Forgot to put that in the earlier post – the EU mission change post was reported to me by Mork (EU) – and I forgot to put it in the post. Sorry for that and thanks :) I always appreciate when someone sends me a piece of info.

Meanwhile on CW server – first CW-rigging clans got caught and punished.

- Storm confirms that the new minimap in 9.5 will display places where enemy tanks were spotted last time
- apparently, the faces of the female crew include Ola, Asya (another WoT “celebrity”), Knopka (infamous RU developer, can’t remember why people hated her) and some developer from WoWp

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  1. In other words radnom guy from WoWp and 2 womens , what look like average russian whores in you can see in any big Europe’s city .

  2. The CW clans that got punished were punished for exploiting part of the system (half the xp of the losing team goes to the winning team) by allowing the last tank alive to get damage in before ending the game. There was not a rule posted against it. So wargaming punished clans, without warnings, for breaking a non-rule.

    • its still rigging….. you rig game by hoarding more fame points by making an agreement with your enemy…… i think making agreement with enemy clan is rigging isnt it?

      • It’s not rigging if it’s not defined under rigging, so it’s not illegal, however it is unethical in that you are exploiting the system.

        • i would say that if they just drove their tanks to last enemy tank and just let him shoot them, its not against the rules……. BUT if that somebody just shoot every remaining tank to the inch of health exactly enough to not kill you, then its shameless rigging and both parties are guilty

          its under “unfair play”… yeah, not exact concept, but so is corruption….

      • There’s no collusion, there’s no communication.

        Once you’ve got a battle in the bag you just play like tomatoes for a bit before finishing it.

        This has been done by every competent clan since WG introduced the idiotic fame point system because as it stands winning a decisive victory is worse for you than just barely scraping by.

        When you’ve got a clan with 90 active players, you’ve got to maximize the fp pet battle because you’ve got to cycle everyone through and there’s a limited number of battles you can get pet night.

        This was done in campaign 2, it was done in the Mini campaign, and I can guarantee you it’s going on with the 3rd.

        Wg idiotic and inconsistent enforcement of this, despite it being a known practice and never saying before it was not allowed, is straight up bullshit.

  3. Hypnotik from WGA does a very good job of policing CW in USA. He is well respected by the top clans. He has been able to make changes to cw based on feedback from the clans. He added another section of territories so that lesser clans can improve.

  4. I have a question, is it rigging if you win the battle for sure, let the arty alive, cap to 100%, kill the arty.

    thanks in advance

  5. “Knopka (infamous RU developer, can’t remember why people hated her)…”

    Perhaps she is responsible for introducing arty into the game?

  6. “- Storm confirms that the new minimap in 9.5 will display places where enemy tanks were spotted last time”

    Yay, finally, won’t have to install mods for that :)

    • Morn is the name of the barfly in DS9, Mork was a character played by the late Robin Williams in the TV show Mork and Mindy.