US Server – WG Enforcing Campaign 3 Fair Play

Hello everyone,

those few, who follow the events of Clanwars campaign number 3 know that game rigging happens – the UNICA case being only the latest example on the EU server. To prevent such cases happening on the US server, WG NA decided to do something very interesting. They decided to run a log of investigated CW battles.

Too bad it’s missing names, but then the effect is clear. CW campaign battles reported by other players, flagged by an automated anti-rigging system (there is actually such a thing, as RU server periodically reports the names of banned players, who got caught rigging) or through random checks.

And the EU server? Well, you guessed right… no such topic. After all, we wouldn’t want the privacy of riggers and frauds violated, would we?

I actually think it’s a pretty interesting initiative. Let’s see how it goes.

16 thoughts on “US Server – WG Enforcing Campaign 3 Fair Play

  1. SS, if you fully read Hypnotik’s post then you would have noticed that clan names will be revealed if a clan is found to be guilty of fame point rigging.

    This is posted right above the table: “Specific clan names will only be published in the event that they are found to be violating the rules of the Campaign or have not provided a replay in response to our request. Any clans that currently have battles under review will not be named.”

    • I know, I did read it. And I actually appreciate that. I was referring to the fact that not only does WG EU not reveal the names, there is no such topic in general at all. I think it would be very useful to see who rigged their way to fame points and got punished for it.

      • Ah, I see. You are right. Every server should have a topic like the one that Hyp made. Then again, the US sever is very lucky to have someone like Hyp running the CW portion of the game for us. He used to be a senior leader in a top NA clan, and does genuinely care about the NA CW community. I don’t know if the other servers have someone like him to oversee the CW portion of the game for their communities.

      • Well, SS, the thing is it would break their own forum rules and that is no name and shame. You cannot even say that PlayerXY is always camping behind arty without it being edited by mod.

      • I don’t think naming names is the best practice. Other games companies will not do this and they also won’t announce specific anti cheating measures as it helps those start to plan to get around them.

        I can say at least in my experience playing for a top team on the EU that match rigging in the CW campaigns was overstated in the last two campaigns – to much fear of being found out and ruining it for the entire clan. Apart from UNICA, everything else was just hearsay and it was fairly hard to rig a battle unless you had consensus with the opposing team in the last campaigns. However the first campaigns were completely rigged in the US. The EU was less organised with the rigging but in the US it was quite formal (I know players and have read the ‘contract’ they all signed at clan leadership levels) and who WG US didn’t find out or stop it I’ll never understand.

        The whole clan scene in the EU to my mind is sick anyway, which is why I quit. Most of it is the way CW is structured which promotes certain types of behaviour.

    • And we in EU get to get the amazing WG EU crew who says “you will be punished because its against the rules” and in reality nothing happens… Showing how easy is for clans to “rig” battles and stuff like that… This kind of stuff should be punished severely! By removing those points plus introduction of penalty points or even banning the clans from the event all together!

  2. The EU does have a lot stricter law when it comes to privacy and instead of picking the law that allows the most, WG picks to follow the strictest privacy law from the member states.
    It does make a lot of sense, I know a lot of people like to name and shame, but from the companies perspective it would open up a hornets nest to do so.

      • But we dont shaming anyone by name – everyone is using nicknames. Until we dont know (or cant easily find out) who is using such nickname (unlike for example – Jingles, Quickyfingers) we can use it in ban reports. European branch is playing too safe – they dont want to find out that law of isle of Man prohibing such practice . Its not about EU – just opposite – its about so many different laws in Europe.

    • It depends on the campaign as the rules changed between them but in the last campaign there were several different methods. I don’t really want to say how they did it but look at the rules then imagine possible ways you can buff your collection of fame points or victory points. If you can get the opposing team to work with you on these for mutual benefit you can rig the system.

  3. SS, maybe you should stop referring UNICA. After all, It wasn’t a rigged game, and never intended to be. There will be no punishment for UNICA. But thanks to all those butthurts and drama queens, that 1 battle has become so popular. One of the butthurts even created a topic and promoted team damage! Against some UNICA members who has nothing to do with the campaign. And what happens? Instead of locking the thread and give a warning to that retarded monkey, no action has been taken by moderators yet. Some people are even supporting that kind behavior. I mean you can see how fucked up our wot community is…
    Just, don’t help them…

  4. there is no such thing as Unica rigging in 3rd campaing you piece of crap. at least read your own shit up.