Winter Mod Revival


Hello everyone,

remember the Winter Mod? No? Let me refresh your memory then. Winter Mod is according to its authors the largest rework of the entire game. Basically, it turns all the maps and objects into their winter versions. The amount of work put into this mod is truly colossal and this year, it’s coming back for the holiday season with an updated version. Known RU modmaker, Torsus_SD is working on it. First builds are apparently available only to limited audience for now.

Announcing trailer (very pretty, IMHO):



Check this out – it has a beautiful winter hangar. This hangar was made from scratch by Torsus.


The hangar is built on a 2×2 km map with lots of lights. Yes, that’s an important part – this mod does NOT do well on weak computers, it requires significant resources to run, so you need a solid PC to enjoy it unfortunately.


Here’s a screenie from the reworked Siegfried Line.


Or check this out – night/winter Fisherman village, as Torsus says – his favourite.



Currently, Torsus is working 24/7 on the mod for it to be ready for the holiday season. When it IS ready, I will post it on FTR as well, because this is a mod I like very much.

47 thoughts on “Winter Mod Revival

  1. Nice will download when its done I like snow i am hoping for snow for weeks now (netherlands) but it isnt here yet:(

    Only one thing: Camo’s
    do they make mod for that to? wouldnt look very nice snow map with a dessert camo

  2. Well not gonna argue there. The garage is nice, Tho I already have the WG Xmas garage mod up. And the mod looks good to. Just hope he don’t take to long getting it ready for the rest of us.

    • Whia how do you get xmas hangar to work with new updates? I liked the old xmas hangar so much i tried to install it on 9.3 and it wont work properly at all but after some time it was working only with wrong light and textures. :(

  3. Can’t wait for it, already got the last one and it was AMAZING, especially while there were snow outside my windows :D

  4. Why the hell this guys is not hirred by Wargaming yet?!!!
    Official Winterberg look so poor compared with that we saw in this videos. Wargaming don’t even draw the snow on the roof of buildings and cars.
    Map are fantastics, especialy the night with all this lights is magic.
    I definitely download this mod as soon it’s availlable. And I think even if he sells his mod against money, I’ll buy it.

    • You people do know already that before EVERYTHING WG creates, they first analyze the server bandwidth requirement. Right? HD textures? ring any bells? every single texture and asset they add, increases the bandwidth bit by bit.

      Read again what SS said : this mod does NOT do well on weak computers, it requires significant resources to run, so you need a solid PC to enjoy it unfortunately.

      And WG also has a giant playerbase with shtty computers. Imagine if they would put this hardware intensive mod down their throats. Not only most of them would not even be able to run it properly, but there would also create a giant waste of bandwidth and server stress.

      • Are you joking?

        Game client size matters only when people are downloading it. After that it doesn’t matter what textures game uses, for server a map is only a set of points and edges.

      • Maybe players should start living in 2014 and buy a new PC and stop using their 90′s PC for this game, for 250 euros I bought parts for my PC ( motherboard processor RAM and video card) and now it is 8 times faster

      • Dude….. “you people”……
        You DO KNOW that this mod is “client side”….????
        Which means that this mod can be a simple setting that we enable or disable on our computer, the same way we do for a bunch of other settings.

        It doesn’t have to have little to anything to do with the Server.

        Thus, your statement is invalid…..

    • I guess WG won’t be hiring him seeing as he is doing it for free at the moment.

      All upside for them, better visuals, no additional payroll and no responsibility if it kills people’s pc’s either.

      It’s a win/win for WG.


  5. It looks just epically awsome! Great job for the author.
    But yeah, it surely will create some performance drops, and by using this mod, you probably give away some of your personal performance, as playing in dark maps is harder than in bright ones, which your opponents will see.

  6. Now WG know how to make night map to look good. So mabe they will make alternative maps at night like himelsdorf normal and winter ver. etc.

  7. I would rather have a dynamic day/night/season system on all maps not a different map for every change of a season or even hours.

    I do believe that some game engines actually does support and allow to have such dynamic changes on the same map.

    • There used to be a mod(not sure if it still exists) that would cycle day/night in the battle. I used it for some time. It was like 2 years ago or so. Long time ago.

  8. Amazing.
    And I think that such idea will be utilized by WG within maybe even 3 years.

  9. When i read title: … meh… and i dont like winter anyway….
    When i watched trailer: HOLY MOTHERF****! I need this now!

    Thats Himmelsdorf ROCKS! :D

  10. Bet the guys at WarGaming are freaking out right about now…

    How on Earth are they going to release Winter Prokhorovka, Winter Ensk, Winter Siegfried Line and Winter Malinovka now???

    If someone creates a Fiery mod, they’ll be totally screwed!

  11. 1 guy did somethink that 200 wg guys codynt make cos “too much work not much important” serb words

  12. The last video is amazing, why doesnt Wragaming do this in the game?. Oh right “players cant see shit in the dark”

    Fucking lazy Wargaming

  13. O M G this is A M A Z I N G
    Now WG send you devs to them to finaly learn something.
    Cant w8 to download it that winter night and maps looks so beautiful

  14. Honestly, the russian mod forums are so full of mods…recently checked out the Textures and Remodeling section…can you believe that? So many remodels, even HD remodels + suspension dynamic for tanks that haven’t been touched by WG before at all, but none of it ever made it to mirtankov or drongo lab…

  15. WG need to put these guys on the payroll… and anyone who thinks night maps are too dark need to upgrade their glorified Texas Instruments calculators they call “Gaemin’ rigs” and download this mod and realize the potential having all different times of day settings would offer the game.

  16. It looks stunningly beautiful. The mood is just perfect. Too bad my PC would probably run it poorly so i doubt i’ll be downloading it. Awesome stuff.