Official Ola Voiceover

Hello everyone,

for some strange reason (possibly to bait Russian fanboys), Wargaming made a voiceover mod with three Russian Wargaming “celebrities” – Asya, Ola and Kyril Oreshkin. Well, Ola you know, Asya is running this… I don’t know, videoblog? Not sure how to call it, but its name is “Poka vse v tanke”. And the guy runs some WG streams and makes RNG videos I think.

Anyway, here’s a video about how they made it:



And if for some reason you feel like downloading it, you can do that here on the page (site, direct downoad link is here, it has 78 megs).

52 thoughts on “Official Ola Voiceover

  1. Ahhh! They penetrated us!

    Oh no, it’s leaking!

    They hit our rear, it burns!

    Their high explosive splashed in our optics!

    It’s stuck, it won’t even budge! (the turret, of course)

        • Considering us tanks are about to come out, as well as my guess that you havent played much if any of wt tanks, i can say much more truthfully that they are not dead.

          • wot – arcade
            wt – realistic
            sometimes i feel like playing arcade tanks but sometimes realistic tanks. i love them both in their way and they cant be compared!

            • Realistic War Thunder…
              Could you say same thing angain when you are circled by a T-50, and despite piercing his armor 10 times he is still alive, just to try to ram you and bug you out causing your tank to flip over, then oneshoting you?

  2. Their own subtitles are hillarious. “Свечу по центру” (“i’m going to scout the middle/center”) is translated as “suicout time”. WG, you’re so silly :)

  3. Can we get an English one with Jennifer Lawrence and Megan Fox?

    Love how many people are saying “whores” for some girls saying a few words. XD

    • Well, there’s even a joke about people like them.

      Two friends talk to each other. One asks:
      - I saw you going out with Anya. Did you get laid?
      - Nope. Wait, weren’t you going out with her too?
      - Yes i was.
      - Did you get laid?
      - Nope.
      Both in unison:
      - WHAT A WHORE!!!

    • I got to say that SerB is quite a MILF !
      That hot Brunette look… *awwwww… i just came in my pants !*

  4. Like how the blonde says at the end : Thank you guys, it was fun. Send us more of your ideas…. (and your money while you’re at it).

    • So you went through the installation, but nothing happened?
      I installed it on the American game client and it worked fine.
      Have you tried changing the voice options once in the game? You might have to change it, it’s the same way you change from the default one global language to multi-language National voices.

      I don’t know Russian either, so it’s a little tricky for selecting the right settings, but the button layout is the same as most installers. Just click agree/next until you get asked where to install it, just type in your WoT directory and select the option with the folder with 2 “+” signs on it and click next again. Then it’s going to ask you which voice set you want, I clicked the center one. (I don’t think it makes a difference, it installed all 3 anyway.) Then it will transfer the files, once it’s done, start the game change the voice in the options menu and it should work.

      I hope I was able to help you. :)