Straight Outta Supertest: New Map Descriptions

Source: VK Wotleaks Community

As the title suggests – new descriptions of the three maps currently on supertest.

Mittengard (lowtier map):

A small town on the bottom of a ravine became an arena for heated battles of steel machines, movingst amongst the remnants of broken houses, trying to hide from enemy artillery fire while fighting their way to victory.

Winterberg (winter Ruinberg, the description is the same as current Ruinberg):

Concentric city streets, along with dense forests and bushes in the overgrown park allow for hidden maneuvers and redeployment of your troops. Although artillery fire is of limited use in the city, the debris provides effective cover for your troops.

Ghost Town (team battle exclusive):

The sea is long gone from the outskirts of this perished settlement. But rear warriors never retreat!

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