronger enemy tanks… the T54E1 problem is in the lack of pen for a big and not very mobile med with bad armor… is usefull but you need search the situation to be usefull, for me with the bad vehicle with not very good gun with revolver… you depend a lot of situation you find, i remember how i hate tier 10 battles even when i have terrain to move.

    • Well yeah, you are right. T54E1 isnt wotking great against T10 tanks. I`m not playing it as much as I used to, grinding a lot of tanks atm.
      The armor on T54E1 is good, not to thin but can work if angled well.
      That battle that I have shown you is i think the best I`ve played in it.
      Against some tier 10 tanks it will need “gold” shells to penetrate, and it can also not penetrate, like you said its lacking penetration.
      On the bright side its really fun to 1 clip t8 tanks and sometimes even t9 tanks ;)

  6. he lacks personality and speaks like a socially awkward dude (it could be language problem but it doesnt feel like it, a great example would be SirFoch, his english just straight up sucks, but he speaks with confidence, which is of paramount importance for a youtuber). the stats reading is unbearable, no impressively skillful play as compensation for his dull commentary, quite boring to be frank.

      • Spamming gold in “random” semi-good battle is not review. Your voice is annoying, dont care how you speak english it dosnt matter for me (I am not pedo-native speaker so…). Just got bored in first few mints.

  7. Personal, subjective opinion: He is trying to squeeze too much info into too small space of time, so he is talking too fast, making it unpleasant to listen to. (Especially with his accent, which is not bad, but could use some improvement)
    Also, he is not that good a player(Not bad though), and I think that if you’re not that good, you should at least be entertaining. For me, neither of those requirements are fulfilled.

    But as I said, this is my own, personal and completely subjective opinion, I don’t mean to bash on the guy.

    • Well I like to hear that! And not being sarcastic or anything! :)
      I am doing this for a year only, not even experienced enough I mush say.
      My accent, well its wierd I know. English is only 1 out of 4 languages I speak (if you count Serbian hehe). I like to see that someone actually watched the whole thing and said in detailes what you liked and what not.
      When someone sais: “You suck!” or “He shoots gold, noob”, that means really nothing to me, just another guy complaining and thinking he could do a better job.
      My english is slowly improving, cant say amazingly because I would be lying haha.
      I was a great noob with 8k battles, bearly 800-900 wn6. Since then I have watched some videos (Not QB, Not SirFoch, Not Jingles, but RitaGamer). Now I have improved ingame, having currently about 2000wn8 played in last 7 days, and in last 1k battles about 1.4k wn8.
      Still a noob though :)
      Thanks for the answer, I truly appreciate it and will think about it while making another video! ;)

      • One thing that struck me is the way you pronounce the word “battle”. To me it kinda sounds like “bell” and first time I heard you say it got me quite confused. ;)

        Personally, I would cut the initial history lesson much shorter(or not make it at all), as most players probably don’t care that much, and if they wanted one, they would search for it somewhere else. ;)
        The way you pronounce the first sound of the word “average” and the vowel of “tank” and “battle” sounds quite weird. If you want to sound better, research the sound called “ash” and practice it, it will make you sound much better. ;)
        You could work on the “th” sound too. ;)

        I understand why you talked about your graphics in the middle of the video, as there was not much happening, but it would be better to put such info into description instead of talking about it. ;) That time would be better for a historical anecdote though. ;)

        Another thing in your commentary, I think it would sound better if you talked about it as if it is happening at the very time you’re talking about and not in the past. ;) And be consistent in this, try to not mix tenses here. :)

        All in all, if you want your commentary to be good, I really recommend watching Jinges’ videos. He is not the best player, but he sure as hell knows how to entertain his audience. You could learn a lot from the way he makes his commentary. ;)

        Edit: Oops, got kinda long. Sorry for boring you with all this stuff. ^^

        • Its not a problem, like a say in many of my videos, i really appreciate when people give me constructive answers :)
          I do watch Jingles, but I think I wont EVER be that good at English. Maybe when I`ll be 50 y/o ;)
          My accent is quite wierd I know that, but dont you think that makes it kinda, you know, different from others? Makes it a bit more interesting. A lot of people told me those stuff :P
          I am who I am, I dont wanna become a copy of anyone. I have my accent, and I will try to improve my english. But I wont ever be able to talk so swiftly like Jingles or QB. They were born in UK an never stopped talking in English since they were born (I think so). I on the other hand, study English and German plus Croatian. So when you mix all of that you get me xD
          English tenses are a lot frustrating to me, I never learned those well, especially past tenses. Those freak me out o.O

          • Don’t worry, English is not my 1st either, but I try to improve my accent so it sounds more American. And don’t say “my accent”, there are correct ways to speak English and there are incorrect ones. Everyone should strive to speak it the correct way, no? ;)
            And nobody expects you to speak as fluently as a British or American person, but it doesn’t mean that you can settle down of a bastardized version of a language, you got to work on it to make it the best you can. :)

            About tenses. I failed a test on tenses two weeks ago, so yeah, it is quite a pain in the ass. ;p

  8. Pros? Good image/screenshoot as a title image.

    1. A guy reading http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Tank:T54E1 – it is sooo boring. Besides I can do it myself, thanks.
    2. If you dont have good PC to make videos, then dont do it. I have ASUS G60 with basic specs so even that I really wants do do it myself, I wont. Poor graphic settings can make video even more boring, and those glitches… Really?
    3. The way this guy is talking. Man, use more energy to talk. He sounds like he didnt sleep all night.

    I will stay with SirFoch and Jingles videos for now.

    • 2. I understand, thats why I bought a new PC that runs the game on 50-60 fps on max settings :)
      3. Well my voice might not sound energetic but I really am. This stuff always makes me ultra nervous, a little less lately but its still there :)

      • Oh and 1. I can always read the tank specs in the side while Im watching my gaarge ;)
        JK, Ill try making short scripts, with most important stuff about the tank.

  9. I was wondering the whole time if he is doing a review of the replay or the actual tank. :P

    Sorry, but this is just too painful to watch. There are a lot of WoT youtuber out there doing a better job.

  10. Unfortunately, its not as polished as some other YouTubers out there already doing great reviews. And of course, as someone else pointed out, premium ammo?… probably not such a good idea for a review. If I could offer two suggestions…

    1. The game play for a review, while it should show an ideal situation for the tank, does not have to be the best game you ever had in it. You are not reviewing your game play, you are reviewing the tank. So a game where you are top tier, do a reasonable amount of damage without premium and get a kill or three, while explaining the good and bad parts about the tank, would be much better than a review of a good game you had, in that tank.

    2. It sounds like you are using a script. If you are, throw it away (and this goes for any time you are doing public speaking). Make a list of the main points, or in the case, specifications of the tank, gun etc. (assuming you don’t know them off by heart) and then you can speak more naturally, only referring to the notes as necessary.

    Just my 2c worth, hope you take it constructively.

    As for being in FTR, I’m afraid I would have to say no. I come here for news and other interesting stuff. I go to YouTube and Twitch for reviews and to learn how better players play tanks.

    With that said though… I see no reason why FTR can’t highlight YouTubers and streamers as he sees fit. This is, after all, how people get to hear about these people. There certainly seems to be a high enough percentage of people that liked the video, and they will probably subscribe directly to his YouTube channel, so that is great for him.

    • Yeah script was a bad idea wasnt it. Im often confused with reading stuff. You know, you can always read the tanks hitpoints, tank armour and other stuff on the side hahaha no need for me to talk ;)
      Well that was the best battle I had in a tank, actually one of the better battles I had in that time. Since I cant afford doing this 24/7, there is school to do and some other private stuff :P
      Okay thanks for saying what you thought, this is the point where I improve me & myself. Thanks for the help mate :)

  11. I always like a Good review but this guy is more interested in bragging about his game than showcasing the tank qualities. Also a very messy description of the tank in the beginning though he at least seem get his facts straight…

    • Oh, you made a conclusion on watching only 1 video of mine. Heh gotta love that approach.
      Not saying that you must like me, but you cant possibly know me from watching only 1 video out of more then 100 of them ;)

  12. another way how to get more followers on youtube channel ?

    his voice is annoying, tank description messy and the worst part is, it was absolutely boring to watch. It desperately lacks humor.
    I like Jingles’ videos though…

    • You cant really expect me to talk english better or on the same level as Jingles. He has been talking english since he was born. Myself started learning it in the middle of primary school. English is only 1 out of 3 languages I speak. I might not be amazing in it but I`m trying ;)

    • The problem with Jingles is, he is absolutley bad@tanks. So you run out of “things to learn” very quickly. Good for new players though…

  13. No. Wouldn’t want more videos. Reviews also need to be server specific as the playstyle of one tank won’t work on the other server so well.

    • server specific? what does that mean? I should explain how to play on EU and how to play on SEA servers? o.O
      That was a really wierd answer, I dont understand what you though when you wrote that

      • That means, that playstyle suitable for EU server may not work on RU server for example.

      • People play tanks differently on different servers. So tactics that work on EU might get you killed on the RU server and vice versa.

        • Well nothing I can do about that, I play on EU only.
          But that is not a reason for not watching my videos to be honest :)

    • I would really love to hear a non native english language speaker talk fluently in a 16 minute review straight without any problems… Iam sure you can. Am I right?

      • I can, its just a matter if you are fluent on English or not… I do reviews in English with no problems, and I do have to say that his review (I know that his one is 5 months old) is quite weak compared not to “super youtubers” but even with mine or other youtubers…

        • I would like to hear that, unless you are from some country that English is your primary language? It would be unfair :P
          And I think its okay not to be perfect in it. Even though your answer is not constructive, or helpful at all, thanks for the answer and have a nice day :)

  14. Well. I understand he put a lot of effort and getting here on FTR is a big deal. He probably got the highest amount of views on this one than any other on his channel. But unfortunately as mentioned before – this is not the quality that I already got used to from other channels. Sorry, the competition is tough even on this market.

    And I would even be inclined to say YES, just to help. We are all trying our best right? But that bragging with mediocre gameplay was awful. I just couldn’t watch the whole thing. Patch 9.1 and all the other “sins” that were mentioned before made me vote for NO. As I see the poll results I am not the only one.

    Besides I come here for the news. Which are updated very often (gj SS!). There are dedicated youtube/twitch channels for this stuff :)

    • Actually this video has only a half of views my most viewed one has :P
      This video is really old (5 months) to be correct. I am not experienced as others and I`m trying my best to make people happy with videos I make.
      Now you cant expect me to be better then QB, he has support of the whole WoT community. I cant even get to talk to one of the “admins” in WoT.

      • So why did you put this video from all the others you had? More recent ones perhaps? Because of the result? It’s not the most important thing.

        You had a great opportunity to show The Best video you have to get wider attention. Knowing how to promote your content is no less important than the content itself :)

        FYI I don’t watch QB on youtube. I prefer SirFoch :)

  15. Here’s my review of your review.
    It was going fine until you started talking about your graphics settings and your frame rate.
    I dont care about that I want a T54E1 review. Keep your focus on what you are supposed to talk, not whats on your mind. I dont care if you use regular graphics or why, wont change the tank performance.

    • Yup I shouldn`t have done it, I know, you aint the only one talking about it ^^
      Since I bought a new PC I dont get things like fps drop and such.
      That review is quite old to be honest, 5 months since I uploaded it :P
      If you have time maybe check out some other video? :)

  16. Not really want to see more, skipped few fragments, ended with T28 Prototype.

    T28 Prototype is unable to make full turret turn, that guy doesn’t seem to be aware of that, so he should learn a lot before he should give advices to the others.

    • True that I have to learn. I never said that I was the best around right?
      I`m just trying to help people to play better, especially the new players.
      I often play with other people, mostly for fun. But also to hopefuly teach them a thing or two.
      But this was only one battle, and only 1 review (5 months ago).
      World of tanks is not the only game I play, if you have a bit of time to maybe watch some other video of mine, you might change your opinion :)

  17. Они су сви расисти против храбрих Југословенима !

    НАТО робови!

  18. CroLux, i’m not voting on this one. I’m not really hyped by your video but i’m also not very negative. You have some positives (Enthusiasm, all the info, good english) but also some negatives (Not being able to grind fast enough for a review of a new tank, accent (i understand if you can’t help that), long pauses, etc)

    I give you credit for trying your best, 6.5/10 :)

    Some (hopefully) constructive criticism: Relax. Take some time to think about what you want to say in a video and how you want to say it, that might eliminate the long pauses (uhh, uhh, uhh). Also, practice talking with an English accent a bit, it’s quite enjoyable to talk like that after a while :)

    • Well this is better then some of the comments Ive seen. You know, those jelly guys that always think they are better then everyone else :)
      If you have some time, go look for my very first video on my channel. Then compare it to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeSLZvFFHkE
      There is a lot of difference in my speech right? :P
      I am in FILO, I talk english every day, or whenever I`m playing a game with someone who doesnt know Croatian/Serbian.
      Thans for your time, I appreciate it ^^
      P.S. I really enjoy making videos and I get very hyped whenever I make one haha

      • Well, you caring about the criticism and all the hate you received made me subscribe to you, i always liked the “smaller” youtubers more than big ones (i absolutely hate QB)

        Good luck in the future! Looking forward to your next vid :D

  19. Comments section TD;LR: His English and his stas suck, so get him the F out.
    Shut. The fuck. Up. There is absolutely no need to insult the guy’s English, as its clear that it is his second language. Comparing him to Big Brand Names is like comparing your Grandmother’s peanut butter to Jiff’s. Also, who the fuck cares about stats in-context of the video, he’s helping people who are like him help themselves to get good at the tank. I myself am a Dark Green player, and even if its from an Orange or above player, Ill give them leeway if they are explaining the armor of a tank or how it differs in playstyle from the previous tank. God Humanity gives me hernias…

    • +1, You’re right, nobody’s perfect, and nobody needs excessive whining. Constructive criticism is the best you can give instead of pointless “HURRDURR I WON’T TAKE ADVICE FROM A NOOB THAT DOESN’T EVEN SPEAK ENGLISH CORRECTLY BLABLASDFGHJKL”.

      He did the best he could, i respect that.

    • Finaly someone not making me almost throw myself from a cliff hahaha
      I dont like when people are like this: *opens my video* *sees green stats* *starts crying* *starts talking me “you suck”*
      And when people compare me with the MOST popular ones. Why dont you just say then “you aint Pewds, you must have atleast 10 mil subs to be worthy” -_-
      A constructive answer is what I`ll always need, not yelling at me and telling me something I really dont care about.
      Thanks for the support, high five to you ;)

  20. Well you know my name, whenever you see me online invite me and pls send me a msg so I know that its you (I get so many invites from random people).

  21. No way. Silentstalker, save this poll for fools’ day or something. I can’t believe you are even considering this and giving this guy false hope.

    1) Terrible English and diction make this guy painful to listen to (asking somebody to “recap” instead of “decap” is quite funny tho ).

    2) He has so few tanks I doubt he can compare them without reading the wiki.

    3) 1800 dmg/battle in E1 is average at best even for a 12k player. I’ve got 2500 and I wouldn’t dare to tell anyone how to play this tank.

    4) That 1800dmg means he can pen 4,5 shells per battle in an OP 4-shell autoloader. This is still pretty good compared to his other high-tier tanks where he manages around 3 shells. What tanks does he want to review next? Do we really need to watch “Learn to Play Tanks with CroLux” to learn how to pen 3 shells/battle in T29 or M103? WTF?

    5)This guys has a bot level ~40% tier 10 win rate. You don’t have to be exactly purple to do a good review (ain’t that true Mr. Jingles) but I don’t know anyone this bad attempting a serious tank review.

    6) CroLux: „Well that is one of the problems with todays wot players, you watch stats…“ I couldn’t care less about your (heavily padded yet still bad) WN8 but your damage output is bad-average on ALL of your higher tier tanks.

    CroLux, the best thing you can do is commentary of some good games but do it in your own language and repeat the voice recording until it is fluent and exciting. You really don’t have the gaming or rhethorical skill to teach people how to use high-tier tanks and you’ll just make a fool of yourself.
    Btw, I don’t think spamming prem is a bad thing in E1. I personally only loaded AP when I knew for sure what I was about to shoot.

    • Thanks for the answer! Well I`m not showing people hoow to “literally” play tanks. I just show a battle where I did good, hopefuly you or anyone else will see what you could do better there. Ofc I dont think there is any need to help players that have over 2000wn8. They are doing fine on their own. My videos are here to hopefuly help a bit, maybe more maybe less, but still helps.
      Now you dont have to watch any of my videos, you might like only 1 or 2.
      I make videos that most of the people voted for.
      “Learn to Play Tanks with CroLux” was picked by community not me. I gave them a choice they picked.
      About tier 10s. I dont play them almost at all. I dont like tier 10 battles. Its my own thing but I like to play tier 5-9 the most. Having bad wn on them doesnt mean anything really.
      I`m sorry but I cant agree that I cant help people becuase I do and I did help many already.
      My tier 10s are played on CWs only. And since we mostly lost, well, this is the result.

      • When you review a tank you are expected to show how to play it. You should show typical situations where the tanks can do well or where is sucks so people can better decide where to go and what to do in it. That’s the whole point. Showing a great game is interesting but not really a review.
        I don’t consider WN8 to be very important. As I mentioned it’s your low damage per battle that puts me off. You can sure help some (tomato) players become better but they’d be much better off learning from the unicum streamers. Being a 2k+ WN8 player, I do like reviews of 3k+ players as I can learn useful things there. I don’t see a point why anyone should watch your reviews instead, sorry.

        Also, if you want to become a sucessful WOT celebrity, consider not lying to your fans. Before you say “My tier 10s are played on CWs only.” check wotlabs to find that of your ~400 T10 battles only 90 were CW battles. Your CW WR is 34.44%, which only 5,5% lower than your overall 40% WR so you can’t really blame CW for that. In fact, CW lowered your tier 10 WR by about 1% and even less if you have played some lower tier CWs.

  22. Well I`m not gonna win this one hehe.
    But Its se awesome to know that more then 650 people thinks I am worthy of being here on FTR page :)
    Thank you all for your constructive advises, a lot of them helped me relize where I was wrong and what I have to do to make my videos better.
    For those who just said “you suck”, well it doesnt help in any way, just tells me that you are a doush ;)
    I can and will change some stuff, but I wont change who I am.
    I will try to make better videos, hopefuly one day I will have a fair chance, and maybe even get a deserved spot here in FTR, until then you all have fun ^^

    • I have a new PC. Check out my recent videos :)
      Playing Metro 2033 Redux on max graphics. 60fps stable
      Playing WoT on 60 fps stable max settings :D

  23. I think Silentstalker should post videos from Overmind878787, he does funny moment videos called ‘Trolling Funtage’ and complations about the awful wot community.

  24. Most people have their own favorite adsense farm… youtubers and keep to them so i think its pointless.
    I dont watch any of them, its more fun judging tanks and playing yourself than watching someone else do it.

  25. I’d like a lot less narration, but it wasn’t bad. I appreciate videos from “good” players as well as from Unicums, so I’d likely watch more of them. As to whether they should be official, I don’t know. It’s easy enough for me to subscribe on youtube if I want to.

  26. I’m really sorry to troll CroLux here so much but I couldn’t resist and watched 2 of his “”Learn to play” videos. Holy cow. I’d like to vote again. YES this time. This is so bad that it’s really funny and should be featured for sure.

    Vid 1: Lakeville, south, M7, top tier
    I think most can guess where he goes, right? The noob valley along with his 10 friends. This is his favorite spot, but you really need good gun ELEVATION for this so you can aim DOWN on the enemies, right? In 2 minutes they are surrounded in the valley but as half of the enemy team doesnt even have xvm ratings active, they manage to survive somehow.

    Vid 2: New Redshire, south, Tiger I, top tier
    Well, where do you go in top tier heavy tank in new Redshire? YOU CAMP THE HILL! Cuz hill is very important. He is joined by Black Prince and KV3 “snipers” but complains about not getting enough support. While waiting, he explains that Tiger is great sidescrapper. To demonstrate he is in an obvious spot with his flat side to the enemies ready to be shot thru tracks.
    More wisdom incoming: “Tiger is also a very good sniper. It really fails on hitting the long range targets.” A close range sniper then?
    Then we are told that turning your back to the enemy is bad and that you should use the minimap. To demonstrate both he announces he is going for a useless KV85, which appears to be stuck in a corner out of sight. By doing this he offers his side to SU152 and his back to JgPanther. Great success.
    The SU comes for him so he demonstrates some TD fighting skill by standing in front of it (0 angling) and trading dmg hoping the TD driver would “panic”. The good thing is while facing the SU he was in arti cover from 3 enemy artis. He doesn’t wait to get unspotted, instead, he immidietaly breaks cover and advises you “to keep moving as the enemy arti arent stupid”. Ofc he gets hit.

    GJ, I demand more of these!

    • Please do not encourage him. He’s already spinning every bit of dirt thrown at him into positive feedback. He seems to soak it up like a bottomless sponge of eternal blissful happiness.

      That being said, maybe SS should start a section of reviewed failed teaching videos. This is the most comedy I’ve read here since the EFE war against SS.