Straight Outta Supertest: 9.5 Medal Requirements and Tank Pictures

Source: VK Wotleaks community

First, the pictures – WG already has its art ready for the new tanks:


Also, the medals coming in 9.5 are – as announced earlier – tied to 9.5 individual missions. Their names are:

Exemplary performance: this medal gets awarded for each class in 4 degrees (corresponding to the number of missions completed). Specifically, you get one for completing every “step” – fulfilling 15,30,45 and 60 for each respective class.

From all weapons: you get this medal in 4 degrees for completing the 15 mission steps for every class (eg. for completing all 5 branches for that respective tank)


42 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: 9.5 Medal Requirements and Tank Pictures

  1. I doubt whether some ‘unique’ medals will be enough to tempt some people into playing arty…

  2. anybody knows when is gonna be CT?
    and second question, 9.5 is gonna be released before christmas?

  3. I want to get to the T28 Concept, then I’ll be happy. I don’t play WoT 24/7 to do the harder missions

    • But it’s not a grinding mission, you get them per battle. You just need to get lucky in a battle and have some skill, no grinding involved

      • But the more you play the greater chance you have to be in the right place and time to fulfil the mission objective.

        Plus you can’t do all the missions just in one battle. You complete one mission and then unlock the next one. So that’s 60 separate battles. Enough to call it a grind. :P

    • I do believe not so long ago, after the crop of the “find your arse without written instructions” medals was introduced, Storm was asked if they are planing to add even more new medals. To which he ironically replied something like “aren’t there enough?”. Well, obviously there aren’t.

  4. I hope T-55 mission is actually doable. Stug will presumably be meh, murricans I don’t care about and the Object appears to be really difficult to get.

    • I would guess first 3 yes , but 10 tier can’t have bonus , few years ago WG said they will never make 10 tier premium : as 50% more credits/exp.

      • I think they all count as reward tanks, not Premium tanks. So, they get the crew exp bonus and the ability to use any crew, but no credits bonus.

        • Which to be honest, is perfectly fine.

          For someone like me, that can’t decide what lines to go down to, having plenty of great tanks to play in, but not enough crew members to put in them.. so having tanks for crew training is fairly good.

        • Aw, I wanted a tank in which I could grind lots of credits in and still enjoy (AKA no tier 5 shit).

  5. I already have a taste of what’s coming because there’s a german SPG “evolution of tanks” on SEA.


  6. OK, call me stupid and thick… but so far I haven’t managed to figure out if we can get ALL 4 “special” tanks (can’t really call them premium, right?) by doing the missions or just 1 or 2 of them.
    If anyone would mind clearing things out for me, I’d much appreciate it.

    • You can get all of them, but in order to get the higher tiered ones, you need to begin with the lowest ones. So: Stug 4>T28>T55A GDR>OBJ.

    • Only completing one mission unlocks the following.

      To put it simply, to unlock T-55A mission, you will have to complete previous two missions and will get StuG IV and T28 Concept whether you want them or not :)

  7. Hey Silent, it’s “Grades”, not “Degrees” (unless you rotate the medals ;) )
    grade = level
    degree = scale of rotation or circular movement

        • sorry, forgot about that… but do you really have a first “degree” medal?
          First grade or first class yes, but I have yet to see a first degree of medal…

  8. I am just looking forward for the T-55 :)
    God that tank will be fucking sweet if I manage to get it :D

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  10. Lol, if I ever manage to get the T28C, T-55A, and Object 260, they’ll be my first ever tier 8, 9, and 10.