Straight Outta Supertest: 9.5 Girl Crews


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Upper row: France, China, Germany, Japan
Lower row: Britain, USA, USSR

According to the Wotleaks community, the pictures are based on WG staff. I am sure you recognize the last face of second Russian row.

117 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: 9.5 Girl Crews

        • Not even sure if serious or just trolling…

          You got female crew members as a “reward” for individual missions. They are just for fun, nice addition to the game, that’s all… Well they can be trained to use tank of any nation, that is very handy.

          • no it is not just for fun. It is showing women as ”prizes” and objects. it is showing women as inferior to men. They should be available to all not just for missions.

            • ofc male crew to win would not be showing nothing is inferior, but women? nooo…
              You are one who WANTS it to be looking like that-.-

            • ” It is showing women as ”prizes” and objects. it is showing women as inferior to men”

              oh my god you can’t play as women that’s soooo sexist !

              oh my god you can win female crew that objectifies women !

              people like you make me sick, moron…

            • @saxsan4

              “no it is not just for fun. It is showing women as ”prizes” and objects. it is showing women as inferior to men. They should be available to all not just for missions.”

              You mean women should be cheap and easily available to everyone?

          • Do u know how they will be obtainable?
            1 per stage? 1 per tank? Full crew per tank?

            Is it true/decided yet if they will come with BiA + two perks to choose?

            Too good to be true if you ask me.

        • Beeecause WoT is oh-so realistic in any other aspect?

          Please … if people wanna spend money on this, then for the love of god, let them pay for our game. (apart from the one mission crew)

          Speaking of which, is there any statistic about how many people actually spend money on crew names/faces? Honestly, I didn’t know about it until someone told me a year after I started playing.

          • People do rename their French crewmen to “Gay” … plenty of screenshots floating on the forums.

            I would never spend gold on this (even with 90% discount) but I would tweak the names and pictures if this feature was available for credits.

            • you don’t have to spend gold on it, just time.
              step 1 recruit crew member with 50%. rinse and repeat until you get your crew member with desired name, let’s say Balls or Fegelein or whateverr.
              step 2: Do that with every single crew member until you got full crew with desired name. Now train them with silver or gold.
              step 3: profit.

    • The ussr had yes. For the rest, besides partisans and nuses the usa had the women air corps. These where not used for combat tasks but for ferrying planes from the factory’s to the uk. Some where shot down however i think. Anyone else knows about women in armed forces during ww2?

      • And the russian female snipers, and russian female bomber pilots.
        altough the total number of females in the russian would have been small compared to men, they developped a reputation. At least 2 tankers received hero of the soviet union, and some of the “nachthekse” did as well. Dont know by head about the rest.

      • Not to sound like a dick, but during that time, I can totally see Germany using women during the war (no idea if they did or not, but I can see them being desperate enough for it near the end), I can see the Brits, Americans and the French doing it by a stretch of the imagination (as in, they worked in the factories, now they can work on the battlefield)….but in no universe can I see the Chinese or even worse, the Japanese turning to women to fight during that period.

        Maybe in the sixties and seventies, but definitely not earlier.

  1. 1 question remains………..


    • Do you really think few portraits require as much effort as fixing bugs?

      All they had to do was hiring one or two artists for couple of hours.

    • Do you think, that it is programmers who make those portraits? Do you think, that the same guys, who are responsible for balance are redirected to draw those? No? Then STFU and start thinking instead of spilling BS.

      • As I’ve said before, it’s not the same teams, but it is the same budget.
        If you allocate budget to the artists, it’s that much less you can allocate to the programmers.

        Start thinking ;)

        • Throwing more people at a project doesn’t actually always speed up the process. Things need to be tested linearly with progress and tests take time. Programmers are also much more expensive than unknown artists who generally are very cheap in even in western nations. They probably made these Portraits for less than 200 euro’s/USD. You couldn’t hire any bloody programmer that would have contributed anything to the already existing team with that kind of money to begin with.

          The funds required for bug testing are mostly time related. Throwing more people at screwing in a light-bulb doesn’t make the light-bulb go into the socket faster same with with de-bugging. It takes time and lots of testing but not necessarily a lot of people, just a lot of time.

          If you think a little more budget for the programmers would mean anything you’re entirely absolutely and definitely horribly wrong and suggesting it is just dumb to begin with knowing what bloody artists get paid for this kind of shit.

  2. totally not needed, i don’t even know the faces of my crew cause that is like the last thing in the game i look at!

    and with female crew comes 32154087 bugs right?

  3. What about dog crews? If Laika went to space, why can`t “she” load shells or drive a tank?

  4. Ok who really cares, but i think its nice for the female employees to be a small part in a big game.

    • My thoughts exactly. It will be quitte funny (shitty), if you have a female crew in your tank, but they still have a male voice in battles. Feature not worth making a whole new set of crew voices? Too bad WG, next time think twice before putting in the game illogical bullshit ideas like female crews.

  5. “I am sure you recognize the last face of second Russian row.”

    Don’t be so sure. I don’t have a clue who that is.

  6. I want to know what determines ,which one i will get ? There are a lot of faces, some i like , some i dont. Will there be some way to chose which one face to use ? Or its random face, and you can change it for gold ?
    And how many of each nation i can have ?
    And probably WG thought of changing the voice from the crew when i use female ones.

  7. I’m in real need of 7 French, 4 Russian and maybe 4 Chinese girls. I hope I’ll manage to “obtain” at least few them (Oh my, this sounds weird :))

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  9. “I am sure you recognize the last face of second Russian row.”
    I think her name was Ola or something like that. She was in the ASAP videos.

  10. I wonder why France, UK and USA get the most portraits? I can understand why China and Japan get the fewest (less tanks, less popular; also, the artist(s) barely know(s) how to draw Asian faces).

    Also, why doesn’t USSR have the most? It would be ‘historical’.

  11. I’m not sure, why totenkopf on French(?) headdress? Was it part of formal insignia? Have i missed that ingame for all those years :P ?

    • Happy Days was from the very beginning shitty entertainment popular with cretins and children. WoT was once very entertaining and held great entertainment potential…only to become shitty entertainment that is popular with children and the polish.

  12. Aside from the fact that only the russians should get female crews, why are they all wearing their hair long? Have fun with that inside a cramped space with a lot of moving parts…

    • Female crews. Got it? Read it again. Female crews. Now, still wanna talk about realism?

      • As demonstrated by the russians during WW2, and several other armies in modern times, women are perfectly capable of driving tanks.
        I’ve meet female tankers, I’ve trained alongside female tankers, and I’d be quite surprised if there wasn’t a good bunch of them that was better at actually driving tanks than I am too.

        None of them wore their hair long, in ponytails, pigtails or whatever they’re called.
        It’s just asking for it to get tangled in something at the worst possible moment.

        • It’s not about they’re not capable, it’s about it’s completely unhistorical. Oh, the soviets had icancountitononehand female tankers in WW2? It’s completely fine then.

    • It’s gonna suck when they your gunner dies cause her hair got caught in the turret ring.

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  14. Whoa! They should be calling these the “scarey broads”. Where’d they get these images. They couldn’t find any ladies a little easier on the eyes? I’m guessing the women at WG supplied the images???

      • Not much into humor are you? But then again, you can always tell from the response the guys with low expectations…

  15. When I saw this picture I said to myself: “WG, please, don’t make my unique, female german crew members look worst because they are >>german women<<". Now I'm less happy to grind for these…